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Do Not Take The Swine Flu Jab Until You Read These Real Life Vaccine Horror Stories

[Editor's Note: Oct. 25, 2009. The percentage of people having SEVERE reactions to the Swine Flu vaccination or nasal mist is much higher than most people realize (or is being reported in the news). There is an all-out propaganda campaign currently underway to convince people that the Swine Flu "pandemic" is growing by leaps and bounds and it's NECESSARY to get your Swine flu poison to "protect" yourself. The rapid increase in the hitherto non-existent Swine Flu "pandemic" is due to the fact that people are REACTING to and DYING from the wonderful Swine Flu vaccine! Of course, people can catch the Swine Flu from infected/vaccinated people and spread it secondarily, but the germs you pick up secondarily are far less dangerous than the poison cocktail found in the Swine Flu vaccine.

You will read over and over again from pharmaceutical shills like the pro-vaccine propagandists at Science-Based Medicine that the vaccine is perfectly safe, that no one is getting the "flu" from the vaccine, that it "protects' you from getting the flu, etc., etc. These people are LYING. The truth is quite the opposite. Don't discover AFTER you get the vaccine , that you've just been poisoned and may pay for that error in judgment for the rest of your life. DON'T TAKE THE VACCINE, no matter what convincing lies you might read from the Big Pharma propagandists. ...Ken Adachi]
October 25, 2009

Do Not Take The Swine Flu Jab Until You Read These Real Life Vaccine Horror Stories (Oct. 25, 2009)

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Horror StoriesSwine Flu Vaccine DangerMillions of Americans are lining up to take the H1N1 swine flu vaccine with no idea about the horrible things that could happen to them.  In this article you will read tragic real life vaccine horror stories from people who have personally experienced devastating vaccine side effects.  Each of the accounts that you will read below were unsolicited.  When we started this site, we began posting stories about the dangers of vaccines, and when people came across our articles they wanted to share their own painful experiences with vaccines.  If the American people knew of the tragic stories of the thousands upon thousands of people whose lives have been devastated by vaccines they would not be so eager to line up to take them.  The following are some of those stories.....


My friend was diagnosed w/GBS [Guillain-Barre Syndrome] today. She had the H1N1 vaccine on Tuesday. She woke up Friday morn. with one side of her face paralized, now almost her whole face is paralized. She is starting blood and plasma transfusions tonight. She will be transferred to Barnes hospital soon for more extensive testing. To those who laugh at the severity of this strange, unknown sickness and vaccine I hope you stay informed and not ignorant.


I am a healthcare employee…..the only vaccine offered to employees was the live vaccine. I decided to get it and be the “guinea pig” instead of my toddler. Received the nasal spray on Tuesday, woke up Wednesday with a sore throat and stuffy nose, Thursday had a terrible chest congestion/cough with fever and splitting headache, Friday, all symptoms were worse and I couldn’t breathe! I was diagnosed on Friday with H1N1 and pneumonia….. good thing I got the vaccine, huh?


I too have taken the flu vaccine on Sept. 16th 2009 and have had reaction to the shot that was different yet very scary and the symptoms seem to change regularly. Of course, I was a perfectly healthy woman of 56 when administered and have had the flu and strange symptoms since. I contacted the community center where the shot was taken and have been told that it was not the shot as others had the same lot but no reaction. My symtoms were high fever, and not being able to walk from dizziness for 2 weeks. Then received the flu that has had me down for another 2 weeks. If anyone else has had these symptoms, I would appreciate a email. I now have pain in my feet and legs that seems to get worse daily.


I have a friend who took the flu shot in 2001 I believe, and after, started to display neurological problems in his body, like loosing muscle control all over. Since then, he has been diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) disease. He is unable to talk or do anything for himself, even to swallow, so he is fed through a tube in his stomach. His wife is taking care of him. It is terrible what happened to my friend, he also was fit and healthy all of his life. None of us are taking the flu shot. We have been spared from it, by the grace of God.


In 1976 my grandmother received a flu shot and developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome as a result of the flu shot and died.


I have two children who have autism spectrum disorders because of the mercury and other toxic agents put into vaccinations that I didn’t realize till too late. To force someone to take this especially when they have a health issue is ludicrous!!


1977 I was ORDERED to get the swine flu shot. I got it. The next day (after I got it) we were ordered to NOT get it. My muscles in my calves were showing spasms. Of course the military doctors were saying too soon to be caused by the shot.



