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Parasitic Greed and Other People's Oil

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
May 2, 2015

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Parasitic Greed and Other People's Oil by ZS Livingstone (May 2, 2015)

Is it possible that revenues from oil and natural gas stolen from Iraq and Libya are being divided between the Pentagon, allied nations and the corporations handling the shipping, refining and sales?

I have not read any articles on the former royalty streams of Iraq and Libya have been resumed to the current governments or warlords controlling those countries.

There have been articles about ISIS in northern Iraq and Syria profiting from stolen petroleum and buying more arms. ISIS would need an agreement with Turkey and the petroleum companies in order to truck or pipe the oil through Turkey. Also the United Nations would be turning away from its responsibility to oppose war profiteering regarding “blood petroleum”.

In Calgary in the late 1970s, I talked to oil workers who flew directly to Libya to work six month contracts. They came back with big pay checks and stories of supermarkets full of goods, doctors available to everyone and Bedouins with Landrovers. The Libyans loved Gaddafi as he shared the 50% royalty rate with all Libyans. Today, Libya is shipping more oil than ever and the country is broke. Someone is pocketing a lot of cash.

In the 1970s, Alberta’s royalty rate was 8%, about the same as Texas. Currently, the rate may be 4% or even less. It is possible that oil corporations have squeezed governments to drop the rate to 2%.

The Saudis have invested in much military hardware and have now invaded Yemen to protect themselves from the same profiteers who invaded Iraq and Libya. The Saudis see themselves as vulnerable. Their royalty rate is somewhere near 50%. Iran is definitely being targeted by the greedy.

Venezuela has also been under threat. Nigeria has an insurgency on the Cameroon border funded by someone with big guns. If you have an oil well in your possession, there are armed men who want to take it away from you.

Smedley Butler wrote “War is a Racket” in 1935. As a former USMC officer he had led many invasions to secure resources for Wall Street. He saw his role as ‘muscle’ for a criminal elite. At this time, it appears banks, nations, armies and corporations are colluding to pillage resource-rich countries to meet cash shortfalls. The vigor of the campaigns in the Middle East and Africa point to a fiscal desperation. The outflow of money is greater than the intake. Too-big-to-fail institutions are looking for revenue streams from legitimate and criminal endeavors. For decades, cocaine has funded the CIA. For centuries, opium has funded the British monarchy. Generals in the Pentagon have to become ‘muscle’ or they are fired.

Banks could increase interest rates to increase profits, but have realized that interest rates are the key factor for inflation. Inflation eats up assets faster than the interest rates can bring them in. Banks cannot use their old levers of acquisition to increase profits and have decided to improve their bottom line by crime, war and theft. This is the same route the Rothschilds followed in backing both sides in wars dating back to Napoleon. Wars generated huge profits and hide previous criminal acts. Wars reset the currencies as all fiat currencies have an expiry date.

The elite see the way out of their self generated, fiscal quandary by plunging the world into war again. Billions would die in order for a small elite to maintain control and wealth. The parasitic greed that brought about this threat of collapse is like a leach sucking a little blood at the start, more blood later, and finally killing the host and feasting on the corpse. The problem is the parasite.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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