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Lilly's Chakra Balancers & Dolphin Balls

From Ken Adachi <E-mail>
July 29, 2006

Lilly Ochescu did some healing work on me on July 18, 2006 and I experienced a big improvement in energy after her work. She gave me a set of her Orgone Chakra Balancers and explained how to use them. I tried using them the same night and I noticed a feeling of calmness and inner stability after laying on the living room floor with the Balancers and going into a meditative state. The next day, we went on the gifting mission to Catalina Island and I noticed that I felt very good all day; having more energy than usual. I have to believe that Lilly's healing work and the Chakra Balancers had played a role in my feeling of greater strength and improved stamina. I definitely noticed a difference.

Considering the amount of labor she puts into making just one balancer, $35 is hardly unreasonable or excessive, but if you buy the full seven chakra set for $170, then it works out to $25 per balancer, and that is a very good deal, indeed.

Here's a link to learn more about using the Balancers:

If you're going to be going to an ocean beach area or on a salt water boating trip, then it's not a bad idea to stock up on a few dozen of Lilly's Dolphin Balls and send a telepathic message to the dolphins that you're going to be gifting the balls and tell them where you will be doing the gifting. They can zero in on your broadcast and will very likely show up to retrieve your gifts. Whether you see them or not is not important. What is important, however, is to do the ocean gifting and send them the message. They will hear you.

Read Lilly's report on our gifting mission to Catalina Island on July 19, 2006. We got a tremendous reaction from the dolphins while gifting the Pacific Ocean between Newport Beach and Catalina Island, California. We need a lot more people from around the world gifting their local oceans and seaways. Why don't you consider doing it yourself?

You might experience the same thing as we saw, but you'll never know until you try it. Hope you'll get involved.

Ken Adachi  
Orgone chakra balancers (OCB)

$35 for each orgone chakra balancer More here...
for the set of 7 orgone chakra balancers

(including s&h anywhere in the US) for international shipping please contact us.

If you prefer to pay by US Postal money order, please contact us and we will send you a payment information.
When an imbalance in the chakras is created, the energy flows less in the chakras or out of the chakras, creating blocks in the chakras. If a chakra is not active and function well, the flow of energy between chakras is affected, causing problems for our body, mind and spirit. Read more about chakras' blockages here.

Energy blockages are the main culprits for mental, physical, emotional problems.

Each chakra vibrates at a particular frequency and has a special duty.Each orgone chakra balancer is made of a combination of fiberglass resin and metal chips, a strong charged zam zam water (which keeps the orgone matrix pure) crystals and gemstones chosen carefully for a particular chakra.


The vibration of orgone chakra balancers help activating, clearing, balancing and charging the chakras, rebalancing and harmonizing the natural ability to heal emotionally and physically. They promote peace and relaxation and sometimes induce OBE’s (out of body experiences).

If you feel tense or feel a block in one of your chakra, simply place an appropriate orgone chakra balancer (OCB) on that particular chakra for at least 15 minutes, relaxing deeply. Some people reported that when holding an OCB in the palm they could feel vibration in that hand as well as that particular chakra.

Orgone chakra balancer Exercise (with diagram): here

See more individual orgone chakra balancers $35 each










Dolphin Balls

diameter: 2 1/8"
Dolphin balls  
We encourage the use of dolphin balls when gifting the ocean due to their shape, which prevents the dolphins from getting hurt.
Our dolphin balls are made of: fiberglass resin, metal shavings, rose quartz, garnet, amethyst, sellenite, kyanite, zam-zam water, cloud-buster charged water and strong good and pure INTENT.

$8/dolphin ball (please add $8 for s&h anywhere in the US regardless of quantity) for international shipping please contact us.
If you prefer to pay by US Postal money order, please contact us and we will send you a payment information.

Miracles happened after we tossed orgonite (dolphin balls and Tb’s) in the ocean in Southern California area. The water changed dramatically from dirty, muddy water into crystal clear water.

Dolphins showed up after we gifted the water, seals seemed happier and a pelican entertained, keeping us busy until the dolphins showed up. More details about our gifting trip here.

Being energy sensitive I have noticed that the strength of a dolphin ball with both CB charged water and zam-zam water is between 9 and 10 times stronger than a dolphin ball without the charged water. The round shape feels and looks much more stronger than a regular orgone gift and the connection with the dolphins increases.

Dolphin balls are hand made, the dimensions may slightly vary.

What people say about our dolphin balls.

"Wow, Lilly, they are really strong. Thank you." xxxxxx

"Hello Lilly and Constantin,
I received my Dolphin order today and I wanted to say THANKS for the extra gifts and for the order as well. I have to tell you that holding one the energy was stronger than my SP {Succor punch}! Wow. Back soon when some more federal reserve notes come my way.
Peace," xxxx

"Thanks so much, Lilly and Constantin! The order just arrived, and with impeccable timing, as I have a
wedding in xxxxxxxx tomorrow. Why make the dolphins swim all the way up to xxx xxxxxx? :)
Oh, and many thanks for the extra too. An industrial strength TB is what it appears to be :)" xxxxxxx

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