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E Yada di Shi'-Ite on Rising Above Personality

Channeled through Mark Probert
March 16, 2008

E Yada di Shi'-Ite on Rising Above Personality (March 16, 2008)

Introduction by Ken Adachi <Editor>

E Yada di Shi'Ite, apinting by Mark Probert 1945 E Yada di Shi'-Ite is the name of a human consciousness who lived on Earth over 500,000 years ago in a region of Mongolia amid the Himalayan mountains. His civilization was called Yuga. He died as a result of massive earthquakes which decimated nearly two thirds of the entire population (about 100 million people). Mark Probert was a native of San Diego, California who began speaking in his sleep in 1945, in a strange language that his wife, Irene, could not understand. They initially contacted a doctor friend of theirs who recommended psychiatric observation, but they eventually explained the unusual night time events to Meade Layne, founder of  Borderlands Research Science Foundation, who suggested that Mark may be a conduit, or medium for channeled communications. After setting up an appointment, Meade placed Mark under a light hypnotic trance while seated at a card table and E Yada almost immediately began speaking in his native language, but soon switched over to English. In time, Mark would channel a total of 15 personalities, including the famous Chinese philosopher and strategist, Lao Zhou. The group, with E Yada as its leader and principal spokesman, would refer to themselves as the Inner Circle of Light.

Irene and Mark began recording the channeling sessions in 1947 and continued to record each deep trance session faithfully right up to Mark's passing in 1969 (Irene had died a year earlier). The transcript you will read below was taken from a recording made on November, 21, 1956 in Buffalo, New York. .Most of the dialog is that of E Yada di Shi'Ite, with Irene Probert introducing E Yada to the audience and asking an occasional question. E Yada's English is almost perfect, but slightly skewed grammatically here and there, however, his unique style of expressing English  makes his lectures all the more charming. For example, he has the habit of referring to people as "peoples" and will omit the occasional article, but his humor is always surprising, unexpected, and delightful. E Yada will sometimes remind his listeners that he was (and is) a human being, but a human being (or 'consciousness' as he prefers) "without a skin." He makes no claim to being a god, angel, exalted deity, or even a "spook" He, and other members of the Circle, desire only to help humans "with a skin" to better understand and plumb the mysteries of life, so they too might reach a higher state of awareness and understanding and realize that love is the ultimate answer to everything. You should read this transcript with an open mind and not rush to judgment when you read comments that are outside our traditional view of religious teachings. These are merely words on a page and you are free to accept or reject them as you see fit.

Personally, I find E Yada's counsel to be intelligent, wise, compassionate, and above all, profoundly human. I hope these words are a source of greater wisdom and understanding for you as well ....Ken Adachi

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November 21, 1956, Buffalo, NY

Title: "Rising Above Personality"

A lecture by E Yada di Shi'-Ite through the deep trance medium MARK PROBERT

(Irene Probert explains this experience to the audience. Mark explains some too. Takes about 5 minutes).

Yada: Sina et Sinaha, ena Yada di Shi'-Ite.

Irene: Good evening Yada.

Yada: Anochi - - - - (and goes on to speak his native Yuga language for about one minute before reverting to English).

Irene: Yada says,... this is what the leader of Mark's members of the Inner Circle, which are 15.... He says "Sina et Sinahas", that's, ladies and gentlemen, "I'm Yada di Shi'-It." He says "Etas", or you people. "it's so nice to have you in this casia" or home, as they say, "used for the teachings of light or understanding". He's also thanking Neva Del and Dave again for helping us this evening.

Yada: Ok - - (speaks his native language of Yuga).

Irene: Yada says he's going to speak English. He's not going to continue with his Yu language which he has been speaking.

Yada: (his language,yet.)

Irene: "che" is force, and "ga" is the body it is working through.

Yada: My honored friends, it is with great pleasure that I come to speak to you this evening. We of the Circle are extremely pleased of the kindness and thoughtfulness of you for coming here this evening. It is a demonstration of your desire to learn that which you can about life. But let this be only one of the places you go to do your seeking for truth. wisdom. it is like gold where you find it.

Man, in his struggle to live and to survive for as long as he can on the Earth, makes for his life, too often, a burden. So many finding, at last, that there is something called a path, a way to the light, make the mistake of turning away from physicality; somehow feeling there's something evil about physical living. They have gotten a bit of the light, and instead of awakening them, it has blinded them further.

Man, my friends, must live one life at a time. It is, of course, necessary that we learn about what may lie ahead for us, but not to make it a two life, [or] a double life for ourselves.   God, or the light, does not care what you do... only you do. By your creating what is called morals and ethics, you come to believe there is something definite that you must do to rise above the mundane life. Something that will be pleasing in the sight of God.

Pleasing, my friends, is an emotional word. As you please yourself, you may say, you please God. But when you frustrate your natural inclinations and think you are pleasing somebody else, or other than yourself, you are making a sad mistake.  The Light does not concern itself with rites and rituals...the scraping and the bowing. The Light thinks only in a positive manner which is not in a personal way. It does not concern itself with us as personalities. We become concerned with it when we rise above the personality. It is important, my friends, to know this. And you do not have to abstain from eating anything you have been eating, except of course,  [if] it now makes you sick.

If it disturbs you, mentally or physically to imbibe in certain foods or certain drinks, or in any kind of acts whatever, if you feel. that you have naturally outgrown the desires for these things, then, of course, abstain from them. For then, and only then, will you not have pressures upon yourself.

Quite often we have been asked, we of the Circle, why do you permit your instrument, Mark Probert, to smoke cigarettes?  I am not Mark Probert. He is Mark Probert, the owner of the body. He made this body. He thought it up. 

