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ZS Livingstone & Ken Adachi on The Flat Earth Movement

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Commentary from Ken Adachi and ZS Livingstone
December 1, 2015

ZS Livingstone & Ken Adachi on The Flat Earth Movement (Dec. 1, 2015)

(I forwarded a copy of this email to ZS Livingstone and asked if he wanted to add anything. His commentary is found further below, after my response and Marcin's reply back to me...Ken)

11/24/2015, Marcin wrote:

Hi Ken,

Flat Earth graphicI have been visiting this site for almost a decade now, but I don't recall anybody talking about Flat Earth model. There is increasing debate on the net going in this regard. Why now? Is it psyop?

I need input from you and ZS. He never mentioned this in essays. How can this be? The flat earthers bring good points to the discussion table and it is all Biblical. We know that NASA is satanic and freemason liars, and space is faked.



Subject: Re: Flat Earth Movement
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2015
From: Ken Adachi

Hi Marcin,

There's nothing to talk about, It's absurd. I think there is an effort afoot to see just how gullible some people can become and tie themselves into knots with pseudo logic and superstition, losing all sight of common sense rationality and soaring into La La Land. Somebody mentioned to me by email that Eric Dubay in Thailand was a big promoter of this idea. That wouldn't surprise me since I saw in 2008 just how quickly he had capitulated to the falsified gobbledygook being churned out by atheist/Zionist disinfo agent M. Murdock, who uses the pen name of "Acharya S"

Using one of the 650 versions of the Bible to prove that the earth is flat is a very questionable strategy.

Too many people are going overboard in defending this idea by claiming that everything we're told or shown photos of concerning space are faked. That's ridiculous. Sure, NASA hides lots of stuff and doctors photos to take out spacecraft, aliens, artifacts, etc., etc. That's old news. But the millions of photos taken by 58 years of orbiting satellites, space stations, the Space Shuttle, etc. all reveal the earth to be a blue/green planet in the shape of a sphere. You don't have to get that far above the earth's surface before you start noticing the earth's curvature.

While the Flat Earth movement does seem to be a planned psyops, I have no idea who planned it. I can imagine, however, that the planning committee must have been sitting around a table brain-storming one day and someone asked:

"What is the most absurd myth we could possibly promote, and STILL get people to buy into it?"

And someone said: "Let's promote the flat earth theory!"

Or maybe it's a beta test to see how well electronic mind control programming signals coming from cell towers are "taking" and turning people into complete idiots. I don't know, but I'm convinced that it is a planned psyop.

As you may know from looking at the moon or the sun, or photos from the Voyager missions. all planetary bodies are SPHEROID in shape -- without exception. Walter Russell talks about this in his book, The Universal One, on the nature of creation and how it expresses itself in the cosmos. Earth is surrounded by an atmosphere which is above your head and looks blue during the day, no matter where you are standing on the planet. Your feet seem to notice a force pushing your body towards the earth and not up towards the sky. This phenomenon exists anywhere and everywhere on the planet. So if I'm at the South Pole, the earth will be located below me, under my feet, and the sky will be above me, over my head. My friend would experience the same thing if he were standing at the North Pole. Now if an observer was located on the moon and he could see both of us through a huge telescope standing at the North Pole and at the South Pole, from HIS perspective, one of us would APPEAR to be standing upside down and SIMPLE logic might cause him to ask himself:

"How can that be?"

This is an example of how faulty logic can lead to an erroneous conclusion. And I think this is what's happening with people who are being mislead by the flat earth selling points. They are being presented, I assume, with a series of "iffy" postulates that, on the surface at least, may appear reasonable, but they ultimately lead you to an untenable conclusion. For those with a psyop agenda, it's easy to snow gullible people with pseudo logic and skewed postulates if you control the rhetoric and limit the discussion arena to those arguments that bolster your thesis.

Regards, Ken


From: Marcin
Subject: Re: Flat Earth Movement
Sent: Fri Nov 27 2015
To: Ken Adachi


Thanks for your reply. It means a lot to me!

Eric Dubay has been mocking God in the past, so even though he is flat- earth proponent, he's got an agenda for sure. I don't think he is a genuine guy because of what he is saying and Southern Israelite recently gave him some 'spanking' on Youtube which was hilarious to watch!

There are some Atheists in flat-earth movement like Jeranism which only serves a purpose to 'muddy the waters' as oppose to some Christians like Rob Skiba, Mr Thrive and Survive, even Russianvids, Southern Israelite and Enterthestars, are just a few that I have listened to on Youtube which seem sincere. They are using old testament Bible to prove the flat earth which in practicality is a flat disc, same one as on the United Nation's logo map with 33 divisions.

If this is a psyop, I would have to say that these guys are very good at it! But they should be exposed because this is becoming alarming and I wish not to fall for any of the Fremasonic crap. Perhaps a tab dedicated to this topic on your site would be a good idea for the future- just a thought!

Thanks again for reply.


P.S. I miss the days when Don Nichloff, ZSL, and you having your live chats. Bye


On 11/27/2015, Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone wrote:

Yes Ken, the Flat Earth Movement must be a psy-op meant to confuse. Less than 25% of Americans have taken science courses in school. Much fewer have taken Logic 101.

There are some of my readers who think my articles on Aetheric Ice and Aetheric Coronal Elements are as preposterous as The Flat Earth Movement.

I have been trained in science which has to do with the physical senses. I have training in higher sensory perception and I'm able to see glimpses of the higher dimensions. Walter Russell spent seven weeks in a transcendent state in 1921. He had no scientific training, but then took a crash course over the next five years in order publish “The Universal One". There are mistakes in his description of the physical processes gleaned from spiritual insights, but he can be forgiven for those errors considering the gulf between physical and spiritual reality. Russell corrected those mistakes in later books.

The Electric Universe [EU] Theories came out of Russell’s insights. The Expanding Earth Theory is Russell’s too. Russell’s periodic table revealed five or more elements, years before they were discovered in labs. The Alphanon element is much smaller than the Hydrogen atom and appears to be used in many Free Energy generators.

Aetheric Ice and Aetheric Coronal Elements came from Russell insights. In 1988 in a donut shop in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, I saw the hidden key to “Universal One” where all dimensions use the same Electron/Proton/Neutron blueprint where the periodic table repeats itself in each “density.” The fourth dimension is fully clothed in its larger, less dense substance. The fifth dimension is even larger. Each higher density has its own higher speed of light. By the time one arrives at the the eighth density, the speed of light is instantaneous within this universe.

Those who control the planet are magicians who know higher sensory realms. They do not want scientists understanding this. Limiting science to just the physical senses and shaming them away from supernatural phenomena has kept science caged. The magicians are afraid if scientists really knew how things really work they would see that “The Emperor has no Clothes”.

Most of what is approved science in university textbooks is garbage. The Flat Earth Movement is from the same trash can.

People need to really look at their beliefs and move out of the approved science using their minds and higher senses to find the truth.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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