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Boosting Session March 11, 2006
Lemurians, Earthquakes and 'Switches' -Part 2

From Yasmine Fatemi <>
March 11, 2006

On entering the chat session, it was clear they were directing radiation or poison at us from the get go, of course, the darksiders make use of the '11' vibration as much as possible, it was the 11th of March so they didn't want us interfering. We recapped what happened the night before, since we had gotten to a crucial point of discovery, before there was a 'block' and it all came to an end, no more messages, at least for that night.

We had the assistance of the Lemurians. Lilly was picking up that they could help us change the planned, man made disasters such as the earthquakes, (from the night before). We all strongly felt that the darksiders were trying hard to conceal something from us that could possibly be used against them.

The Lemurians were guiding us to the places that needed to be cleaned. These were globally intended disaster sites that would allow and alignment to create an even larger scale disaster within the deepest parts of the Earth itself! "France" was the first indicator Lilly 'heard' and also the 'Solar energy' they were tuning int, o was to cause destruction and wars.

We looked at Paris. There were a lot of toxins being released as we were boosting this place. Having the Eiffel tower there helped them to increase the toxicity levels that they were broadcasting.

'Aurora Borealis' also known as The Northern Lights, Lilly heard, A friend had mentioned to me that he had seen them the same evening, lighting up the skies here in Toronto. Could it be that the effect of what was happening was a symptom or a warning?

We decided to tune into the Northern lights to see if we got some feedback. We were still working on Paris, and France and also discovered a Portal there, Lemurians were guiding us to the point where we could control what was being planned. If we entered the Aurora Borealis like a portal, we would be able to 'turn off' the man made Earthquakes one at the time while discovering their locations. What a breakthrough!

Lilly located an 'off-switch' inside the Aurora portal, The Lemurian energies were very pure and they wanted us to discover this. They continued helping us with the boosting, while other angelic beings that were surrounding and helping us as this point. This felt BIG!

We needed to shift to higher dimensions and boost from there. It would be more powerful this way. Lilly and Mah were seeing the Eagle at this point which is symbolic of 'Big Brother' the government. They were watching us, and Lilly heard "Forbes" again. It was connected to him/them and his/their long list of Rich and Famous who control the global reserves. It was a battle between good and evil in the skies: angelic realm vs the dark entities they were indeed sending us.

Lilly got 'Go back to 'Rhodos' (an island in Greece), it was another alignment point and portal also surrounding the ancient ruins of Lemuria in the oceans there. We saw a Witch cording us and trying to prevent us from going further, so we started boosting the witch and the other many nasties that had been working on us. We took a short break to clean ourselves before continuing.

Dracs were in control of this Portal in Rhodos and we needed to get past them. There were six of them, and five of us. There were others boosting us and at this point the messages were clearer. Lilly got that there were six portals with six switches, but we had to discover where they were so we could get at them.

As we were boosting one place, we began to get messages of where the next target and portal was. Faidh was seeing The Iranian sphinx in Shiraz, (a mythical winged 'protector') from the Era of Zoroaster* or known as Persipolis. Lilly got 'Luxor' and another Portal there. We were getting closer to finding all six of the aligning Portals set up to create a huge Earth shattering shift.

We were still boosting the portal in Greece and trying to get to the 'switch'. There was a hand trying to prevent us doing this. The Lemurians couldn't stop it, it needed to come from us, from the physical world. The Darksiders indeed wanted an alignment of these 'switches' corresponding the Planetary alignments still to come. They needed them in a specific pattern to create an Earthquake of colossal dimensions.

The switches were vertically placed. As we boosted them, they flipped into the horizontal position which they were intended to be.

Since Faidh was getting ''Egypt'' while we were boosting Greece, that was the next portal that we needed to attend to. I got that they were using fire energy and Lilly and I both got that it was directed at us. We needed to enter the portal and get to the switch;. They began cording us, so we decided on going 'around' them rather then through them. Lilly got the switch before we got out of there. She got a pain in her heart and we all received some painful backlash in one of our chakras for this act.

