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The Orgonite Dodecahedron

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
July 28, 2004

Last year a local woman was able to use a dodecahedron sound chamber to heal herself of a serious thyroid condition. As in many of these situations the medicine was not curing the deadly disease. The drugs were an expensive maintenance program enriching the pharmaceutical companies and keeping her locked into a debilitating regime. The chamber was designed by Michael Strand and welded together in Edmonton. It was made of carbon steel and was seven feet in diameter with a bed three feet off the ground. She slept in it for a month. Music was played from speakers attached inside the steel frame. She said that the music was better inside the dodecahedron. She sweated out a lot of toxins and is now free of her complaint. The dodecahedron was then sent on to Vancouver and is in use there.

I spent a few minutes inside the chamber and felt a light buzzing sensation for a few moments and then a calmness. The dodecahedron was partially acting as a Faraday Cage blocking out electromagnetic signals which bombard us at all times. In the etheric similar things were happening and parasitic entities were not able to sap energy from the body and mind. The physical geometric were holding the etheric font of energy.

There was a need for another dodecahedron and I decided to make it a copper pipe and orgonite structure. Yesterday I finished assembling it. It is a truncated dodecahedron made with 233 feet of half inch copper pipe and thirty two orgonite connecting hubs.

Bolts are cast directly into the orgonite. There are four gallons of resin and aluminum filings, and two hundred quartz crystals in the connectors. A thirty-third piece of orgonite is in the center of the geodesic structure. There are SSB coils in all connectors.

For those who do not know what a dodecahedron looks like.... it is the shape of the capsule Jodie Foster rode inside in the movie "Contact".

The geodesic chamber is 93 inches in diameter made of ninety pieces of pipe. It is sixty sided or a Bucky Ball configuration. A Bucky Ball is C-60 or a molecule of sixty carbon atoms. It was named after the inventor R. Buckminster Fuller, 1895-1983, the developer of the geodesic dome and the Dymaxion car.

I just missed seeing Buckminster Fuller live at the University of British Columbia in 1970. I would have been one of the many attendees wearing a bright red UBC Engineering sweater. The theater built for three hundred was standing room only. Fuller was a living icon to many young men at the time including myself. His excitement was infectious. He would have engineers setting their sights on fantastic structures such as domes in space or dynamically and maximally designed cars that did away with the pollution created by planned obsolescence of the auto industry. I read his books on "ephermeralization" or doing more with less. If he had access to Free Energy he would have made a formidable proponent of alternate power sources.

I had been in the US Pavilion at Expo 1967 in Montreal. It was the largest geodesic Buckminster ever designed. I could feel the excitement and buzz of being in such a structure. The guide to the pavilion said that the structure was so big that it generated its own weather systems inside the dome. Sometimes it would have internal fog. Sometimes it would rain inside even when there was no rain outside. I was elated, excited, ga-ga, and deeply hopeful that this was a glimpse of a bright future. Sylphs loved the US Pavilion.

The pavilion burned down about ten years later. The acrylic bubbles burnt like a gasoline fire.

Pythagoras saw the dodecahedron as a high spiritual principle, the quintessence itself. Buckminster was ingesting the quintessence whole and placing it everywhere in the landscape. Geodesic houses were going up everywhere like mushrooms after a heavy rain. Many felt that a geodesic dome was a special place to live but the fit and finish was a problem especially around the windows. Most geodesics leaked like sieves. The fad passed when the sale price of the houses dropped to next to nothing. Simply, most people want rectangular box houses and feel disoriented in spherical structures. Also there is an activating energy action that is too much energy for pajama people. For the Orgonite Dodecahedron the plan was to maximize the energy to facilitate physical, psychic and spiritual healing. This space would be uncomfortable for someone who wishes to remain spiritually asleep.

Having had experience designing and building many geodesic structures including Gala Phaan Dome structures, I built it from the top down, suspended from the rafters of a garage on a pulley. I was sitting in basically one place and spinning the dome on a suspending rope to the next connection point. It took three hours to put all 180 nuts onto the bolts. If I had built from the bottom up I would have been on a step ladder half the time. I have seen twenty people assembling a fifty foot dome in a similar way in a few hours without scaffolding or ladders. Two feet on the ground at all times. When one set of pipes and connectors was completed all the people would lift the dome onto tripods for the next stage of assembly. The structures were designed to be light but strong. Most of such domes were temporary and covered with plastic which was dragged over the top by rope. Barn raising...hippie style. (I was never a hippie.) There was an earth healing, earth connectedness in such cooperative ventures.

The temperature was over 100 degrees F. in the garage but I was not wilting. In the three hours I drank no water and did not feel faint until I left the garage, then I drank six glasses of water. I was cooking in a lot of ways. There was an urgency to get it built before August. There is a lot of orgonite in the dodecahedron but it is directed inward. It is not like a four gallon cloud-buster directing energy in one direction. This is more like a womb.

With the last piece of orgonite suspended by string from the top I felt a zing through the third eye and saw that this sphere should be on a mountain top, not locked away in garage or house. It is a healing chamber that the sylphs want to use for their own needs, like the sylphs in the US Pavilion in Montreal in 1967.

As I drove away I could feel fairies, pixies and gnomes playing on their new Jungle Jim set. The larger sylphs were wishing that it was outside already. Some humans want to use it too.



Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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