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Summary of Our Conference Calls with Victims of Electronic Torture

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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
November 24, 2016

Summary of Our Conference Calls with Victims of Electronic Torture by ZS Livingstone (Nov. 24, 2016)

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Over the past year, Ken Adachi and I have had about a dozen conference calls with women and a couple of men regarding electronic harassment and torture. Almost all the calls were recorded for podcasts, but due to the quality of the recordings and privacy issues most have not been posted to Educate-Yourself.org.

All of the people have experienced voices in their head. The voices are recognized by most of the ones being targeted as voices of men who they have met, been employed by, professors, or neighbors. The technology has been known as Patrick Flanagan’s Neurophone patented in 1968. Flanagan tried to patent the device, but the Pentagon ruled against it for reasons of secrecy. There is a particular microwave frequency which impacts the neurons directly and a simple microwave radio circuit and microphone is the basic hardware. Those who have been tortured believe they have implants in the body and head aiding and abetting the assault. In many ways the technology is similar to the Alien Abduction voices many have thought as telepathy.

As Patrick Flanagan was a teenager in 1968, it is likely he was given the technology by someone else. One candidate is Dr. Andrei Puharich who wrote a thesis on electromagnetic influences on the body to get his degree in electrical engineering in 1948. Puharich was in the army and later the CIA. He co-wrote the 1956 magazine article introducing LSD to the public when the CIA owned most of Sandoz Pharmaceutical’s supply. He was later Uri Geller’s case officer when Geller visited the USA in the 1960s. It is likely Puharich did not discover the voice-to-skull microwave frequency. It probably came from discoveries by the Nazis. Puharich’s funding over the years came from a patent for a hearing aid. Neurophone technology would be most useful for the deaf. Even the profoundly deaf would be able to hear. It is possible some of the hearing aids are Neurophones or contain both a sound amplifier and a microwave radio at the same time. Some of the recent cochlea implant hearing aids may contain microwave radio circuits.

Over the past decade the number of people tortured by Neurophones could be in the hundreds of thousands. Somehow, psychopathic men are obtaining portable voice-to-skull technology and shouting obscenities 24/7 at their victims. There are constant death threats. The people are not allowed to sleep. They are told to do crazy things. They cannot hold a job. They have no money and cannot escape their tormentors. They tell the police and the police refuse to listen. They know who is attacking them and the perpetrators claim no responsibility for the crimes. In some cases, the perpetrators do say they are responsible, but know they will not be prosecuted. It is possible the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the USA is the source of the equipment and they created the psychopaths who are receiving the machines.

When these victims go to doctors or psychologists, they are labeled as paranoid schizophrenics and prescribed antipsychotics. The drugs do nothing to block the voices. Talking to the victims who called Ken Adachi, I found them to be clear thinking, although tired and scared. One woman had been suffering attacks for seven years and had done a lot of detective work in locating her antagonists.

If this was a program to see if Neurophones could be used to drive people to suicide, it failed to do so with those seeking Ken’s help. They kept their sanity and coped with the foul language in their heads. There is an aspect of deep strength in most of the callers. Many were relieved to hear that they are not alone and the voices are part of a diabolical conspiracy.

There are other beam weapons that target specific organs. One woman had her gall bladder cooked. When a surgeon took the organ out it was charred black. He had never seen anything like it before.

There are heater beams which turn the skin hot and could possibly induce a heatstroke.

There is a beam weapon which alters the heart rate and could induce a heart attack.

There is a possible Project Bluebeam “false messiah” use of Neurophones to broadcast “The voice of God” directly into everybody’s head. Likewise, the fake alien invasion scenario could use holograms in the sky and Neurophones to microwave the alien message into the head. Either of these hoaxes would only work once as people would soon realize they are being spoofed.

There is also entrainment of thought using sub-vocal or barely heard commands to create mass hysteria. Many riots may have been Neurophone driven. The mob riots and murder of over a million Ugandans may have been a test of this technology. A second test of the same protocols over Uganda would not work.

There are Schumann frequencies which trigger anger and sadness. Emotional provocations could be used at the same time as Neurophone sub vocal commands.

Some of the loud noises heard by whole towns, but not recorded, could be tests of large microwave systems. Of course, if windows are shattered, then the sound came from a different sort of technology.

This technology was most likely used against Iraqi Troops. Shock and Awe! Used more than once it loses its punch.

The use of this technology in the hands of psychopaths against mainly women appears to be an attempt to lengthen the debilitating effects to many years. The women are tortured continuously, but keep on living their lives.

The tortured are more aware of the crimes of the secret government against the people. This is another nail in the New World Order coffin.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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