I do recall that when swine-flu vaccine was administered in the 70’s, a friend of mine, 28-yrs old, in good health and no known physical disorder of any kind at the time, but as soon as she recd the swine-vaccine, within a month or so, developed breast cancer and underwent surgery. Thanks be to God, we (my husband and children) were fearful of that vaccine and prayed most heartily for God’s powerful help and protection. Yes, I am very scared of this dreadful vaccine as it may kill us instead of healing people. Jesus have mercy on us and drive all the dark forces hovering around the world, destroying God’s creation.


I know a woman whose baby stopped breathing and turned blue several times and had to be rushed to emergency in the 24 hours following the second series of shots (4 months old). Several years later, the identical thing happened to her second baby after vaccination. She still didn’t connect it. That’s how deeply brainwashed our society has become by the high priests of the religion of modern medicine. Every year our population becomes weaker and the instances of autoimmune disease and autism are skyrocketing at an alarming rate.

Parent of Adem:

In January of 2001, my 22 year old son had a flu shot. Within a week he was in a coma and totally paralyzed – Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM)- see After 2-1/2 months in ICU and an additional 4-1/2 months in rehab, he was able to come home. Today he plays quad rugby and lives in a fully handicap accessible house – all because of an extremely rare [remember that word, "rare", you'll see it and hear it over and over again with the current Swine flu vaccine poisoning campaign--Ken] reaction to a flu shot. What’s happening in response to the swine flu is frightening.


Back in the 70’s I was at the peak of health and stamina (college years). I got the SWINE FLU vaccination.

Within a couple days I was virtually paralyzed with my leg, arm, stomach, neck, and chest muscles in so much pain I could barely move. That lasted for over 1 week. It was the worst pain I’ve been in my entire life (and that includes later having my arm literally torn open (~150 stitches), a broken neck, and a broken back).

It took over a month to slowly improve back to normal functonality, while remaining in considerable pain for a great deal of that time.


A friend took her son to get his 2 year check up and refused MMR due to vaccine risk concerns. She was delaying and would get them separately. The MD insisted she give him the seasonal flu shot because the flu was going to be bad that year (it was 2003 I believe). She complied, not having done any research on the flu shot. Her son developed fever that night, had diarrhea and illness for three weeks, stopped walking and talking. Six months later he was crawling around the house banging his head on the wall and crying all day. She could barely complete a sentence because she was so devastated. An investigation confirmed vaccine induced Autism. I will never give the flu shot to my kids after seeing what it has done to my friend and her only child.

If the tragic stories that people have posted on our site are not enough to persuade you to avoid the swine flu vaccine, perhaps what happened to NFL cheerleader Desiree Jennings will cause you to stop and think. Taking the seasonal flu vaccine this year changed her life forever.....

The truth is that these vaccines are not as safe as government officials insist that they are.  Thanks to the Congress, you will not be able to sue vaccine manufacturers if something goes wrong.  Do not blindly trust the health of your family to corrupt government bureaucrats or to the talking heads on television.  Do your own research and make an informed decision.  It is about time that we all started thinking for ourselves.

And So It Begins: Nurses In Sweden Sick From H1N1/Swine Flu Vaccine
Posted by JRed

October 23, 2009

This was reported this past Wednesday. News out of Sweden paints a dark picture:

Nurses Got Sick From The 'Swine Flu' Vaccine In Sweden

Yesterday 30 people had been reporting to the authorities in Sweden that they experienced such severe side effects that they felt the need to contact a hospital. Today the number is 140.

The Swedish newspaper Expressen is the only one in Sweden reporting on these cases and as usual this is most likely only the tip of a rather large iceberg.

UPDATE: According to Dagens Nyheter, the number of reported side effects are now a few hours later, 190. 1 person dies after the injection but "no direct relation with the injection has been established". The biggest medical scandal in the history of Sweden has just started.

Even so, Annika Linde, director of The Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control (SMI) manages to spin this into something positive by stating, "The vaccine has more side effects than the normal flu vaccine. It is a sign that proves that it gives an effective protection."

Thousands of Swedes have been vaccinated so far and the reports of side effects are "flooding in" to The Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control (SMI).

To most of us, this news comes as no surprise. Still, I can't get over how many people I know who still think taking this vaccine is "no big deal", and who blindly trust without doing research first. Just use common sense people!

Yes, there have been some cases of people dying from the H1N1/Swine Flu here in the U.S., but they are minimal when you consider what it should take to constitute a "pandemic" let alone a "national vaccination campaign" right? Furthermore, of the poor children who catch it and die from it, they already have prior medical issues like weakened immune systems and/or severe respiratory problems to begin with. This is no joke, this is fact. A majority of people who catch the H1N1/Swine Flu will naturally fight it off just like any other sickness.

