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Iron Is a Neurotoxin

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[Editor's Note: This is an important essay that broaches NEW information about the nature of iron and how the body can utilize it without being poisoned by it. ZS explains information that he gleaned from reading C. Louis Kervran's book, Biological Transmutations, many years ago. Very few people are even aware that this phenomena take place in the body yet it contributes to a vital element of our existence, and without it, we would not be able to breathe and deliver oxygen to our cells...Ken Adachi]

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
June 4, 2017

Iron Is a Neurotoxin by ZS Livingstone (June 4, 2017)

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The aim of this article is to point out another inconsistency in Darwinism. Iron is a neurotoxin.

How can iron be evolutionarily incorporated in red blood cells designed for the transport of oxygen? It cannot be in the bloodstream, intercellular lymph media or in the cytoplasm of the cell in its elemental form without causing harm. All dietary iron supplements are locked up in the gut by a strong immune response. Anemia is hard to treat and iron supplements do not work.

How does iron get to the hemoglobin?

Iron is transported in the bloodstream as hemoglobin or as bilirubin after the red blood cell dies. The liver and spleen create bilirubin as an end product which allows it to be excreted. For the most part the creation of red blood cells in the marrow of bones is a mystery. There is no iron in its elemental or ionic form going to the marrow.

The body is transmuting (Biological Transmutations by C. Louis Kervran) other elements into iron in situ in the hemoglobin.

Iron cannot be freely circulating in the marrow without causing damage. One of the most direct pathways for the creation of red blood cells is to convert a molecule of chlorophyll into hemoglobin. Chlorophyll is green because it has an atom of magnesium inside. Simply by the transmutation of the magnesium to iron, green chlorophyll becomes red hemoglobin. The cure for anemia is a salad.

Kervran mapped out many different transmutations in plants, animals and humans. Geologists believe transmutations occur in crystals. Chlorophyll, a complex protein, makes glucose from air, water and sunlight and one of the steps is a transmutation. Attempts to make glucose artificially by chemical processes run into a road block at the step where chlorophyll transmutes one element into another in situ. Tight vice like positions in proteins are the places where transmutations happen.

Chlorophyll/hemoglobin is a large protein with many positions where transmutations can happen and many different elements can be changed into other elements. Because of its role in the transport of oxygen and hemoglobin’s ability to transmute toxins, the red blood cell should be considered as important as white blood cells in the immune response. Cholesterol is another part of the immune response.

Years ago, a researcher discovered a vein in the brains of dogs which only operates after death. It transports iron released from dying red cells deep into the brain speeding up death. This process would assist in releasing the soul of the dog and shortening any suffering.

Dumping Iron into Oceans is Harmful

The oceans are iron deficient and some researchers have been dumping iron into the open ocean causing algae blooms. The theory is to use iron filings to fertilize the ocean and produce more food. Considering that life in the ocean does fine without additional iron and the oceans have eliminated lead, thallium, mercury, iron and forty-four other toxic elements. The oceans do not want toxins. The algae blooms could be considered as the oceans’ immune response. The iron is transmuted into magnesium in the green algae. The oceans do not want iron.

Iron is a neurotoxin but it is needed for the transport of oxygen. Life without iron is difficult. Life with iron is difficult. The use of iron in living processes is too complex to be an accident. Darwinism has gaping holes.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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