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Doom and Gloom Prophets Are Working in the Dark

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From Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

Doom and Gloom Prophets Are Working in the Dark by ZS Livingstone (Oct. 9, 2015)

On October 08, 2015, Sal G wrote: :

Hi Ken,

Given your article on global warming I get that it's an opportunity for globalists to tax and regulate. But do you know of someone that can explain what is actually happening? HAARP for sure is a factor and some have said the sun itself is responsible. And what do you make of Guy McPherson who seems to think we won't make it to 2030?



Sal G


[I asked ZS Livingstone if he would reply to Sal's email...Ken]


I scanned Guy McPherson's article and he paints a gloomy future. He admits to cherry picking his data to fit his theory. There have been many mass extinctions in the geological and climatological record, yet soon afterwards new life and species appear.

I believe the world will still be existing in 2030 in glorious abundance of life. Life on earth is not an accident. Every single life-form was and is intelligently designed. The Creator(s) of all the species walk among us. The powers that be cannot stand that they really do not own or control the planet. The One Creator and all the Sons and Daughters of God working co-creatively tend to the gardens of the earth. No matter how hard the diabolical conspiracy tries to kill off humanity, animals and plants, they do not succeed.

You asked what is happening? God is happening. Creation continues.

HAARP and all the diabolical plots may kill, but Life goes on. We do have free will to do what we want, but is it not better to be on God's side using your creative abilities to make the world full of Love?

Sal, walk through a forest and imagine you created every tree, every bush and every plant. Imagine you created all the animals and insects to work symbiotically within Nature . Do you feel the heightened level of intelligence? Do you feel your IQ go from under 200 to over 200,000? With such intelligence comes all understanding and responsibility. In humility to High Self, recognize that everyone has the same potential. Everyone is equal. A Creator does not think about controlling others. He/She sees all others as Creators too.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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