There is a word you sometimes use in a teachings, you call Dianetics. It is called "mock -up." So you, and he, mocked up your own bodies. And, you and he have conditioned these bodies to do what they do. To accept or reject all manner of things. But if you discover you do not like certain foods, good, then don't eat them, but do not try to force your ideas or opinions about those things upon others. There is nothing holy about not eating this or eating that. The body is naturally a chemical body. It is, therefore, what you put in it. According to the nature of the chemical substance, you will have that nature. If it displeases you to see others imbibing in alcoholics, leave them alone. But do not try to force them to change. They, like you, will change when they are ready and not before. And all the talk, talk, talk will not change them. Sometimes a man feels such great concern for his soul that he stops his excessive drinking and he says it is because he prayed to God and God released him, because he accepted the belief in Jesus Christ and redemption through blood.

It's alright, Very good. The idea is that he stopped drinking. It is no use, anyone, sneering at what he did to attain this condition. You may attain it by having, more faith in a stone. If I carry this stone in my pocket and the stone, as I pet it and rub it a little bit, I will not have to drink. That is simply a transform of your desires...from alcohol to stone belief. We can put our faith in anything. And if we are sincere, it will work for us right now. For God or the Light is also in the stone.

Some teachings say to abstain from any desire of the physical body. This leads only to frustrations. The truth is, my friends, we have to live naturally, according to our, the individual's particular inclinations and desires. But we have to train ourselves to curb some of our desires so that we do not harm other peoples. And because we are led to know, by many other people in the social system, that what we are doing is "evil", is wrong, we acquire a deep seated feeling of guilt and shame.

We may stop acting out our desire but we are still living with it in the mind, and sooner or later, because all thoughts must be given birth to, or manifested in action, we blow up ...the mind collapses. We have spoken often, my friends, of what is called emotional control. But emotional control is acquired how? Not by simply saying, 'I'm not going to do this or that anymore", because you will. You will. This desire come and it says, "I must be expressed". And the more intense it is ... the longer that we have given it life, the more difficult it is going to be to curb it.

Then what are you going to do? You must do this curbing, this refraining from naturally, or it will destroy you. Try to understand that there is nothing evil, necessarily, about what you are doing; that not only you are doing it, but many -of your neighbors. You're not alone. Many of us feel frightened because we think only "I" am doing this sort of thing. "I must be some kind of peculiar creature to do this. Nobody else does it."

But it is not so. Some of the greatest minds that have ever taken a form and come into the physical world, have been weighed down, and caught up in some of the most devastating desires. 


Perhaps it was in the life pattern that they had just come out of, and they had brought over a memory of it, once more, to this life.  Perhaps not. Perhaps the desire was sowed in them from, what is called, the point of conception. Perhaps it was due to some disturbance in the mother or father's body, which was passed on to this new entrance, this new time creature, into this life through what are called the genes and chromosomes. So it is a genetic desire.  We must be taught to realize that all of life is but action. What is the nature of this desire? In the first place, I am going to have to do this again, and again, and again, as long as I do not put some thought to it, it is a blind desire. Perhaps a very natural one, but the individual does not know why he is doing it. He simply knows that once he pacifies it, it is only pacified, not satisfied. Desires are never satisfied - - only pacified for the time being. Then they will come back. They are worse than any ghosts you know, and they haunt the body house.

So do not tell yourself you are not going to do it again because this is only what is called guilt talk, shame talk, fear talk. But tell yourself: "I am going to find out why, what is it, what is its nature that it seems to have such a grip on me," because the truth is, your consciousness, you, the light within, is the master of all conditions ... the creator and master of it.

Once we come to know the nature of a desire, out of what it has sprung, it will not harm us so much. We find it easier to abstain when we want to, and give in when we want to. And there is a difference, a great difference when we know.  Is this desire going to harm someone? Then I will abstain from it, until such time as I can find the place, conditions, whereby it will not harm anyone. And once you have acted out the desire, forget it. Don't go brooding about it. It will not make you a better person, but a worse person - - a more irritable person. Cast out these feelings of shame or guilt. Feel love within your heart for what you do, no matter what your social system may say about it out loud, Love what you are doing  or do not do it, because it is things done without love that harms us.

How to get rid of these desires?

Learn to know what it is. What its fountain head is. What's its source.? From what it springs? And then you will know, not only how to abstain, but when you get into it, you will know how to enjoy it better. It is our guilt feelings that keeps us from putting our entire selves into what we are doing.

A man is working at a certain kind of work. Inwardly he feel he knows he can do better, but not in that particular work. It must be something else. And as long as he is held in that which is not natural to him, he cannot love - - he has no love for it. It kills him. Now if you find yourself in a situation like this, my friends, there is only one thing you can do until you can consciously know how to get out of that situation: Try to love it.

Do not hate it because when you do, it fights against you. It creates a tremendous pressure upon your nervous system. You were not born doing that thing, therefore you can know you shall not be doing it forever - - ha ha. ...Nothing lasts forever. For this we should be very happy. That life is born out of incessant change.  And strangely, perhaps, I do not know, when we come to love that which has been a great pressure to us, a great pain to us, that thing fades away. ..It vanishes with our love upon it. But with our hate upon it, it becomes a monster and eats us up. 

"I fear to die." Look what this leads us to. Endless deaths, before the real one comes.  It is said that a coward dies many deaths ... a wise man only one. Not necessarily a brave one, but a wise man, only once. And that one time, he discovers, is a great and wonderful experience.

It is not one where the consciousness becomes rigid and cold with the body. The consciousness becomes twice, ten times, a hundred times more alive. You turn and look after you have shaken yourself loose from the shell, or the know, the cocoon?

Irene: Yes dear.

Yada: Now, the butterfly, he was once caterpillar. But, while he was caterpillar, he was not concerned about becoming a cocoon or a butterfly. That's what makes him such a good caterpillar. He is about the Father's work. The work of being a caterpillar. Then when it comes time for him to turn in upon his consciousness and become a cocoon, he is not being concerned about when he shall stop being a cocoon and take wings to be a butterfly. That is why he is such a perfect being in the cocoon state. You see, you open cocoon and what do you find inside of it? Butterfly? No, ...a little liquid - huh? No sign of butterfly or cocoon.

Where has caterpillar gone? And where is butterfly to come?