Iran was next, Shiraz. We wanted to speed this up a bit because they were raising the level of distraction during this time. We asked the Lemurians to help with it. In no time at all, we watched it flip after Donna directed boosting with the Arc of the Covenant. Of course, we were receiving assistance from The Apostles, Angels, Lemurians, heart Island civilization, and our other etheric allies.

I got that we needed to go to Japan, then I heard 'Hiroshima'. I also kept seeing Iwo Jima statues [Note from Ken Adachi: there are gargoyle-like statues all over Okinawa which might have a demonic connection]. There seemed to be a link with the last portal too, this followed the pattern. Lilly saw that some Japanese women were at the door to the portal and birds were coming out from it. It seemed that they needed to be released, perhaps souls that were trapped there. The place was toxic and poisonous. We boosted it trying to use telekenisis this time to flip the switch.

During this time, there was a tremendous amount of distraction. We had to boost each other to keep focus. They were trying hard to stop us from flipping the switches, but we were almost there.

India was next: Madras. There were monsters there battling us, evil ugly entities, I guess this was a last desperate attempt.

Of course, against the Arc and Zam Zam, they don't stand for very long. Lilly saw that this portal in India was connected back to France where we began; they were all connected. That's how we were seeing the ones we were boosting and the future portals that we hadn't boosted at the time. It was quite amazing! What's more, the switches had become 'crystals' after we had flipped them.

We put protection around the portals and asked the angels to guard them from danger. We could feel there was an urgency and we needed to clean up the planet and release the toxicity that had accumulated. Tibet needed cleaning and I was seeing a Phantom of the Opera type mask. Mah was seeing a kangaroo, so we figured Australia was next. I heard 'Sydney', and saw the Sydmey Opera building there. Now it clicked about the Phantom mask, we were on target!

Tibet now, and Lilly and I got the Himalayas. Lilly saw more switches around the whole area, little ones though. We boosted them and they became pink Lemurian seeds [crystals] each of them. Lilly understood that it was about the Lemurian crystals, and that this is the time they selected to communicate with us.

I could hear monks chanting.. Mah got Thailand and Faidh too, so we went there next. Lilly heard 'peninsula', so we were on track again, south of Thailand. We started working there turning switches and watching them become pink lemurian crystals. All the while, Donna was sending out those Arc vibrations and was playing Samuel at our attackers.

As we were sending healing and cleansing energy throughout the planet. We got different places that were more toxic then others. We spent more time cleaning up those areas and changing the energies there so that we would be starting with a 'clean slate'. This put some balance back before the REALLY intense eclipse energies appeared in full force.

Gobi desert, Calabria (Italy), and their gun mafia fortresses and underground bases, the Geese lead us to these as they are good at detecting warheads and missiles.

We ended the Session at this point since we felt we had done what was needed that night, after all it wasn't the last of the powerful shifts in motion.

Tonight we rest.....


12 March Session coming soon....



From Lilly (March 19, 2006):

We were 5 (women) boosting this particular night. I saw another woman boosting remotely with us, so whoever you are thank you. We needed the 6th one to work on those 6 portals. There were also many people working etherically with us, so many thanks as well to you.

I also want to mention that the Lemurians were circling the portals we were working on with pink seeded lemurian crystals sealing them with the right energy.

Note: These lemurians crystals don’t like to be placed in orgone, they like to “breath”. (this is the message I got)

The earthquakes were programmed for a certain time/day and all the switches needed to be in a certain position. We were right in time to rotate these switches and place pink lemurian crystals instead to stop the man made disasters.

I strongly believe we stopped these man made calamites from happening.



From Yasmine (March 21, 2006):

Tropical Cyclone in Sydney Australia

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) - A powerful tropical cyclone ripped the roofs off buildings and uprooted trees. With winds up to 180 mph, Tropical Cyclone Larry smashed into the coastal community of Innisfail.....

Although this appears to be a powerful Hurricane, there were actually NO DEATHS, and only 3 Injuries, this itself is a good confirmation that we helped manage to prevent a massive disaster from occuring, any damage was only financial.,,-5697517,00.html

Thanks again to all those who helped!


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