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Carbon Monoxide and Dementia

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[Editor's Note: This is an extremely important article, another magnificent gem from ZS Livingstone, revealing little known secrets of the divinely-inspired Intelligent Design that guides all of Nature. You will need to re-read this one page exposition several times to fully grasp the meaning and importance of the information being presented. If understood and acted upon, this information could be a tremendous boon to humanity in the prevention of the described debilitation and even affect longevity. We need to know a bit about the Periodic Table of Elements to fully realize what's being explained here. Carbon is number 6 on the Periodic chart, Oxygen is number 8, and Nitrogen is number 7. Nitrogen makes up about 80% of the air we breathe. Nitrogen is found in Nature as two atoms of nitrogen bound together (N2), just as Oxygen is found in Nature as two atoms of oxygen bound together (O2). The article explains how two atoms of nitrogen (N2) are transmuting, under the conditions described and with hemoglobin, into one atom of carbon and one atom of oxygen, thus becoming CO, carbon monoxide. ...Ken Adachi]

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
January 15, 2017

Carbon Monoxide and Dementia by ZS Livingstone (Jan. 15, 2017)

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On January 12, 2017, Radio-Canada One of the Canadian Broadcast Corporation reported on a study about senile dementia that indicated there was a 7% increase in dementia within a quarter mile of a major highway. The study numbers and locations in Canada were not cited. The study did name cigarette smoking as the number one precursor for dementia. They talked to a man who works with seniors for the British Columbia Interior Health District, and he agreed with the study. He added that, from his experience, the vascular form of dementia came from cigarette smoking and that air pollution from highways contained similar contaminants. The study did not specify any of the pollutants, but one chemical common to both highway traffic and cigarette smoking is carbon monoxide (CO).

Carbon Monoxide adheres to the hemoglobin in red blood cells and kills those cells. The body has to dispose of the red cell in order to eliminate the poison.

If enough carbon monoxide is inhaled, the blood is unable to carry oxygen to the body and death is immediate. Sometimes cardiac arrest happens before suffocation. Small doses of carbon monoxide can cause headaches. With cigarette smokers, there is a gradual build up of damage to the arteries and other cells in the body causing heart and lung disease. The connection to senile dementia is a relatively recent discovery.

Carbon monoxide may be the cause of most high blood pressure. Damage to the capillaries impedes blood flow, driving up blood pressure. Damage to the capillaries in the brain slows oxygen delivery causing neuron death. Carbon monoxide causes ischemia (blockage); an ischemia which the body is unable to heal. This would lead to strokes as the life long damage accumulates. Much of sudden onset dementia is actually a series of mini strokes.

C Louis KervranIn his book, Biological Transmutations (1966) by C. Louis Kervran (pp: 15 to 23, Membre du Counceil d’Hygiene de la Seine, Membre correspondant du Centre International de Recherche Biologique de Geneve, and Directeur de Conferences de l’Universite de Paris), writes that carbon monoxide is a transmutation of a molecule of nitrogen (N2) after contact with red hot iron and inhaled. The transmutation actually takes place in the hemoglobin.

In 1935, Kervran investigated the death of a welder in the Paris area. It was apparent the welder died of carbon monoxide poisoning, but he was unable to detect the gas at the welding locale. In the 1950s and 60s, he continued investigating with better equipment and likewise found no carbon monoxide at the point of welding or anywhere in the building, save the exhalation of the welders. The welders were creating their own carbon monoxide. When an outside air supply was provided to the welders, they stopped exhaling carbon monoxide. Kervran studied the deadly problem and concluded that outside air must be piped in to the welders. This discovery led to a change of the law in France mandating the outside air supply. Worldwide, all welders now follow that rule.

Kervran, a student of Rudolf Steiner, believed biological transmutations were possible and in his career he discovered these biological oddities throughout Nature. Of course, he waited until retirement to publish a series of books because those who control science and its funding do not want this information in their text books or taught in their universities.

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENRs) is now being studied in universities ~ secretly. Biological Transmutation makes Darwinism absurd. It is a level of complexity in an organism that cannot be accidental. The full scope of LENRs in man, animals, plants and minerals has yet to be published.

Two nitrogen atoms, with seven protons and seven neutrons each, are triple covalently bonded and the separation between the nuclei is a mere 1.12 Angstrom. In contact with a red hot iron surface of 400 degrees Centigrade, the N2 is activated. On contact with hemoglobin, one proton and one neutron jumps from one nucleus to the other creating carbon monoxide. No mass is gained or lost. No nuclear radiation is emitted. The distance between the carbon and oxygen is just 1.09 Angstrom, kissing close.

Availability of Kervran’s discoveries could have saved a lot of lives in the past fifty years. If Kerosene space heaters had not been deemed "safe," many construction workers would still be alive. The same for Catalytic Propane space heaters. High efficiency wood stoves would have been scrapped before they got to market. Catalytic mufflers on cars cut down on smog by eliminating various nitrous oxides, but they increase the amount of heat activated nitrogen, thus increasing carbon monoxide in the environment. Hotter diesel engines produce more carbon monoxide than gasoline engines. Two cycle gas engines produce more CO than four cycle engines.

A workaholic man retires and knows he has to keep active. He gardens. He has a gas lawn mower, weed whacker, leaf blower, rototiller, tractor and snow blower. He dies of a stroke or a heart attack a year later. His wife cries that he was a good man who was always doing something and he should not have died so soon. He was killed by the exhaust of his tools.

With fewer two-cycle tools, maybe using a push mower or an electric mower, he would have lasted longer. But in our internal-combustion-engine world. we have all been poisoned to one level or another. It would be a cleaner world if Free Energy was made available immediately.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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