In consciousness. In that little closed-in capsule. It is a thought within - - an idea about to be expressed. So, because in the state of a cocoon, it is not concerned with how it is going to be a butterfly. When it becomes one, it is perfect; flys away and enjoys itself as a butterfly.

We can take much substance from that which is called the creeping and crawling things of nature. It is only when we reach the state of what is called the human that we start making life difficult for ourselves, and we are supposed to be the king of All ...when we are a vast number of very worried kings. For this is the first thought that comes to that much touted being, called the Thinker. What's going to happen to me?

What can happen to you that has not already happened?  Ever asked yourself that, please? You have died before. It is no novel experience for you.  I know, I am aware, that some of you do not accept the idea that there is such a action as rebirth. I have no argument to give you upon it. I say only this, that as long as we, man, believes in divisions he is going to have to suffer the belief in rebirth - - and birth - - - and rebirth.


First I am astral being or mental being, or whatever you like to call it- - - - then I am physical being, then I go from physical being to astral being - - - - back and forth and back and forth!  To where? To where I am. It is said "Until we have washed away all our material attraction to the Earth". Well then that will be never. Never. Because man is a creator, and he creates in different levels of consciousness. The Earth is only a state of consciousness. No more painful in itself, no more troublesome, no more difficult, or no more pleasure [able] than any other level of consciousness.

But you have come to believe that you are something entirely different than consciousness, and you have named this difference, a body. It is an extension of your consciousness or your awareness. No more than that. Very much like what is called, the dream, in which you go when. you go to sleep. The dream body is an extended body of your consciousness. An extended sense of self awareness.

My friends, when we understand this, all of our difficulties, or a great number of them, our pains and sufferings, are washed away. We are no longer anxious or worried as to what is going to happen to Us. We know. I am consciousness. How else can consciousness be, without having something to be conscious of?  Can We imagine that any state beyond, the physical, is a kind of - -ah - frothy, momentary thing that slowly or rapidly vanishes in to the night or the nothingness of existence?

Like one man said in his search in what is called spiritism? And in finding that, to his way of thinking, yet, man does survive, and then he said "yes, a little residue survives." A residue, _ ha _, How much. residue? How much is little? And this man is an intelligent person according to the standards of intelligence in your world. A residue continues on.  Sometimes I feel that I am going to agree with him when I listen to some beings returning to communicate with he world again. They sound like a little residue.

But they are a consciousness in a state of awareness that is entirely their own, no matter what I think about its limitations. To them, they are existing in a vast state of awareness. They do, and we all do, the best we know how, so we cannot criticize.   But I say to you, my friends, you, the real you, continues. It is one unbroken chain. There are many levels of consciousness right here in this room. You do not have to wait to die to go to the various planes. Like I have heard people speaking of the 5 and the 4 and the 3 and the 2 and the 6th and the 7th and the 10th and the 12th planes. What is life? A 10 or a 12 story house?

If that is true, most of us feel about each other [that] they are living in the basement. Only I am living on the roof of the 12th floor. I am on the roof. Not merely inside the 12th floor, but on the roof. As high as I can go. This causes me to look at you with a glass - - - you know - _ magnifying glass. My ego wants to push me up higher, but I cannot go higher because I do not know more, because my ego is too inflated to learn more, so I am on the roof. I get a glass, to make you look, not bigger, but smaller. I turn the other way with the glass - - you know?

There are no 10 - 12 planes - - -1 - 2 - 3 _ planes. There are levels of awareness - states - states of awareness and that is all. I have listened to much of your talk on the - the - - the earbox. 

Irene: You mean the telephone, dear?

Yada: No. no. The earbox.

Irene: The radio?

Yada: Yes... and I have heard talk of cloud 7. You hear talk of cloud 7?

Irene: Oh yes.

Yada: And that is where most of believe we are. We've got to come down from there and walk with one another like human beings. We want to know the mysteries of life, [but] do we know life, first? The surface life in which we live we know that? Do we know its nature? We must study that before We can go behind it; to see what its mechanism is. But we feel too often that we are too much above the.. the..., what you call, the simple things. They aren't important to us. We want the more complicated.

I have found myself in a great stir, mentally, over the most simple of things.  How could this be?

The simplicity in itself is a greatness beyond measure. I can more or less understand a complicated situation. Its many ramifications gives the impressions of its greatness. But here is something that is simple. How then can it be so great? But it is.

And it warrants my greatest, keenness, sincerest attention. For only when I unravel the greatness of simplicity, can I find the greatness in  complications.

[brief intermission]

Yada: Tonight, is [a] man asking about the chakras of the body and their cosmic meaning?

Irene: Cosmic system as influences.

Yada: yes

Irene: Would you like me to read the question dear?

Yada: Yes, please.

Irene: "Please discuss the mechanics of the magnetic forces and vibrations of the chakras of the body and their relativity to the patterns of cosmic systems and influences. It has occurred to me that the pattern of chakras of the body with primary centers and the form that functions, makes pains within themselves, in the relationship of their vibratory activity, and chakras of magnetic mechanics which must be duplicated in some portion of a multiplicity of systems - and problems. An inner awareness of these centers and their relationship should then give one a feeling for the pattern of the cosmos. I would be very appreciative of a resume' of your understanding of these relationships in their mechanical essence".

Yada: Now, my friends, this, this person that committed himself to this writing ... this man is thinking in a very profound way. In order to write his thoughts in this manner, it took him time, and think, and thought. It sounds extremely complicated. Does it not? And it is. _ aha - and much because of my great love for simplicity, I will find it difficult to say too much about this. But, I want to stop. and talk on it a little bit, anyway.

Were I to answer that in its fullness, to give it my attention, and the kind of attention that it warrants, and should justly have, I would talk of nothing else this evening and you would be still here when the sun, if it is going to come tomorrow, comes up. So I can only touch on a question of this kind, and I am honored for the opportunity. 

Man: Thank you.

