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 Vaccines Proven To Be Largest Cause of
Insulin Dependent Diabetes in Children
Diabetics Advised to Seek Legal Counsel Now, Before Their Right to Compensation Expires.

By Dr. J. Barthelow Classen, M.D.
Published: May, 2001

Arlington, September 11, 2000: Dr. J. Bart Classen, an immunologist at Classen Immunotherapies, presented data yesterday at
the International Public Conference on Vaccination which proved vaccines are the largest cause of Insulin Dependent Diabetes
in Children. His data indicated that vaccines cause approximately 80% of cases of insulin dependent diabetes in children who
have received multiple vaccines starting after 2 month of life.

Dr. Classen presented data supporting a causal relationship between many different vaccines and the development of insulin
diabetes. His data included the pertussis, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, hemophilus influenza and others. The data indicated
people with vaccine induced diabetes may not develop the disease until 4 or more years after receiving a vaccine.

Lawyers attending the conference and who reviewed the data, advise diabetics to seek legal counsel at once. The government
provides compensation for vaccine induced injuries however there is a statute of limitations. Insulin dependent diabetes cost the
patient about $1 million over their life time.

Dr. Classen’s research has been published in numerous journals and featured in national news reports. For the latest
information on the effects of vaccines on insulin dependent diabetes and other autoimmune diseases visit the Vaccine Safety
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There is growing evidence that immunization cause a large number of other chronic diseases including autoimmune diseases,
allergies, asthma, cancers, and Gulf War Syndrome. Data linking these diseases to vaccines includes human and animal data. In
some cases the increased risk of developing these diseases following immunization exceeds the risk of the infectious
complications prevented by immunization. Furthermore there is data that these complications are unnecessary and vaccines can
be given in ways that actually prevent the development of these diseases.

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