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Earth’s Magnetic Field Reversal ~
Part of The Clean-up of Negative Thought Pollution

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[Editor's Note: Many believe that the earth and the entire solar system is gradually shifting into a higher dimension. Some say the process started after 1945 and others say 1987 was a pivotal year in this regard. Physical bodies and physical planets exists in other dimensions beyond the 3rd. Yogananda mentioned that physical bodies can extend as far up as the 7th dimension. Those of a lower spiritual vibration will be confined to the 3rd dimension earth, while those of a higher vibration will shift with the ascending planet into the 4th/5th dimensional version of earth. It's a good idea to read ZSL's 2014 article on the Coming Magnetic Pole Reversal, along with the Collapse of the Astral Realm, and the Portal to a New Life articles to more fully appreciate the significance of the unusual information being presented here. In addition, The Holy Science, written in 1894 by Sri Yukteswar Giri, guru to Yogananda, offers fascinating and valuable insights on the nature of planetary/consciousness ascension....Ken]

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
February 27, 2016

Earth’s Magnetic Field Reversal ~ Part of The Clean-up of Negative Thought Pollution (Feb. 27, 2016)

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I have written a number of articles on the uplift and how our perception of physicality will remain the same as now. There will be a different colour array in the rainbow. The design of atomic matter in the fourth dimension is a shade different, so the quantum spacing is different and different colours will be seen.

There will be more stars in the night sky as there are more stars in the fourth and fifth dimensions; a lot more. The giant planet beyond Pluto will become visible, finally. The sun will appear to be a different colour. The moon will appear different as well.

Our physical bodies will seem to be functioning the same as before. Jesus designed our bodies, plants and animals to function in all dimensions. The GMO experiments will die off as they were not created properly.

The hardest part of the uplift will be the appearance of negative thought pollution, like a smog cloud, completely enveloping the earth. The thoughts we processed in the third dimensional brain were fourth dimensional. In the fourth dimension, our thoughts will be fifth dimensional. With many millennia of "stinking thinking," the sky will take some time to clean up.

Flowers have been transmuting this problem all through our travels in the densities of the Kali Yuga or what Anastasia calls the Occult Age. There will be more flowers and more people forgiving each other. The more we forgive, the quicker things will clear up. People will be planting a lot of flowers.

The cloud of lies created by stinking thinking is actually a threat to life on earth. The weight of the cloud could cause a mass extinction event. As the thoughts were held around the planet by the magnetic field, the plan is to shut down the magnetic field briefly and then reverse it. This will release most of the negative thought 'smog' cloud from earth. It will drift towards the outer part of the solar system. Comet beings and the Ringmakers of Saturn will clean up the cloud.

Many fear the reversal of the magnetic field as a mass extinction event, but iIt will be the time when a peril will be removed. Afterwards, the air will be clear and carnal thought will not darken our consciousness. Ninety percent of the cloud is preconceived sexual thought. The English word ‘preconceived’ perfectly describes the errors in lustful thinking.

Those who think they control the planet will have zero control of others. Pornography will have no buyers. The Illuminati’s promotion of swingers clubs (adultery) and homosexuality to break down spiritual awareness will be gone and there will be a lot more genuine spiritual love. The Mardi Gras will be music and flowers and dancing. The carnal side of the festival will not be remembered.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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