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UN Building in Baghdad

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
August 21, 2003

Dear Jon,

This is the second night where I have awoken in the middle of the night regarding the bombing of the UN Building in Baghdad. In both incidences I saw that the bomb had been placed by US Forces in order to destroy evidence and files regarding US war crimes in Iraq. The UN adminstrators and UNICEF officers had many Iraqis come to them to complain about the death of innocent men, women and children at US hands.
It is possible that these files had been transfered to UN Headquarters in New York, The International War Crimes Court in The Hague, and UNICEF offices in other countries. If such places are targeted by bombers, then the US Forces and their political bosses are afraid of criminal charges being laid against soldiers and people in Washington.
What makes the desperation apparent was the size of the explosive device. The whole building was destroyed. It is unlikely that opposition by Iraqis which had been limited to land mines and small arms fire could have suddenly accelerated their efforts to create thousand kilogram bombs. If the Bathist rebels did have such a bomb, it would have been aimed at US or British Forces- and not the Oil for Food people.
It is also likely that these UN offices would have noted the new directions that oil is flowing.
Those in the know in the UN will be very apprehensive about doing their jobs- including the collecting of war crime files.
If Rumsfeld did order this bombing, it is another indication that he is trying to cover his ass by creating more crimes to remove the threat of prosecution. Many people in Washington should be in Dutch jail cells next to S. Milosevic. One person who should be in jail is Kissinger and that might yet happen as his war crimes are well documented. Arresting Kissinger would create a political firestorm similar to the detention of Augusto Pinoche in Britain on Spanish charges. The US State Department and lawyers in Britain managed to secure the release of Pinoche and his return to Chile because they were concerned Henry Kissinger was next. 
(By the way, former Canadian Ambassador to the UN, Lloyd Axworthy, was on CBC Radio yesterday, and although he tried to make the case for the bomb being planted by Iraqi rebels, his usual brilliant logic was missing. The theory was full of holes. He knew who planted the bomb and he was frightened.)
Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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