Yada: My pleasure.
First let us go back, my friends, to very ancient times. How ancient? Hmm... Back to the period of time when the guardians of the Earth, in observing that there were a number of human beings on the Earth in a state of awakening, coming out of the dream of what is called material evolution. They were beginning to realize that they were separated from the matter world in which they lived, and that they were something distinctly different from it. These guardians saw these facts, these ideas being formed in these awakening souls. And so, they came to them in different parts of the Earth and slowly they taught them of their own divine nature. They taught them that they were the sons of the sun.

What an astonishing awakening! You are not matter beings. You are not made of a little clay and water. You are not puppets spawned by chance. Out of what? Nothing.  You are great creators in yourselves. Divine beings. Sons of wisdom, or Light, or the sun. And if you think you are not Sons or children of the sun, let sometime, the sun to go beyond its ability to reach you, and you, and all things, will die; will cease to function.

Man is not getting heat from the Sun, for that implies he is not in the Sun. But he is in the Sun, otherwise he could not get heat from it. It is the vital forces of the Sun that contains life. You are mental beings, or Sun dwellers. This, perhaps, is difficult to understand? ...I do not know.

With the aid of certain lines of radiation from the Sun, man was capable of seeding himself in his matter world [physical world of matter]. Human spores.  So, I go back. These beings then had acquired this state of awareness - - that there was something more. From wither have I come? What is this?  This is the beginning of thinking, when we start to ask ourselves, "What is it?"

And so these great beings, the guardians of the creation came and bonded these thinkers together and called them, the White Brotherhood, or the Brotherhood of the Light . Here, they were instructed how to create, how to manipulate matter consciously. There is an order on your Earth, but few, a very few, that have understanding, join, with the intentions of learning the Inner Teachings. This order is called My Sons, or Ma-sons [Masons]. It is a direct branch of the white brotherhood.  Unfortunately, many of the members today do not know the true nature of the order. The great inner teachings, sometimes called, "mystical" simply meaning, hidden from the not seeker. surely, from the seeker, nothing is hidden. And so they joined
this order for what is called, privileges in business with their fellow man. This is a disgrace. This is belittling the divine teachings. All right, I say nothing more about that, for you are living the life. It is yours. In the beginning, these beings turned to ,what is called, Sun worship. But did they worship only the Sun? No, [but] various stars in your solar system. Do you know that in the millions and millions and millions of years, your present solar system,
as you can see it from your Earth, has changed but little.

So these earlier teachers, initiates of the light, turned to studying the various bodies in space, for they were given instructions as to what they represented. Not only the stars, planets, also the moon or moons, which some of your satellites are. This, they discovered, represented certain points in their own bodies. Here, in the palm of the hand, in the soles of the feet. from the top of the head, to the base of the spine, are solar centers. The stomach, sometime called abdomen... Is that right, abdomen?

Irene: Yes

Yada: Why different?

Irene: I don't know dear. I think perhaps we have 2 or 3 words so that of one...some people like the sound of one and some like the sound of the other. That's my only explanation. Yada: One time I speak of this and I said belly and everybody laughed!

Man: correct - - - - belly and abdomen are species and many other organs are contained. Stomach is a separate organ in which the stomach and abdomen and belly are a separate organ - ­abdomen and belly - it contains several organs

Yada: Oh! Thank you very much. You see my friends, I learn, like you. Many words that you have confuse me. I do not know their connections with one another.

Irene: I'm grateful too, for I didn't know.

Yada: Yes - - now we know that which we did not before.
Now, the solar plexus - - solar - - - sun - - it is a great nerve center. Is that not so sir? Yes. A great nerve center, and directly, by what is called vibrations, controlled by the Sun. It is here, in some of the ancient times of worship, that the stomach, or the solar plexus was exposed, where the worshipers would lie out and expose the stomach to the Sun, getting what they say, was cosmic radiation. Also, part of the practice of this time was to breath deeply so as to get what is called Sun Prana, down through the body, purifying inside as well as out. Breathing in such ways as to obliterate the outer consciousness and take one entunement with what is called the great consciousness, in which the vital life of the Sun is.

In your story of the Garden of Eden and the two peoples there, which you have come to call Adam and Eve, it is a mystical story of man's transformation into two distinct bodies, male and female. He was once, what you call, hermaphroditic being. Now, you cannot suppose that God became a surgeon, and cut rib out of Adam, making woman. This is what is called fable story until we are ready to take the true one. Most women reject this story - - and naturally, who wants to be a rib? The story is a great esoteric story of the separation.

Now we turn to what is called the tree in the garden. The tree is tree in the spine - - your own spinal column. I am certain many of you here know this - - ha?

Man: Yes

Yada: Yes.
The snake that climbed the tree to tempt the man called Adam is the fire force, Kundalini, Sun force, vital sex energy. In these practices of breath, the snake climbs the tree. The various nerve nodes from the top of the spine to the tail of the spine, called chakras. These are nerve nodes. In breathing in this vital prana, you excite these nerve centers, by stirring the snake or the fire force, and causing it to climb the tree.

This is a path of the rituals in the inner teachings. When this fire force reaches the king chakra at the top of the head, it has reached what is called heaven.  This, the inner teachings which your bible, your Christian bible, has twisted around so it could give some kind of a story of man's survival to the vast number of people at large.  Adam is a Sanscrit word meaning, first principle. It is Atman, and not Adam. Atman ...first principle. It is representing Earth, or the womb of life, out of which all manifests itself, or it is sometimes referred to as the negative force, mating with Atman, the positive force, thereby. producing a third thing, called matter.  Matter,therefore in its essence; is sex energy... kundalini, Sun force, working through man. When you are ready to understand and to use for understanding, [which] means [the] ability to use that which you have learned, and when you have readied yourself, you will be able to manifest any form, and give it life.

Your Christian teachings, also, meaning teachings of the light, Christ­--Christ teachings. The Son of the living Sun...or the son of wisdom.  It has nothing to do with murder. It is an initiation. The 12 apostles are 12 signs of zodiac, and also -the 12 centers in the body, also the 12 cosmic centers. Think, my friends, what a wonderful teaching, for it leads you to want to wake up - - to want to know, but to know sensibly, with your good' reasoning power - - with both feet on the ground. These teachings, my friends, are dangerous to those that will not keep their emotional selves on the ground. That is the only reason it has not been wanted by the inner teachers, to give this to man at large.

