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Trump's Border Wall Must Be Built
(The Connection to Climate Change)

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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
January 11, 2019

Trump's Border Wall Must Be Built (The Connection to Climate Change) by ZS Livingstone (Jan. 11, 2019)

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With Climate Change, the number of migrants seeking safety in the USA will be in the hundreds of millions.

Climate Change is not man-made due to carbon dioxide emissions. It is due to the periodic and varying intensity of the sun. If all emissions were stopped, we would still have a warm period for the next 400 to 500 years. This alternating warming and cooling thousand-year cycle has been ongoiing since the end of the last ice age.

The Great Wall of China was built because of Climate Change, especially when the cooling cycle brought hordes of hungry tribesmen out of Central Asia, Mongolia, and Siberia destabilizing the Han Empire(s). The cooling period must have been particularly bitter circa 1300 BC as the record of those challenges were still known when the first parts of the Great Wall were built about 300 BC. Again in 500 AD, more was added to the wall. This is the same cooling period which froze the Rhine and Danube Rivers in the year 575 AD and the starving northern European tribes marched south en mass and took down the western Roman Empire.

China sought to retain its heritage and empire behind the Great Wall. But during the warming cycle of 800 to 1324 AD, the Mongols multiplied on the then abundant grasslands of Mongolia and took most of Asia, including China. When the Mongol Emperors were thrown out about 1500 AD, the Ming Dynasty finished the wall - greatly extending it to the west. Now, during this warming period, the Gobi Desert and Mongolia will be well watered. Will the Mongols desire to reestablish their empire?

We are over one hundred years into the current warming trend and with the desertification of Africa, millions of migrants are moving on Europe. Most of the migrants have been economic and political refugees due to despotic wars. Nigeria is drying out in the north. If it is unable to feed itself. The nation could fall into anarchy and upwards of 182 million will be looking for assistance. If no assistance is given, the Nigerians, by themselves, would swamp Europe collapsing one government after another. Nigeria is but one troubled country. There are another forty countries in Africa and the Arab region who may not be able to feed themselves.

During the warming era when the Mongols took Asia, the Saracens took Jerusalem; starting the Crusades which lasted for centuries. The Saracens were the people of western Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The extreme desertification of the Red Sea lands drove them north to well-watered lands. If Saudi Arabia is unable to desalinate enough water or if the water systems are not working, the Arabs will be on the move again to the north and they could change the whole culture of Europe.

The migrants now in the USA are mainly from Mexico and Central America. The number of illegal migrants is anywhere between 20 and 25 million. The culture of the USA is changing. The standard of living is dropping. Finding jobs is difficult. Social Support agencies are strained. The school systems are unable to cope with so many students. This is just the start.

Due to communist leaders elected in Venezuela, USA economic and political attacks have made life there miserable. Two million Venezuelans have fled to Colombia, straining their neighbor's aid agencies. Venezuela had 31 million people. If a prolonged drought hit the tropical region, then those people would start moving either north or south. Argentina and Chile would have a huge influx. Canada, northern Europe, Russia and Siberia would have many petitioning for citizenship. Canada's population is 36 million. It could mushroom to over 100 million - rapidly.

The USA needs a wall to slow the influx and keep the republic operating. The USA and the Developed World needs to meet the would-be migrants in their home countries, using advanced technology for desalination of seawater and better techniques for growing crops.

Placing the blame on people who burn carbon for Climate Change is foolishness. Blaming environmental, economic and political migrants for the problems caused by Climate Change is wrong. They are just trying to feed their families.

Blaming people for Climate Change does not solve the problem. Cooperation and assistance solves problems. Blaming sets up conflicts. Helping others ends conflicts.

One of the technologies to help increase crop yields is to pump carbon dioxide directly to the plants. Most greenhouses are already doing that. The IPCC has been blame-labeling carbon dioxide for Climate Change, but in the end - carbon dioxide will fertilize the crops and feed billions of hungry people.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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