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The Coming Together of Soul Mates

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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
June 5, 2015

The Coming Together of Soul Mates by ZS Livingstone (June 5, 2015)

The Coming Together of Soul Mates at the End of the Fall of Consciousness

In three hundred previous articles written, I have avoided the core teachings of the Alpha and Omega Order of Melchizedek G.E.O.M. [Golden Etheric Order of Melchizedek] and the teacher David Lightstarr Livingstone, El Rhama Azuma Charaka Lightstarr Livingstone. I have signed agreements not to misrepresent the teachings or profit from them. In the past year, I have witnessed the miracle of a man and woman joined by God discovering who they really are. I know there are thousands of other couples being magnetically drawn together and doing the hard work of healing the rift they have endured for many incarnations. I have asked inwardly for permission to write this piece and have had a month of affirmative replies: "Write."

In 1971, our teacher told us of a couple who found each other in the early 1950s in the San Bernardino, California area. The man drew a woman to himself who was married to another man. The husband saw and felt the love between the two soul mates and felt jealousy. The husband killed all three of them with three sticks of dynamite.

That is the cautionary tale our teacher used to introduce us to the nature of the hard work of bringing soul mates together. The starry eyed girls listening were warned to forget the Cinderella imagery of finding their Prince. All the energies discharged by the separation of the Female/Male Atum/Atom and invested into the illusion of duality had to be undone. All the wars, killing, fear, hate, envy, lust, greed and superstition have to be cleared. The first couples coming together had some really heavy lifting to do.

The physical meeting of soul mates is the first step in a process of ascension.

The thousands of soul mates coming together at this time will come to know who they are, but in the first days together there will be many questions and no place to find the answers. The inner teacher, The High Self, will not be available to all parties due to false teachings and preconceived ideas. There will be times of deep melancholy. This melancholy is actually a good thing as it is the High Self directly intermeshing with the physical body from above and setting up the consciousness-knowing-consciousness Love connection to spiritual Source. At this time, forgiveness of oneself and others is really important. Forgiveness becomes Gratitude and then becomes Love.

Without forgiveness, the Love connection is broken. Many fall back to a “poor me” egotism and self flagellation. Remember the ego is not eternal; it is a temporary operating system designed to protect the body. The blocks the ego sets up to deny communication to Source are many. The Spark of Life from Source is Eternal. The more you are in true humility to Source, the less the ego will interfere.

The energies arising from the coming together of soul mates is many times greater than the one hundred watts of biochemical energy keeping the body at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The Kundalini will rise from the tip of the tailbone, up the spine, to the head. Many have found this energy difficult to handle. The real problem making higher energies difficult to handle are toxins in the body and toxic thoughts in the mind. The clearer one is, the easier it is to work with energy. Do not try to backpedal and shut down the Kundalini as that effort will cause many problems and a loss of health. The Kundalini fire cleanses the body. The goal is ascension.

As the frequency and power rises in the body, there will be less food needed. Some soul mates will become Breatharians. Some may also live extended lives and continue to be of Love and Service to the planet and humanity. The greatest Love and Service is to ascend and clean up the physical, mental, emotional and psychic pollution on the planet.

The next step is the Twin Flame. That could follow a variety of paths, but it's essentially the Atum and Atom dwelling in the same body.

The next step is the Androgyne, where the Atum and Atom reunite becoming the Atum/Atom or the Adam Kadmon. At this point, it is difficult to dwell in a physical body as the energies are very high and ascension to the fourth or fifth dimension happens naturally. Often, the physical body expands into the higher densities too.

One example in literature of soul mates are Anastasia and Vladmir Megre. Although Megre underplays his role in the writing of “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” series, he is an advanced soul, the equal of Anastasia. He is Anastasia’s soul mate and she recognized the match years before Vladmir motored up the Ob River in Siberia. It took a lot of work by Anastasia to break through the mental road blocks which the educational and religious system cemented into his brain. Reading the series a second time, I realized that their two children, born on the Taiga, were birthed by Immaculate Conception. Vladmir and Anastasia have never had sex. The blue orb protecting Anastasia rendered Vladmir unconscious when he tried to kiss her. When he regained consciousness, every bit of lust had been removed from his body and mind.

Anastasia and others who came first have done a lot of the heavy lifting. The path ahead will be easier for those who follow.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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