You would not give dynamite to a baby - - huh? And these teachings can be dynamite. How can you save yourself from destruction by what you know? One way. By Love.

When you have love, you have peace of mind. You are not concerned about what you are going to be. I go back to it - - what I was speaking about earlier. You will take life in stride. There may come a time when you will learn how to use prana.  When you first start, you will find yourself in great confusion, perhaps, getting nowhere. And then, perhaps, you would blame your teacher. It takes time, patience, and deep profound thinking on your part.

Irene: Yada?

Yada: Yes

Irene: When you said this it brought to mind a lady that we know who used to live very close to San Diego who had a very good teacher, but he have them a little bit of the inner teachings and she went home and against his advice, used it and didn't know how to control it, and she dehydrated about 35 pounds in one night, didn't she.

Yada: It is right, and they have to keep her in water - - cold water-- hour after hours for days and days

Irene: She still hasn't really regained ­

Yada: No. Today, even, she is pulling out this vital energy from her body, through her hands and her feet, and in fact all of herself is dissipating her energy, and it will, in time, destroy her physical structure.  You cannot play with these things, my friends. They are not for fooling. They are not pretending things. They are the substance out of which your own life is created and lived. In your bible, it is saYing to honor your mother and father, that your days may be long in the land. That your days may be long in the light. Not land, - Earth. The light of knowledge. The land of knowledge, of wisdom, that you may attain and stay attained. To honor your father and mother has nothing to do with your material parents. Although it is good sense, if nothing else. Good thinking to honor your material mother and father. But in the inner teachings it means to honor the positive and negative creative forces of life, which is breath, and sex energy.

Prana. Honor it by not dissipating it in anger and anxiety, and riotous living. Honor it by praying to the light daily. Not once on sabbath, or when feel you are slipping into the meyaunt - - ha ha ha, but when you are in your youth, vital. And continue it throughout your physical expression. You may ask it for material things, but, I suggest you ask it for wisdom first, then you will not have to ask it how to get material things. They will come. Again, your bible makes reference to this, "Seek first the kingdom of heaven, and all other things shall come to you." Does it not say so?

But when man is taught that which is not so, he worships that which is not so. Kingdom of Heaven, only to be obtained when you die. That is not the heaven that is talked about. It is wisdom, light. The moon, which is in part, the negative force. Your present moon was once inhabited by human beings. It was a great tropical world. Not entirely tropical, but largely so. But another body moved in upon it and edged the Earth from its orbit for a
little while. Then the Earth came back into its orbit, and the force of its coming, pushed that 2nd moon, a smaller body, against your present moon, which was at that time, larger than it is now.

It had an ionosphere and an atmosphere. When the 2nd, secondary moon, striking your present moon a glancing blow, shattering itself all over your present moon, soon destroying all life there; for it destroyed the ionosphere, so that the more potent radiations of the Sun penetrated to the moon's body, destroying all life, creating vast craters. For a time the Earth and the moon seemed to be angry with one another. Much heat, due to the blow, dried up what water was there. It changed the motion of the moon, so that now you see only one side of it, because you are going with it. or it with you.

(Yada talks with his teacher) [ from Ken Adachi: E Yada sometimes poses a question to his teacher in his native Yuga language]

The moon has the power. working with the Sun, to move all liquids back and forth, on your Earth. To remove the moon would be to turn all waters and liquids on the Earth stagnant. Lack of motion. So the Sun cannot do it all. Your Earth. - the ionosphere of your Earth, - is, and has been, for a long time now, suffering, kinds of rifts in it; You know, rifts? So that your Earth is getting some of the shorter and more potent lines of energy through to the Earth. such as ultra violet, such as more of the gamma. [rays] more of, what you call, the X rays. All these rays differ only in what is called, in w:hat is called, speeds of motion [frequency].

Irene: What effects do these have. upon the Earth. Yada?

Yada: They cause a more rapid breakdown of the under crust of the Earth. They are very, what you call, ionizing in their action. They cause the under crust of the Earth to become more brittle. This causes the surface to go in. Also causes a great increase in heat, which in turn will cause more rapid making of the ices at the poles, which in turn will cause many floods on your Earth in due course. Many quakes. Many wind storms. Some of these may be very disastrous. But what are you going to do when this condition is a condition of the Earth, at large, and not simply in any particular place?

Where are you going to run to? So why become concerned about it? You are not living 5.000 years from now. You are living now. Now. Suppose I tell you that the whole west coast is going down? I didn't say when, huh? But you should know this, that it is a matter of change. Many peoples, of course, will die, but they would die anyway of something else. You cannot come back here if you do not die. Unless you go out the door, you cannot come back in, huh? In other words, my friends, there are going to be many changes. The Earth is an entity, a livil!g entity, like yourself. It is made of the same matter as your bodies. Mental substance. Vital prana.

Yes. Let it change. When is it going to happen? What do you care? You cannot get off the barrel of dynamite, huh? Live now. All of life, it can be beautiful. but that doesn't say it is. (Laughter) 

I hear much, that expression, "life can be beautiful". This is a soppy thing. A very soppy expression. I didn't say "sloppy." I said soppy. (Laughter)

It can. It is if you will make it so, by your effort. I know many peoples. that is what you call good people, kind people, loving people; people that would gladly lie down their lives for you or their neighbor or whatever. Very often they seem to suffer many painful, disastrous things. Do we know enough yet, my friends, that we can take issue with what happens to another?

No. There is a reason, a purpose behind every act, ...and in time we will know these purposes and reasons. But we will not know in time, if we do not start now.  If, it is said, "to lay up treasures in heaven", when are you going to start? Not by giving away that which you have in material things. That will gain you no place in heaven, and it will not get you there any quicker.

