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ZS Livingstone on "The PK Man" by Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD

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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
November 5, 2017

ZS Livingstone on "The PK Man" by Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD (Nov. 5, 2017)

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“The PK Man”

Ted OwensThe PK ManThis is a biography of Ted Owens [left] (1920-1987) by Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD who first met Owens in 1976 and communicated with him until his death. The name PK Man comes from Dr. J.B. Rhine who assessed Owens in the late 1940s and into the 1950s at Duke University while running the ground breaking studies on ESP [extra sensory perception]. Ted Owens demonstrated extraordinary ESP and psychokinesis abilities and Rhine called him 'The PK Man.' Dr. Rhine was not able to establish a framework for the defining Owens PK abilities in the same way he statically measured the sending and receiving ESP images from flash cards between volunteers. Ted Owens demonstrated the ability to manipulate weather and was able to point to the sky and cause a lightning bolt to strike.

Dr. Rhine’s non recognition of Owens became a grievance. Ted wanted to use his abilities to help the USA even volunteering to use it as a weapon for the Pentagon. The Pentagon turned him down and that became another grievance. Ted Owens believed everyone should know that there were people like him who could control the weather (He believed he was unique.). In attempting to break through the cultural road blocks set up by a materialistic science, Owens willfully attempted to extort money from the owners of NFL and NBA teams promising them winning seasons. When the owners turned down the offer, he hexed the teams and the teams lost. The book catalogues the extortions and the weirdness of hexes.

Jeffrey Mishlove was originally going to publish this book in 1979, but had many reservations on the morals of Ted Owens as his weather manipulations and hexes did cause deaths and injuries. The book was not published until 1999 when Mishlove believed the story should be told. Mishlove attempts to apply academic standards to the data gathered but unable to define every aspect. There was the possibility Owens abilities were not psychokinetic but precognition. If he was predicting future events he scored 80% accuracy. If he was causing the events then he was a god living among men.

Dr Andrija PUlharichIn the 1960s, Dr. Andrija Puharich [left], the CIA case officer, met and hypnotized Owens. After those sessions, Owens attributed his abilities to Space Intelligences (SIs) in the higher dimensions and UFOs. At the same time, Puharich was the CIA case officer for Uri Geller, bringing him in from Israel and having him tour the USA bending spoons and restarting broken watches. Puharich also hypnotized Geller. Geller later wrote that Puharich, under orders from the CIA, wanted him to establish communications with UFOs. Geller said the deep hypnosis used was wrong and he refused to go along with the program and returned to Israel. Geller initially attributed his abilities to Space Intelligences, but later dropped that assignation. Ted Owens continued to say his ability came from SIs until his death in 1987. Puharich is the shadowy figure behind much of the CIA experimentation in alternate states of consciousness, drugs and hypnosis. He set up schools for “gifted young people” in upstate New York, Minnesota and the San Francisco Bay area. One of his students is J.J. Hurtak who channelled the book “Keys of Enoch”, popular in the New Age Movement. It is likely that deep hypnosis was used by Puharich on all his students, including Hurtak. The motif behind “Keys of Enoch” is similar to what is behind Owens’ Space Intelligences. Owens was being controlled and manipulated by an agent of the CIA.

In the 1970s, Project Stargate, the study of remote viewing by the Stanford Research Institute funded by the CIA, looked at Ted Owens abilities. Dr. Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ and others associated with SRI looked at Ted Owens, but decided to avoid using him. This became another of Owens’ grievances. Ted was broke and at times homeless throughout his life. His extortions of NFL and NBA team owners was driven by the need for money and recognition. He thought the government should be funding him in one form or another because of his gifts.

He cooperated with many researchers in paranormal and UFO studies and demonstrated his abilities. While in Myrtle Beach, Florida, he guided the path of Hurricane Cleo. He had mapped out the course of Cleo beforehand and the hurricane followed the penciled route with Ted correcting the direction if it veered one way or another.

Dr Jeffrey MisloveDr. Jeffrey Mishlove [right] with a Ph.D in Parapsychology would be familiar with some of the conjecture as to the nature of God in the flesh, yet he presents Ted Owens as a mystery as yet unsolved. He questions every aspect from multiple perspectives and with research notes from many people. Mishlove does not delve into the “God Manifest/God Imminent” mystery. Scientists do not discuss such conundrums. It is usually the bailiwick of theologians and philosophers. In Christian belief, there has been only one God Manifest and that is Jesus. Many of the saints demonstrate God Manifest abilities. Many good people who have yet to manifest miracles, could be defined as God Imminent souls. Many people who are called “old souls” could be God Imminent. Ted Owens is most likely in the God Manifest category.

Incarnating onto this planet is difficult even for star-beings who are millions of years old and are Creators of their own stars and worlds. There are billions and billions of “Only Begotten Sons and Daughters of God”. There are many millions of these Creator Sons and Daughters on earth at this time. Most do not remember who they are and have yet to manifest miracles. Even Jesus had to fast for forty days to awaken to his abilities. At the point of awakening, he was tempted by the ruler of the world who asked Jesus to bow down to him, but Jesus refused.

However, Ted Owens did not refuse, and he was manipulated. The black magicians controlling the leaders of the world behind the scenes look for people like Ted Owens and attack them overtly and subtly to drive them to do the black magician's dirty work. They stay hidden, as they could not stand up to Ted Owens' wrath. The use of deep hypnotism was one such control, which inserted into Ted’s mind the belief that his power came from Space Intelligences. But this was a misdirection to prevent him from awakening to his full powers.

Andrija Puharich was using an age-old game plan to chain a god to a mountain as in the old Greek myth of Prometheus. There are many like Ted Owens who have been hoodwinked. Possibly, one such person guided the hurricanes which hit Houston, the Florida Keys and Puerto Rico.

The awakening of the Creators is happening now and it includes everyone, as the selfsame spark of life is in the youngest as well as the oldest souls. The Supreme Creator can act through anyone and everyone. Everyone is equal regardless of the understanding they carry. God is not dead, nor hidden, nor absent. God is in every heart. True humility is recognizing that one can do nothing separate from Source. Everyone is God Imminent. In humility and total acceptance, one becomes God Manifest, whether new soul or old.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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