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Who Is Implanting Us?

By Lilly Ochescu <>
March 6, 2006

A few nights ago, a few minutes after I went to bed, I felt a presence in our room. My stomach felt sick and I felt anxious. I looked at the door with my eyes opened and saw just a tall dark shadow. I usually ignore the entities who visit me; they are curious, let them have it  Anyway, I don’t want to acknowledge them, giving them power, I only get serious about them when they bother me. Ignoring them makes them powerless and mad. I keep repeating “YOU ARE NOBODY”, "YOU DON’T EXIST, GO BACK TO HELL WHERE YOU BELONG", "YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS HERE”.

This time as I ignored the “entity“, I turned my back to him when suddenly I felt a sharp pain/sting on my left side of the neck. I put my hand on my neck and felt a little pimple there, sent it healing energy. After a few seconds, I felt a pain in my left knee, painful sting as well, not just a mosquito bite. Shocked. OK, no more ignoring! Now I got in the mood for blasting. I immediately sent the implants back to him. It was a very tall man wearing black and I got he was some sort of special ops person. I guess they were not happy with me posting about the dream that I had regarding the military neutralizing our gifts. Watch how the military is gonna monitor our site now.

The next day in a chat session, we took good care of this guy. Wwe got that he was to implant all of us. It puzzled me for a while. I thought if he does his job from another dimension, how come I feel it in the 3RD dimension?

The “man” (which is part robot/clone) was actually present in the 3RD dimension, but he had the ability to make himself invisible. With all this technology, nothing is weird. Thy have the technology for at least 30 years before they will release it to the public.

This morning I woke up with red spots on my heart meridian. Last night in the chat session, we got booted so many times and was down for a while.

I boosted so hard that I hyperventilated. It happens to me when I want it so bad, I cannot help it. Using the “right sort of anger” helps me achieve what I want. After boosting, we managed to go back in the chat room but after a while we got booted off again. Yasmine and I couldn’t even open the chat page. I guess they were afraid we were gonna boost their “Oscars” celebrities and interfere somehow with their dirty show. Similar things happened for the inauguration. Our computers were lagging, we were getting booted, and I could not focus one bit.

Now lately, whenever I talk to someone about “THEM” and their dirty tricks on instant messenger, I loose my connection. Lately Yasmine and I have problems posting or getting online. These are Confirmations!

Folks, I encourage you to have these etehric shower/baths on a daily basis. Reinforce your protection and keep praying/ boosting, sending the energy back to them, INTENT is the key. They are getting really serious about us. We LOVE them back



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PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2006

As I was talking to Yasmine about this tall hybrid, I told her exactelly where he implanted me. She said "throat chakra - they want to shut you up, and knees - they want to stop you for doing what you do".

Right, how can I forget: throat center and moving forward?

We are always hammered really bad after we posts something important. But as we are not selfish, if you guys have soemthig important to say, please do it, so you can give us a break, you see we are not selfish at all, we'd love to share the pain with you Wink



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