Giving away, in the inner teachings, is not having anything to do with your material gains. It is just as easy for a rich man to attain wisdom as it is a pauper. In fact it is easier.


In the first place, how did he get his wealth? By thinking about it, huh? By practicing the art of knowing what he wanted. Few of us do this, my friends. We say, Oh! I would like to be a millionaire. If you would like it to be, you would be. You would be. For liking is holding your attention upon that which you desire. But there is a way to do this. A right way. Let us not be like the man who was taught by his teacher how to get what he wanted by thinking about it. This man was complaining because he did not have, what you call, 'car', car in his garage, Garage, is like stable, huh?

Irene: yes. Stable for the car.

Yada: He did not have one there, and he wanted one there, but he wanted a special kind. You see, your people in the world are not satisfied with car only; it must be certain kind of car. Will it get you some place faster than another car? Or in better condition? Or is it because you simply love beauty in change and change in beauty. - huh?

-I think that is it. Now.

So he say to this man, "You picture that kind of car in your garage. Hold that picture of this car, name car, any car, I do not care --- what you ----"

Irene: We might as well say a Cadillac.

Yada: Cadillac! Is Cadillac big? Yes, is pretty, huh?

Irene: Oh yes.

Yada: I can get where it goes much faster.

Irene: I don't doubt it - - - -

Yada: So, this man concentrate. He picture Cadillac in the garage. Then, because he take all his time in doing this, bills were piling up on the house. So he lost his house; He had to sell it, and the man who bought his house, drove his Cadillac into the garage. (Laughter)

That's what comes from only half knowing what to do.

Irene: What's the other half, Yada?

Yada: Feel yourself doing what you want to do - in it.  It is yours. Feel it yours. Feel yourself actively engaged in moving it around and possessing it. "It is mine". Know it is yours. The other part of this thinking, is to know, to feel, it is yours. But you can give a part of yourself to it consciously, with what is called, the wakeful consciousness, and then let it go because, in taking it into the wakeful consciousness, you automatically sow the picture, make the mold in the mind, in what is called, the unconscious self. Once you make it there, you do not have to be brooding about it day in and day out. You leave it alone. It is like a man, he is going to send telepathic message. So he sit down, and he grit his teeth, and he hold his head, and he concentrate. Nobody get anything from him. Because he is holding onto the idea.

Let it go.

Two or three minutes, think of it, [then] let it go. Later, in the day or the night, think it, throw it away, turn to other things. Otherwise the mind holds onto it - - - will not let it fly. Then, perhaps you may have another kind of action called delayed telepathy, meaning, the message got there too late. (Laughter)

Now, I will stop talking for a little while. So, that made for the question here, I will not go further into that, it is too much for tonight. Is all right, for you please?

Man: Yes, thank you very much.

Irene: These questions, Yada - ­

Yada: Yes please. Because I want to talk to man here, later, into the air and have him write please. It is a very very interesting, and a very vital question. Thank you very much.

Irene: I have two questions here that I'm sure you'll be interested in 

Yada: Yes. Now I please listen to some of the other of you. huh?

Irene: Has someone a question they'd like to put forth to Yada? If you have, raise your hand. Will you speak up a bit so that the question will be received in the mic?

Man in audience: May I ask you Yada how long it's been since you lived on the Earth plane?

Yada: You know since - - I am simply huffing and puffing, because of seeking for a way of answering that - - - the kind of words that I must use to sound, not too foolish - - hmm. The smartest individual can be made a fool of by his words, or his misuse of words, huh? So let me go back to the time that I talk about a great deal: I lived in a civilization called Yuga. Yuga, meaning vast body. This was located in what you today call the Himalayan mountains. It had 180,000,000 peoples. It is more than you have in your country [in 1956]. It became a highly civilized civilization, meaning that the people had attained such a state of knowledge that it permitted them to kill one another.

[long pause]

Irene: Yada? Are you all right dear?

Yada: Yes please.

Irene: Yada! No you're not dear. Yada. Come back here. Yada.

Yada: (comes back speaking his language)
No no no, it is all right. I simply lost awareness of this man's body for a little while. 

This civilization was destroyed after having existed 1024 years. It was destroyed by a series of violent quakes and outer space storms. Today it lies under tons of what you call, ice and rock and earth. I lived in a city is called Kaoti which is,  or would be, approximately 700 miles due east of what today is called the holy city of Lahsa [Tibet].

Kaoti is meaning "city of temples". There were 33 temples. I think many of your cities today have more temples in [them] than that, huh? It did not make us any more holy and it is not doing any more for you. Temples do not declare a state of illumination, of knowledge. Temples are outer things. However, the temples in which I had my training were not like you have today in your world. The outside, or the lay individual, did not attend them to pray. Nor did the priests do praying or talking in the temples, to the lay individual.

Irene: Were these like monasteries - - - Yada?

Yada: Yes - and the priests went out among the people, and taught that way. The peoples prayed in their own homes. Each of them having the kind of altars or symbols of the teachings according to their feelings about it. But most all were devout students of the light and therefore were Sun worshipers. There was no teachings of devils in my time, until the destruction of the civilization was almost complete. Then, out of fear, out of these deep seated feelings of being lost and insecurity, teachings of devils came.

That is the nature of Christianity today. It is more teachings about devils than about gods. This is unfortunate for you peoples. I have been back on the Earth many times, for my civilization existed 500,000 years ago. I have had an experience in what you know as Atlantis. I have been with the ancient Mayans. I have had many experiences, but on}y one on the Earth as being born through woman.

Not only, what is called, the Yuga civilization. but I have' been in civilizations, through birth through - - coming through what is called, the biological path. many time before thal 500,000 years ago.  Where did the beings come from that occupied, that went to make up' the civilization of Yuga? This civilization was founded by a man name of what you call - -

(Yada speaks with his teacher)

This found by man called Ni Sep Ni Ha. Ni Sep Ni Ha is meaning seventh son of Ha. A family called Ha.

Irene: Yada! Yada? Do you want to leave Mark alone a bit?

