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Lilly's Message from the Blue Whale: Missiles Aimed at Israel

By Lilly Ochescu <>
July 28, 2006

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 7:10 pm Post subject:]

Blue whale message about missiles in Israel

July 27, my usual meditation.

I tried to connect with the blue whale we met in our trip to Catalina island. I saw big dolphins and one of them traveled with me astrally to a place under water. I got the message “ golden sands”, then immediately got Bulgaria. The blue whale told me telepathically to go up to a ladder. I went up that ladder and saw a big sea turtle. My whole body was moving with the waves in the water. I couldn’t feel my body, I was out [of body]. Then the blue whale said: “take the key“. I looked at the turtle, he had a key in his mouth. I took the key and then I found myself deep in the Black Sea, where I saw a big metal gate. I used that key to open the gate. I felt I needed to rush. Then I saw many divers (I was between them) carrying long slim missiles through water, bringing them on the surface,  on the gold sands on the beach, disabling these missiles-rockets. Interesting some of the missiles exploded but didn’t affect us; we kept working on disabling them. It felt like it was an emergency and we needed to rush into disabling these missiles. Everything was so real. I knew these missiles were the work of the CIA and they were aimed for Israel and the Middle East conflict, to create confusion and find reasons to start a war in the Middle East.

I told Constantin what happened afterwards and then I told Polly in the chat last night. We know about US military bases in Eastern Europe, so no wonder why Bulgaria came into my meditation. Now today Friday, July 28, I looked in the news:

Hizbollah fires long-range rocket into Israel” .

“JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Hizbollah fired scores of rockets into Israel on Friday, including one that the Lebanese guerrilla group said was a new long-range missile, in a barrage that wounded at least six people, police said.“

Please keep boosting for peace in the Middle East.


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