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Of Dark Masters, Chemtrails and Currency

By Lilly Ochescu <>
Feruary 11, 2007

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From: Constantin & Lilly <>
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 12:53 PM
Subject: Sylphs, chemtrails, Lilly

Hi Ken,

I read your articles about sylphs and chemtrails: we did some work on this issue if you want to check it out:

We actually went to the root of the chemtrails problem. If many will connect with the Sylphs and boost these bases, I think we have a chance to win our skies back.

Also we found out the chemtrailing programs have to do with "ENERGY" - the control of humanity has basically been about energy.

All the best,

PS: I received an undelivered email (which i sent you few months ago) few days ago, isn't it "interesting"? Lately I cannot send emails, they return undeliverable. Funny, huh?

of Dark Masters, Chemtrails and Currency 2/11/07

We got right down to business tonight. I have been wondering about the status of the dark masters lately. The seven that run the whole NWO shebang. I remember ZS Livingstone commenting on them from time to time on Ken Adachi’s site. I believe it was earlier last year that he said that “two crows remain”, referring to the seven crows that were kept in the tower of London. They were some sort of physical manifestation that the dark masters require to hold their power over this place.

We took a look at these guys. Constantin, Lilly and myself all saw hooded figures. C got a flash of the robed figures from Eyes Wide Shut, and Lilly saw hooded beings, but she said that they deflated after boosting. I got the same impression by the abrupt change in energy as soon as I focused my attention on them. I won’t speak for the others, but I get the impression that these guys don’t really have any significant power here anymore.

People might read that and ask “well if that’s true, than why do things still seem so awful and hopeless?” Well, this runaway hell train of doom and despair was built and set into motion thousands of years ago. The conductors have been thrown off the train, but it’s got at least a couple thousand years of momentum, so it’s not just going to come to a screeching halt. All the current conflicts, dilemmas and crises have to play themselves out. They will, of course. It’s a foregone conclusion, but the transition to a better world will come a lot sooner and a lot more smoothly and easily if each of us takes some responsibility and does something to help out. Even if it’s just picturing the kind of world we want for ourselves and others and holding that image fast in our minds. Your intent is very very powerful.

At this point, we weren’t quite done with these guys just yet. We circled around them, and boosted them with what we call Christ energy. There was a huge release of energy going out. Lilly got that it went down, and into the depths of the earth.

We moved quickly on to chemtrails. I’m sure most of you have noticed that they’ve been laying down some serious trails lately. We decided that we’d take a different tack this time. We boosted the ones that oversee and control the spraying program. It’s HUGE, and we strongly suspect that the ones at the helm aren’t exactly “people” in the strictest sense – get my meaning?

Lilly saw a lizard in a desert. It is very likely that these “planes” take off from somewhere in the desert. Constantin mentioned that he’s seen them taking off from the vicinity of Edwards Air Force base in CA. Lilly also said that she saw a little old man in a chair talking in a high-pitched voice, and a young blonde woman standing behind him.

Next, we decided to work on their machines. Donna really wanted to smash them. She’s a brute force kind of gal – of course that force is always love – but it’s always fun to smash things as you go along. We finally decided that we’d try to use their technology for good. I mentioned that it might be good to focus on the chemical soup that they spray. We envisioned the holding tanks, and we put love and healing intent into the stuff. As Alicia mentioned, this could also help those who have the chemsoup in their system. It will change the energy from destructive to healing.

We also wanted to give some help to our hard working friends, the Sylphs. We always try to send them love and gratitude whenever we see them doing their work. They do their work to their own detriment. It is a huge sacrifice that they make for us every day. We can help them, if we choose to. If you get a chance, you might want to check out this new article from ZS Livingstone about Sylph deaths.

One other thing that I should mention: This entire battle for the control of humanity has basically been about energy.

Everything they do, they do to extract our boundless human energy.

Relentless negative news, insidious advertising which creates lack and want, destruction of our sustaining familial relationships, vaccinations, disease, genetically modified food, carbon emissions, and fiat currency are all a way to extract energy from us. Energy that they feed on.

Constantin briefly mentioned this energy transaction as we were boosting for chemtrails. Energy = currency.

One of the ways they really extract our energy is to have an intermediate way of turning our labor into a physical thing. Money allows them to take half our labor and keep it for themselves through currency and taxation. To learn more about this, please watch Aaron Russo’s fantastic video “America: from Freedom to Fascism”. He explains very thoroughly what happens to our wealth after we earn it. It’ll make you pretty upset. But knowledge is power.

Lilly Ochescu <>


Subject: Dark Masters
From: Eric
Date: Sun, February 25, 2007
To: Editor


Just wanted to say great article with the dark masters, chemtrails, and specifically the realization that it is all about energy. I am glad other people feel how the darkness feeds off us. If we can take our energy back things will transition much better. I think one of the many keys is to start at the source which is you. The dark masters programming divides the mind from the emotions. Increase stimulation to the mind and the emotional body separates, hence over centuries that type of energy forms its own dimension, thus where we are now.

Lizards love us because we are such a blend of emotions and intellect, real nice spark plugs, like the energizer bunny, we go on and on and on and on. It's quite fascinating to say the least and quite natural part of evolution to the cosmic. A stepping stone you might say. To finally realize that we are being harvested by inter and outer dimensional entities. Welcome to space, the final frontier! Dark masters get us caught in, it looks like that, or its over there, you have to define it like this. They try to bait us in concepting, analyzing etc... To get us to go overboard with that energy, merkaba stuff yes?

I know it's hard not to do like the article said it's been a few thousand years in the works. The point is, what is this dimension that is permeating this, that can co-exist with ufo's, dreams, demons, angels etc? I believe it is the cosmic or the awakening, a sensation that transcends this linear dimension into something that is a moment eternal. Where the energy to co-exist lies within the feeling and emotions. A hybrid reality of dreaming and dense matter. Much more energy can pass through this form of relation. A picture is worth a thousand words.



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