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Boosting with the Planets and Celestial Influences

By Yasmine Fatemi <>
March 11, 2006

Healing Earth by working with the Planets

As we approach the more Intense energies of March, we need to become aware of what Planetary and celestial influences and powerful ebbs and flows we are facing. All Eclipses are either beginnings or endings of a planetary cycle. Its not difficult to see a pattern of the kind of work we need to be doing at any given time on earth. The Shifts have pivotal points that climax at those times where the energies reach their highest potential and where they influence everyone who is aware of what needs to be done to heal and balance OUR Planet. One should focus on those healing thoughts and send boosts and prayers to heal the planet at that time.

We are basically interconnecting ourselves via universal thought on the crystalline matrix that exists everywhere in the universe. All Angelic creation and etheric beings will join us and amplify the energy we are intending to create. Here on earth, we are the closest to the 3 dimensional realm, so in order to initiate change in the higher realms that effect this physical world, WE need to begin the process. Oonce we do that, ALL higher dimensional and spiritual beings will join in the work. They NEVER fail to come when intention is Pure.

Unity is the one strength that we can build independently and interdependently, It grows stronger by default as long as one submits to higher universal intelligence, and GOD.

Personal faults and flaws do not come into question; they cannot hinder the strength and path of UNITY . It is larger then individual personality, EGO, and will. It is a life itself that GOD created. We just have to join in and submit to the higher order of the Universe that will navigate all of our souls toward unity with God's perfect laws. Harmony and synchronicity is what occurs when we do this, throughout the entire universe!

If you feel helpless, inferior or unworthy, THAT is what the Evil doers want you to feel (and have gone to great lengths to ensure fear and anxiety among us) so we do not plug into the reality. If you stand alone separated, misunderstood, misinformed, without communication with GOD, then you are left wandering alone disunited in a world full of detours created to distract and misguide you from the righteous Path.

There are two kinds of people: those who distract and those who remind. When we fit into the latter small group, then against all odds, we make it to the end of the TRUE path and journey.

Having said this, we are requesting and reminding all aware souls who resonate with this message, to take the time out of their own lives to focus, pray and boost with us on the important nights this month, so that we can turn the tables and shift the global paradigm towards a world where UNITY and HARMONY will become part of the universal thought pattern we are able to establish during these times.

Planetary shifts are rapidly taking place and because of the power behind them we have an opportunity to raise the level of Energy we have working with us, we have successfully used many ways to turn the energies around. Since we are experiencing the masculine energy of a Solar Eclipse in Aries, who's ruling planet is Mars, the evil doers will try their best to focus those energies toward WARS and bloodshed, harnessing the potential for aggressive influences to overshadow the positive qualities of this event.

If none other then Forces of Evil work with the energies, then the energies may well be manifested in their most negative physical form, man made disasters, famine, disease, wars. It's their springboard to gaining control. We can ALL stop this!

We know that they are intently focusing on Iran as their playing field, this possible reality of War is a reality that is close enough to breathe in, by focusing on their specific targets, we gain control over their devices to extend the war Worldwide.

We Stop War in Iran, and we stop them spreading War throughout the globe!

During our regular Planetary Healing sessions, we work with energies that have been made available and known to us like The Arc of the Covenant, Zam Zam charged water, and Heart Island vibration. These are Powerful tools we ALL have, Use them!

We have had confirmations and communication that these methods are powerful and a threat to the Evil doers. All we have to do is to INTEND and FOCUS in UNITY. This will benefit us universally; this will give us Power and protection. What people don't always realize is that when you are involved in this kind of work, you, of course, have your ever-increasing enemies, but you have more guardians as well!

We are Sovereign beings. We need to reclaim our rights as Human beings here on earth, by renewing the covenant we made with GOD in the pre-physical SOUL level.

In the army of God, who battle for the freedom and existence of humanity, we need to forget our differences as individuals,as they are trivial.

Forget the wounded Ego, the political correctness that makes us complacent and detached, the formalities that cause deceit, misunderstandings and separation. Remember that we are in the same world TOGETHER, here and now. No competition should exist amongst us; just one common goal: to tear down the strongholds that are keeping us prisoners of their matrix. We can start by recognizing that we are ALL fallible and move on.

We are each drops of Water, a unit, a whole in itself, yet still a part of the entire whole, we are parts of the greater body of Water, that nurtures everything it touches.

Let's keep this Ocean of LIFE energized to its highest degree. We can start here, NOW!

''From God we came, unto him we shall return'' Quran

In Gods Protection

Yasmine  (thewomenwarriors)

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Reader Comment

Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006

From: Tonio Frendo <>

Re: RE: Boosting with the Planets and Celestial Influences


This is an excellent article.

I have been reading you site for many years now and I found this and a few recent articles (including the thread that developed on homosexuality) very
interesting reading.

In this article however Yasmine ask for "all aware souls who resonate with this message" to "*pray and boost with us on the important nights this month *".

I think I really do resonate with this message however I'm not exactly aware of how to pray and boost and when the key dates (times maybe) are.

Reading through the article I'm reminded of a few songs that I really like to listen to:

Imagine *from* John Lennon
We are the world,
Heal the World,
The Earth Song.

All the above songs contain very powerful messages for people to come together and to give up the things that separate us, like religion (not
spirituality), countries (political), possessions (capitalism), etc.

The thing that gives most grief in this world is the knowledge that just because someone has been born in a particular region of the world they will
have an inhuman life, and then we speak about concepts of equal opportunities. This really makes me sad, especially when I look at my own
child and thank GOD for having given me such a wonderful treasure, which unfortunately I have presently to live away from because I need to earn more money to be able to 'guarantee' my family a better living.

I'd really appreciate if you could give me some pointers on how to make this change that Yasmine speaks about and what the key dates are.

Many thanks for taking time to read my mail.


Tonio Frendo



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