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The Strongest La Nina Cycle in Centuries?

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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
January 18, 2017

The Strongest La Nina Cycle in Centuries? by ZS Livingstone (Jan. 18, 2017)

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La Nina/El Nino Cycle

The top diagram is the current ocean surface temperature for January 18, 2017. The lower diagram is anomalous ocean surface temperatures based on an average of surface temperatures over many years.

Sea Surface Temp Copied from https://www.wunderground.com/hurricane

La Nina1


La NIna2

Prominent is the La Nina cold current on the equator rising from the ocean bottom off the coast of Ecuador and flowing westward across half of the Pacific and merging with the warm waters north of Tahiti.

There are secondary La Nina currents. One south of Acapulco Mexico. A second larger one off the west coast of Nicaragua. A third even larger flowing off the northern coast of Chile. All three flow towards the equator and merge with the equatorial stream.

The cold water from the bottom of the ocean is being pushed to the surface by heavier warm salt laden water falling on top of it.

There is a multi-year cycle called El Nino when warm water flows westward from Ecuador; and La Nina when that ocean current is twenty degrees cooler - as it is now. This is a natural cycle. It affects weather worldwide.

In Scientific American years ago, there was a article regarding the Gulf Current flowing north along the US east coast and towards Iceland. Near Iceland, the heavy salt water of the warm current falls, creating an ocean bottom current of heavier salt water moving south at four knots. It travels along the west coast of Europe to Morocco and northwest Africa where it rises back to the surface. I have yet to see a follow-up report on the the mapping of ocean bottom currents worldwide. It is likely to be withheld from the public as it would be part of the Pentagon’s plan to control weather by 2025.

As the US Navy and Air Force are accelerating surface evaporation in order to generate hurricanes and other destructive storms they may have influenced this La Nina cycle more than previous cycles. This may be the strongest La Nina cycle in centuries.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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