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Sylphs and Hurricanes

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
October 10, 2004

With Hurricane Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne hitting the Gulf states during the past two months and clean up still happening, sylphs sent me a heavy package of information. I am still sorting through the details.

The first item: The planet Earth itself is generating these large storms. The intelligence of the Earth planned the pathways of the storms. There may have been a lot of people praying and HAARP "singing" but the energy involved was many orders of magnitude higher than anything man can create. The energies are beyond the range of the giant sylphs.

The planet does not like what is happening in the underground base beneath Orlando Florida. The earth elementals, gnomes, those who live underground were instructed to open fissures in rocks and pour water into the underground chambers. The three hurricanes into the Orlando area provided a lot of water. Many underground bases up the east coast were flooded. If the very planet itself is targeting these bases does it not make sense to STOP the diabolical activity NOW!

The second item: More water was being carried in the hurricanes than meteorologists can predict from their barometric measurements. Often meteorologists explain this phenomenon as super saturated air or water droplets suspended by uprising winds. The same winds in thunderstorms are supposed to explain hail the size of baseballs.

The third item: High tidal surges cannot be entirely explained by low barometric readings inside the eye of a hurricane combined with the position of the moon. High wind speeds on the wall of the eye contribute to the low pressures inside the eye but sylphs tell me that levitation is in play as well. The same million volt electric charges on mist at Niagara Falls causing large droplets to waft hundreds of feet into the air is also operating inside storms of all kinds. The water droplets are in null gravity or inertialess mists and do not contribute to the weight of the column of air inside a hurricane. To add to the high degree of strangeness in the eye of a hurricane the mists are invisible for the same reason The USS Aldridge was invisible in the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment. The water was transdimensional. By all the rules of weather forecasting the relative humidity inside the eye of a hurricane should be well over 100% and the column of air opaque with fog. People inside the eye of a hurricane talk about the air being so clear that they can see stars overhead in the middle of the day.

The fourth item: Water is being teleported off planet or to another time through the eyes of the category five hurricanes. Although Charlie, Frances and Jeanne inundated Florida, they transported millions of tons of water to other places and times. This is a temporary reprieve for the low lying coasts of Florida and the rest of the world. The planet might have caused 14 billion dollars damage but it also delayed the loss of Miami or New Orleans. What is the price tag on Miami? Five trillion? You do the accounting!.

The fifth item: The planet dropped the wind speeds on all the hurricanes before hitting the coast. If the planet was really wanting to destroy cities it could have done so. On its first pass Ivan hit just east of Mobile Alabama. The wall of the hundred mile wide eye grazed the suburbs. Wind speeds were gale force or slower. All the hurricanes delayed before hitting. Frances stayed in one place over Bimini for nearly three days, very odd. Ivan circled in the Gulf for day. Jeanne circled north of the Bahamas. Strange indeed.

Kevin in Missouri told me about Richard C. Hoagland's hurricane postings on Hoagland draws attention to the pentagrams and other geometries in the eye of Isabel July 12 2003 and his search for high resolution photographs from space regarding this year's hurricanes. He is correct about the hyperdimensional energies and geometries occurring in the eyes of the storms. He reports that similar geometries have been photographed at the poles of Jupiter and Saturn and attributes the geometries to vortexes.

Strange things happen in vortexes. Many free energy devices include rotating magnetic fields, metals, gases and water. Hoagland writes about the de Palma Effect of spinning steel balls flying further than non spinning spheres. At 25,000 rpm a metal ball will generate a localized high electric charge causing a localized partial null gravity inertialess field. John W. Keely, a hundred years ago was generating a lot of horsepower from a spinning brass sphere.

Sylphs tell me that they can lift heavy objects by creating the inertialess effect. In the past some of them were known to carry people through the air to distant towns. There have been times when fish have fallen out of the blue sky. Viktor Schauberger witnessed the levitation of fish up a waterfall. He determined that there was an energetic "sweet spot" in the water vortexes which helped the fish to swim against the flow of falling water. Water elementals, undines, cousins of sylphs assist in the flying feats. He also determined that the fish scales and shape of the fish contributed to the levitation. The same effect leads to fish falling out of clear blue skies.

The sixth item: Do not build houses on beaches. Do not rebuild on barrier islands. In the heart of the American Bible Belt people are building, "houses on sand." There is a lot more severe weather coming.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone



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