Yada: Yes, a little while, please, huh? I will come back and talk more on that please. I am having a little trouble with this man's body. and I cannot hold onto it and talk to you while there is trouble there. Now it is not the usual trouble, so do not be concerned about this. huh? There is certain changes that I feel, so I will release myself from him and let his own consciousness adjust this condition, and then I come back and talk further.

Do you want me, my friends, or should one of my colleges come?

Man: You come back Yada, - - - - please do.

Yada: I am most grateful to you, my friends. Most grateful. Thankful for your attention. E Grathia - - Anotchi - - - for a little while, huh?

Irene: 'Anochi' meaning good evening - - Good evening for a little while

Do you want to leave Mark

(Now there was a 30 minute break)

Yada: (speaks a little of his language)

Irene: Remember you were talking - - ­

Yada: Yes, I know. Lady sometime not understand that I have conscious memory. Wants to help me, which I appreciate very much because it is also true that when one living outside of a physical structure, making contact with someone else's body, in making the contact, often looses consciousness of what they may have in mind, or may have had in mind, to talk about.  Becoming aware of a body, and speaking through that body, is not an easy thing to do. For you mentally have to keep your attention on the act of manipulating the brain cells and the various nerve centers of the body, but also of remembering what you are saying, or have to say. So it is a kind of dividing of your attention, and sometimes the stomach wants may find himself being forgetful, or not having any memory at all, seemingly, and so whoever is trying to communicate with him in the physical world is feeling that he is not communicating with the intelligence that he once knew on the Earth. The communicating intelligence therefore is thought of as being either an astral shell that doesn't know anything, or the memory patterns of the medium, or the actual entity who does not know how to communicate.

You may know how. You may be very intelligent, but it is a very difficult thing to do. And the why we are able to control this man's body so well is simply because we have spent many years in developing his body. Coming to know it - - of its various nerve functions. But even so, we find moments, especially some of us that do not use him as often as others, find it difficult, and it appears that we suffer periods of amnesia, the same as his own consciousness would, perhaps at times. Many peoples suffer amnesia. They are not controlled by spirit. None but their own spirit controls their body. Yet there are little conditions that they place in the nerves, and especially in the brain, and some of these centers may be at times, shut off. Perhaps from a blow on the head, so that the control of the body, whether it is the owner or not, may suffer these blank spells or amnesia, where he does not know who he is or where he is. The surroundings seem strange to him, and all of that sort of thing.

Irene: I want to tell you dear, before you start talking about the subject you were, that - - - ­

Yada: All right, all right---Then I will make what I have to say as brief as possible.

Irene: Well in 40 minutes, you can say quite a bit, but I thought that without interrupting - - ­

Yada: This civilization that I spoke of was founded by a man called Ni Sep Ni Ha, or the seventh son of a family called Ha and this family lived in a civilization known as Nali.  This was in the Gobi desert, in a time when the Gobi desert was extremely tropical. The name Nali, means 'river of great force'. The oracles of that time, of that place, told the kings or rulers of the house, that the civilization was soon to be destroyed by floods. And so being a wise family, decided to make haste to find a place, a possible place, of escape, of refuge from the destruction of Nali, and sent out many great caravans of seekers or pioneers, in all directions, but none of these others returned. The last sent was his own seventh son, sep -seven - - Ni Sep Ni Ha. The seventh son of Ha. After a great and trying time with many that went with him, distraught, he came to this great valley. Tropical, surrounded by vast mountains, covered in snow at the tops. But the valley was a very wonderful climate. And so, the civilization was started.

It was named Yuga, not because of its size, but because of beings what may be called sub-humans there. These beings ranged anywhere from 8 to 12 feet tall. Hair, mass of hair all over the body, but only a little on the face. The eyes were large and luminous, the mouth very much like yours. a little fuller, the teeth, a little more come out, this way, protruding - - protruding - - means out? The ears come this way - - little bigger yet having bodies almost like human. Arms a little longer, more, what you call, like monkey, but always standing erect. Not walk like monkey. These beings were very kindly at first. They had to build, doing much of the heavy work. These beings also believe, that when one was ill, they could give them energy and strength by carrying them around strapped to their bodies, and they often did this to the peoples that came to the valley.

But as the civilization grew these beings were enslaved, made to suffer many tortures. Many of them died and many of them fled into the higher mountainous areas. And so man. as is always, destroys that which loves him best.  Now I want to talk a little bit about a man that was here, was speaking to this man in audience. A man is asking, "Perhaps that being speaking through you is not a discarnate being in himself ,but is a past memory of the man here". In other words, an echo of this man's former self - - a former incarnation.

We also may have argue [arguement] about the possibility of this man's own consciousness operating on a different level. Also some of your modern psychiatrists would simply say, this man is suffering from schizophrenic condition and I am a split of a split  personality. ha ha (Laughter).

Some again, may refer to me as a spook, and a spook meaning an astral shell. Now in the inner teachings of what is called Theosophy, which is also some of the beliefs of what is called Hinduism, when one dies they go to the astral world for a little while, or for a very long while. I do not know how long, or how little. They stay there and then they die again and then what is called the monad, or life spore, rushes off to Nirvana. I do not know how fast it rushes.

Now some of you may be Theosophists. That is very nice - - very good. Wonderful teachings. But in all teachings there is error, mistake due to our inability to see everything in detail. The greatest teacher that has ever come to your Earth has made mistake in what he has said. This is natural. If he had done otherwise, he would not have come. If he was capable of  perfected thought, impossible to make error, he would not have come, for all teachers serve in order to help themselves further, to expand their knowledge, it is a part of personal, of the personal initiation.

We die constantly on all levels of consciousness because every time we learn something new, we have died to the old. We have risen above. We have been reborn into the brighter, truer understanding of life. Nirvana, like the Christian heaven, does not exist except in the individual. There is no place to rush to - - Nirvana or Heaven, for all is in the here and the now. When you pass from the physical world, you have an experience in the astral world, and you may grow mentally there - - expand your awareness, and move out of certain beliefs and knowledge, and understanding that you had before, meaning that you have incarnated on another level of awareness, a more full understanding.  Then, perhaps, there are some things that you did not grasp yet, while in that lower state. You may have to make a circle and come back, pick up a few skins [bodies], or ends, and go out again. For that is the nature of growth. But if we are afraid to rethread the thread, we will not learn and will be caught in fear.

