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20 Reasons Not To Take The Smallpox Vaccination

By Amy Worthington
Jan. 8, 2002

1. George W. Bush has said of smallpox vaccination: "One of my concerns if we were to have universal vaccination, some
   might lose their life." ~The Times (in London),   November 09, 2001.
2. For each million people vaccinated with the smallpox vaccine, as many as 250 could die, according to the American
   Medical  Association. Multiply 250 times 285 (millions of Americans) and the possible deaths from universal smallpox
   vaccination could equal 71,250. ~ Journal of the American Medical  Association, June 9, 1999, Vol. 281, No. 22, p. 2132.
3. "The American Medical Association said on Tuesday it was not in favor of an immediate mass U.S.smallpox vaccination
   program, saying the potential threat of a bioterror attack did not warrant inoculating every American against the disease."
   ~Reuters, December 12, 2001.
4. "Right now the risk of getting the vaccine is higher than the benefit. You could get a secondary infection, a full-blown
   systemic infection." ~Marie Rau, Panhandle Health District nurse, quoted by The Spokesman-Review, November 20, 2001.
5. CDC director Jeffrey Koplan has admitted that universal smallpox vaccination could unleash a significant number of 
    side-effects. He said that because many parts of ourpopulation do not have a"robust immune system," a fair number of
    people could have serious reactions. ~Koplan speaking on the PBS special "Bioterror Propaganda" aired by WETA,
    November 14,    2001.
6. If the entire nation were to receive a smallpox vaccine, several thousand people would likely develop encephalitis, an
   inflammation of the brain. ~Washington Post, Dec. 26, 2001.
7. Roger J. Pomerantz, chief of the infectious disease department at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, said that
   doctors have no idea what the smallpox vaccine might do to people at the extremes of life--less than 2 and older than 65.
   He said that an even greater concern would be its effect on people with weakened immune systems from HIV infection,
   chemotherapy or transplants. ~Washington Post, Dec. 26, 2001.
8. "Researchers have been reluctant to recommend a new vaccination program which would use the smallpox vaccine for
   the local population because the vaccine can cause disease and death in persons with inadequate immune systems."
   ~Science,  Vol. 277, July 18, 1997, pp. 312-13.
9. Routine smallpox vaccination in the United States ended in 1972. Officials are hesitant to resume the immunizations
   because the vaccine is the most reactive of all and has been linked to serious side effects, including death. ~ Reuters,
   November 29, 2001.
10. Eight printed pages of medical studies documenting the many serious side effects of smallpox vaccination can be obtained
      at See "smallpox vaccine adverse reactions 66-76." [Note: go to the home page
      above and put "smallpox vaccine adverse reaction" in the search engine.]  Repercussions include serious brain and heart
      diseases, autism, abnormal chromosomal changes, diabetes, various cancers and leukemias, plus demyelination of nerve
      tissue years after vaccination.
11. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that vaccination must not be forced on persons whose physical condition would make
      such vaccination "cruel and inhuman." In other words, the state has no right to command that an individual sacrifice his life in
      the name of public health. ~Jacobsen V. Massachusettes, 197   U.S. 11 (1905).
12. By the 1920s, several British medical researchers documented that smallpox was not only more common among the VACCINATED, but that the DEATH RATE from smallpox was actually higher among those who had been vaccinated. This indicates that the vaccine was ineffective and predisposed vaccinated persons to more lethal disease. ~Vaccination, Dr. Viera Scheibner,  Australia, 1993, pp. 205-220.
13. Getting a vaccination does not guarantee immunity. ~CDC,   January 28, 1994.
14. By 1987, scientific evidence indicated that the World Health Organization's 13-year global smallpox vaccination campaign
   may have awakened dormant HIV infection in many vaccinees.  ~Times (in London) May 11, 1987.
15. Vaccines made from animal substrate contain animal viruses that are impossible to filter out. By 1961, scientists
   discovered that animal viruses in vaccines, including smallpox, could act as a carcinogen when given to mice in combination with cancer-causing chemicals, even in amounts too small to induce tumors alone. They concluded that vaccine viruses function as a catalyst for tumor production. ~Science, December 15, 1961.
16. Some of the new smallpox vaccine doses will be created with animal substrate. Because the vaccine will incorporate    vaccinia, the cowpox virus, many wonder about possible mad-cow contamination. Fifty-five million doses of the new vaccine
   will be created using a cell line dating back to 1966 and cultured from the lung tissues of an aborted human fetus. ~World Net Daily, December 4, 2001.
17. The new smallpox vaccine will be genetically engineered. Many scientists believe that genetically engineered vaccines may be responsible for the global epidemic of auto-immune disease and neurological dysfunction. ~American College of  Rheumatology, annual meeting, Nov. 8-12, 1998. Merck's genetically engineered hepatitis B vaccine, Recombivax HB, is a classic example. According to Dr. Bonnie Dunbar of Baylor College of Medicine, many thousands of reported adverse reactions to the hepatitis B vaccine include: chronic fatigue, neurological disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and MS-like disease.  ~Testimony of Dr. Dunbar to Texas Dept. of Health, March 12, 1999. Over
   15,000 French citizens sued the French government to stop mandatory hepatitis B injections for school children because
   of resulting auto-immune diseases. ~Science, July 31, 1998. Dr. John Classen has published voluminous data showing that
   the hepatitis B and other vaccines are closely linked to the development of insulin dependent diabetes. ~Infectious
   Diseases in Clinical Practice, October 22, 1997.
18. The British vaccine manufacturer Medeva has a horrendous record of contamination and blunders. In 2000, the FDA found that Medeva was making vaccines in conditions of filth, resulting in contaminated products. Medeva had been illegally using bovine medium to culture its polio vaccines, then lied about it. Medeva also used the blood of a Creutzfeldt-Jakob victim (mad cow) to manufacture 83,000 doses of polio vaccine used for (against?) Irish children. Nevertheless, the FDA allowed the USA to accept Medeva's flu vaccine (Fluvirin) for the year 2000. ~London Observer series: October 20-26, 2000.
19. In 2001, the British socialized health care system was reported to be in a state of collapse, with many hospitals and
   labs operating in abysmal filth. Five thousand people die each year from infections contracted in British hospitals; 10,000
   become deathly ill from such infections. Sterilization procedures are barely adequate and said to be risking the
   spread of mad cow disease. Government ministers are reportedly trying to hush up the scandal. Jan 06, 2001;  The Sunday Times of London, November 12, 2001.
20. The U.S. government apparently intends to conduct NO double blind studies on the safety and efficacy of the new smallpox vaccine. It has ordered 286 million doses, one for every man, woman and child in America at a cost of $428 million. At least half of this vaccine will be delivered by Acambis PLC of great Britain.
   Tip of the Week: Keep all vaccine needles away from your body!
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