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Boosting Session March 10, 2006
Lemurians, Forbes, War, Earthquake-Part 1

From Lilly <>
March 10, 2006

This session was called after getting a strong message on a possible Earthquake as well as a possible invasion in Iran. Many of us kept getting war. In a previous session we put lots of energy to stop this possible war, but we felt more work was needed. Please NOTE that not only the Women Warriors are doing this work, there are many people out there who do similar work. I received quite a few emails from people saying that they join us etherically alone or in groups. That is really good news. Thank you.

We started the session by inviting our friends, wild geese, who appeared in my meditation that day. We have a strong connection with them and they are the bomb detectors. We “knew” that the earthquake we were working on was man made and perhaps was to be induced by hydrogen bombs, as was tsunami in India.

One of the geese told us “go south” as I was seeing Italy map, while Yasmine said “Sicily“. We were feeling bad energy from Sicily, so we started clearing the “toxins”.

For few days I kept getting the word Forbes. This session the Forbes word was screaming in my head. Then an invasion of words was coming: “white fascia” , “sick mind”, “rapture”, “Rhodos”, “lots of pain”, “Forbes” again, “hypocrite” “control“… and the words kept coming and coming.

We were getting very bad vibes and “fear” from Sicily and Forbes. David sent us the map of Italy and we all worked on cleaning the nasty energy in Sicily, looking at the map. Tony found that Reggio, a place in South Italy was really poisonous. A day before this session we boosted for Iran and Faidh got the word cat which we discovered it was actually the map of Iran which looks like a cat and now we have the map of Italy which looks like a boot. I am sure that was connection between the cat and the boot. I think Donna was the one to mention to “boot the boot“.

Many messages we receive are symbols, some of us are getting messages (seeing or hearing) while the others use their intuition to connect the messages. That is called TEAM work, some of us are Clairvisionaries, some audients, many of us are feelers and most of us are intuitive. Working and focusing together we increasesed our psychic abilities tremendously. And this is not a game or source of amazement as many will perceive it, we use these abilities as tools to receive more critical messages, warnings, in order to do our work on this dimension.

Reggio’s energy felt really bad, we had all sort of pains when we tuned into this place. We discovered Reggio was a huge gateway/portal to another dimension which energy was hijacked, so we had to clean the energy. Soon after we discovered this place which was connected to Rhodos, Tony and I smelled watermelon, while Yasmine was smelling tropical fruits - “heavenly sweet“ Very Happy That was actually another dimension smell. Donna kept getting a nice smell all day before the chat, she said someone was trying to give her a message. Interesting… were we in a tropical place, another dimension?
We got “Lemuria”!!! Italy and Rhodos (Greece) were part of Lemuria!! Were lemurians trying to connect with us? Yes, they were communicating with us helping us. We boosted for answers and we got the words “shift” and “uprising”. I saw a huge crystal which needed to be moved. Tony mentioned “energy rotation”.

Cristina told me that she noticed an unusual pattern of flying birds, and she mentioned the word SHIFT.

Are we experiencing a SHIFT? Hmm… Shift and manmade earthquakes? Tuning into this Shift, again I got FORBES.

Who are these Forbes anyway?

“Forbes family are major players in the Illuminati, E.g. Forbes magazine, financial tycoons” - “the old man [Malcolm Forbes] started Forbes magazine and the Fortune 500 list. They also publish a list to the wealthiest men in the world. Jet setter, hob knobs with the Rich & Famous, etc” - Ken Adachi told us.

After Ken posted about the message I got regarding the earthquake, they wiped about 500 of his latest e-mails. Painful confirmation!!!
A night before when I got the earthquake message, I looked at Ken etherically and saw a syringe and got the word “injection”. They were probably planning to inject Ken. I told everyone in the chat about what I “saw“, boosting for this, so it will not happen. When bad boys are busted they will drop the act. When plan A fails, they will go for plan B, that’s why we always need to be on the alert and protected.

Boosting FORBES ( Fascist Organization Responsible Brutality Enslavement Subjugation - Tony’s anagram) was painful. Forbes were circled by our etheric hands, got zam zam water shower, arc treatment, Samuel chapter 22, playing in their ears overe and over , lots of Love, 4 points healing technique, the crystal energy from pink lemurian crystals.

Lemurians would circle the targets we work on with pink lemurian crystals which have an amazing love vibration. The energy was amazing, most of us were vibrating.

We “saw” many faces, the “illuminated” ones: Hillary, Berlusconi, Bushes, Condolizard, etc and they all got the LOVE treatment.

We went up to 5th dimension and boosted form above and felt really strong. Tony suggested to go up more and boost from the 9th dimension. The rest of the session we all felt very light and some of us very floaty. At the end of the session we were all distracted and tired so we decided we’ll continue the next day. Perhaps that was the reason for 3 days of boosting - the target was big.

Conclusion: we discovered new allies - friends - the Lemurians which are willing to help us in stopping man made disasters. However, we the humans on this planet need to do the main work. Lemurians cannot do it without us, we are the main peon in this “game“, because its about us, about our planet. We did not find the man-made earth location(s) yet but we made new friends, the Lemurians.

Next session, 11 of March, coming soon.


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