Do I want to come back to the Earth?

Now! No. Later? Yes.

I do not know, in other words, what kind of experience I may have that may say suddenly to me, go back here, go there, go there, to learn it, to feel it, to know it. There is no horror for me in any existence. If I have to plunge my awareness back into physicality to gather certain knowledge, I will do so. But, my friends, I am a little uncertain whether I should tell you this. We are living largely in emotions, and our thinking is emotional thinking. We have to, therefore, be very careful what we say to one another, because we get strange ideas when we think emotionally. Most of it negative, leading us off our path.

I do not want you to think [that] what I am going to say causes me to be greater in any way than you. I am not. I simply have  had different experiences, perhaps, from some of you- - or  'than' some of you, I think you say. There is nothing great about this experience. It just is.. That is all.  Since my life in Yuga, I learned certain things while in that incarnation that now saves me from having to come back to the Earth through the biological path. As I said before, I have been in Atlantis and in the great Mayan civilization and several others, but simply by manifesting myself, where I felt the need for my kind of thought and actions among a certain kind of people. That does not leave me any rightness above you. Please remember that.

I will not have to, further, return to the Earth by the biological path.  You are on the road. Anyone of you sitting here may not have to return again, because you are not now - - - you are not the measure of what you are "now". - - not now only, but of many experiences in the past.  Anyone of you here may have been great and highly advanced master teachers in past experiences. You see, my friends, it is not advisable that we have memory of having lived before. It is not advisable until we know certain other things first,- - - so we can handle it - - and let us say, suppose you should suddenly have the memory, the consciousness of what you were in a past life and come to know that you were a great being. The knowledge in which you exist now, and seems so limited, would be a shock to you to bring the both of these together. To become aware of this while you are so limited now. The same as, let us suppose, in a past life you had committed some violent and atrocious crimes upon another human being. At that time, in your state of limited understanding, you caused great suffering, and suddenly, you became aware of this, that your acts were lower than that of any jungle of the beast, - - of the jungles - - any beast of the jungles. (I am moving my words around in circles) Could you live with it?

The torment of it would not permit you a moments rest, especially if you were sensitive. Especially if you had emotional abhorrence to violence in this life.  I think. it best that we do not pry into certain things until we are given some, what you call, basic understanding of other things first. Do you not think so? Yes. Yes, my friends. We are living dangerously when we do  Please, what?

Irene: Mr. Shivy was asking me if you would speak about the, Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. Your interpretation of it.

Yada: Yes (Yada speaks with his teacher)
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. These are principally states of consciousness. They are all advanced states. The first is the creative self, the Father. The Son is the recognition of the creative substance. The Holy Ghost is the light out of which you have come. It is the light, the divine self that has no thought of good and evil, or good or evil . It is entirely impersonal. It is the one we pray to, but we get the answer of our prayers to the higher, or holy ghost, through the channels of the other two. It is also, in part, the physical, the mental of the spiritual self.

Again, the spiritual self is impersonal. It gives that which you ask for according to your ability to comprehend it when you get it. It gives to the level of your comprehension. Many people' say: "I pray to God asking for this or that and I never get my prayers answered". They do, but they expect their prayers to be answered in the way of the low emotional self, as it sees. And so, they didn't see an answer.  Their prayer was answered from a higher level. From the level in which is called "impersonal." You have to watch for it. Be aware of it. The low emotional self is aware of nothing but itself. Its desires out of which it is made.  No prayer goes unanswered.

Let us look. In your way of praying to your God, you may pray for one to be saved, that [who] is caught in a very dangerous position. Perhaps there are many others caught again with it. So, this loved one of yours is saved. But, perhaps 90 others are still caught, and never get away. They are not saved. But you go tell everybody - - - .God was good to me. He answered my prayer and saved my loved one.

The loved ones of all these others were also praying with just as deep and sincere a prayer as you.  Was God deaf to them? No. They were saved and perhaps more so than the one that physically survived. They have gone on to higher levels of understanding. For awhile, then, I feel confused and unhappy. They were not ready according to their emotional understanding. They were not ready yet to die. But they have time. They will learn. They will cease to be emotional. They will forget the Earth for a little while so that they can better orientate themselves in the position they find themselves, and then they will be able to become aware of Earth and Earthman again. No one is lost, and many of those that are saved, in the way you think, are lost. For they are saved for greater suffering, perhaps.  A longer period of the hell of the matter world.  Is the matter world actually a hell?

No. It is again, because we are caught up in this emotional self that makes any level of consciousness a hell. For all is in me. I am the eternal light. As I am, so are all things. My honored friends, we of the circle are deeply grateful to you, not only for coming here, but for your interest in life. Do not ever cease this great interest. Many things may happen to you physically to break you down. attempts to destroy you, but hold on - - - hold on - - for it is worth every moment and every little energy of yourself. In the end. the picture becomes clear - - - clear. and when it does. you will be in the greatest kind of heaven imaginable. This is not as a reward. Life offers us no reward, nor does it threaten us with punishment. This is all emotional, low self. thought. All is experience and all experiences are of the utmost value to your existence. We of the circle knowing that this man, lady, is going out of your city for a time, want to say that we do desire to return again in some future time. Also want to give sincere thanks to the peoples that have been so helpful and - - and what You call - - "energetic." (this word I found difficult to get at) In making for the groups for us to talk to.

Without you, we could not be. So we work together to get in harmonious accord. We are in service to one another, my friends. I leave you in love, hoping that you will communicate with one another in love, and leave one another in love. If you must cry in departing from one another, cry with love. Not fear of not meeting again, for you will - - you will.

Irene: Thank you Yada. Thank you very much.

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