Thankfully, despite the reluctance of some to the truth there are other people who are finally catching on. Here's one article that nails it:

"Every day Americans wake up to news reports that warn us about the dangers of influenza, especially the new H1N1/Swine Flu. But Swine Flu is mild for most people and the virus is not mutating into a more serious form. Millions of people around the world have recovered from Swine Flu, and millions more will get sick with fevers, body aches, nasal congestion, cough and sometimes diarrhea and vomiting and recover from it this year and next year without any complications.

Nonetheless, wide-scale vaccination is being encouraged -- even though Swine Flu vaccines have been tested on only a few thousand healthy Americans for a few weeks. There is little or no information about how safe the vaccine is for pregnant women and chronically ill or disabled children.

If you or your child are injured from getting a Flu/Swine Flu shot, you are on your own. Congress has shielded the vaccine manufacturers and any person giving Swine Flu shots from lawsuits if people get hurt. There is no funded government vaccine injury compensation program for Swine Flu vaccine.

Do NOT let a doctor or anyone else tell you that a serious health problem you or your child experiences after vaccination is a 'coincidence' and allow more shots to be given until you know for sure.

The most tragic cases of vaccine injury occur when vaccine reaction symptoms are dismissed as a 'coincidence' and more vaccines are given that result in more severe symptoms -- and sometimes end with permanent brain and immune system damage or death.

But while Americans are still debating whether to roll up their sleeves for a Swine Flu shot, companies have already figured it out: vaccines are good for business."

Be vigilant. Be smart. Use your God-given brain. At the very least, do some research before you roll up your sleeve or encourage your family to do so.

Matthew 10:28 (KJV) And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Serious Vaccine Reactions To Now Be Called 'Coincidence'
Flu, Me? Public Remains Wary Of H1N1 Vaccine
No Forced Vaccines For NY Health Care Workers...For Now
Buyer Beware: A Battle On The Horizon



1. Anonymous said...


You have done an outstanding job of detailing the vaccine scandal within your latest articles. Some of the most powerful, enlightning,and alarming information I have ever viewed on the subject.

I'll be sure to share your site and these articles with my email chain and maybe if enough of us do that we can stop this insanity.

Please don't stop digging, and continue to keep us informed about what the principalities and powers are up too.

October 23, 2009 11:22 PM

Woman in Hungary Dies After Swine Flu Jab, Reports Budapest Times


Friday, 23 October 2009

New treatment in flu vaccine controversy
Written by Robert Hodgson
Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A 64-year-old woman died last week just two days after receiving an inoculation against the new A(H1N1) influenza virus dubbed swine flu. The state medical service ÁNTSZ ordered an autopsy to establish whether there was any link between the vaccine and the death of the patient, who suffered from chronic, but mild, heart disease.

New fatality

Last week also saw Hungary’s fourth fatality attributed to A(H1N1) infection. A 47-year-old man who died in hospital was found to have been infected with the virus, health minister Tamás Székely told reporters last Thursday. The patient was being treated for pneumonia.

Hungary’s chief medical officer Ferenc Falus addressed a parliamentary Health Committee last Wednesday and urged Hungarians to get themselves vaccinated as quickly as possible. Falus had himself inoculated in front of reporters in a bid to quell public fears over the safety of the vaccine. The previous week, the manufacturer of Hungary’s A(H1N1) vaccine, Omninvest, had threatened to sue media for “scaremongering” by suggesting the vaccine could be ineffective or dangerous.

Winter epidemic possible

Meanwhile, the ÁNTSZ warned that infection could reach epidemic proportions by early next year following the onset of winter weather. Fewer than 300 cases of A(H1N1) infection have been confirmed in Hungary since the virus was first detected in humans. However, the week before last, some 16,000 cases of influenza were registered nationwide, and it is likely that a good deal, if not most, of these are down to the new variant virus.

Hungary's new flu vaccine not suitable for children, pregnant women, says health advisor

The vaccine against the new flu virus is not suitable for small children and pregnant women, a member of Hungary's Collegium for Infectology, an advisor to the Health Ministry, said in a television programme on TV2 on Sunday evening.

Pregnant women should instead be treated with antiviral products, of which there is not enough in the country, Andras Szalka said.

The Health Ministry responded that it had not to date received a statement from the Collegium to this effect, however, it added that Chief Medical Officer Ferenc Falus has called a meeting of the pandemic committee for Monday, where this matter would be discussed.

The fourth patient died in Hungary on Thursday associated with the new flu A/H1N1 virus. The virus had been revealed in 283 cases since it appeared in Hungary in May

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