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ZS Livingstone's Commentary on the Syria Missile Strike

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April 13, 2017

ZS Livingstone's Commentary on the Syria Missile Strike (April 13, 2017)

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On 4/8/2017 10:11 AM, Edward D wrote:

Hi Ken,

It's been awhile since I communicated with you, hope all is well with you. I was really bummed out by President Trump's action to launch an attack on Syria for supposed poison gas dispersal over his general population. Does anyone really think this was nothing but another "False Flag" meant to remove Assad from power? Even he wouldn't be so stupid as to piss off the international community by gasing his own people. Hard to believe Trump was duped into issuing this order to attack.... We all know the Russians aren't going to sit back and accept this, if anything it will strengthen their resolve to protect Assad... Really concerned about a pending WW III as a result of this action. At a minimum the Russians have backed out of the data sharing agreement where both the USA and Russia coordinated their respective activities regarding their Air Forces... Any further attacks they will consider them to be an act of war... God help us all! For my kids and Grand Kids sake I hope cooler heads will prevail. Looks like it really doesn't matter which party is in office, our overlords are in firm control... Does ZS have any insight into this situation?

Regards. ED


From: Ken Adachi
Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2017
To: Edward D
Subject: Re: Syria Attacks

Hi Ed,

The missile attack was overstated. It did very little damage. 4 people killed and two are missing. Trump lost a lot of popular support by going with the missile strike. He won't go to war with Russia over this. It will blow over.

We'll have to see what he does in the coming weeks to know where it's going.

I will ask ZS his thoughts

Regards, Ken



At the same time the 59 missiles were fired at Syria, American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts were working together in the International Space Station. A Russian and an American returned to earth in a Soyuz capsule landing in Kazakhstan. Also Russian R-180 rocket engines were also being delivered to the USA. Friendly behavior for enemies! Only 23 Tomahawk cruise missiles hit the airbase and one was shown crumpled on the ground unexploded. Did Trump order the removal of the warheads? Did Russian electronic countermeasures shut down the Tomahawks? Maybe many of the war reports from Syria have been fake?

Two weeks ago a Ukrainian ammunition storage facility started burning at 3:00 AM. Twenty or more separate buildings spread over many acres were burning at the same time. There were nukes in one building. One exploded and the others fizzled. The Ukraine was supposed got rid of all nukes after 1991 break up of the Soviet Union. Nothing in the Main Stream Media and just a few videos of mushroom clouds over The Ukraine on YouTube. The president of The Ukraine blamed Moscow. Russia did not deny that accusation. The destroyed weapons would been used in the Donbas break-away states. Russia may have used a laser fired from space to ignite all the buildings.

Whatever is happening is not being revealed in MSM and little pieces are being leaked on the internet. Russia has a cruise missile that flies at wave top at twice the speed of sound. That missile could destroy a Navy ship before it could detect it. Nothing in the MSM about that either. Russia does not want a fight even though it has been repeatedly provoked. Starting a fight with the USA would be mad. Some observers are calling the craziness happening around the world a Mafia war where criminals are fighting for their survival. The hidden technologies are being revealed and it looks like some of the ECM could shutdown a war before it spreads.

On the spiritual level, interventions have been happening preventing the loss of life. Nobody is writing about the details of those interventions. Those reports would be very interesting.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone



Thanks for your insight into this troubling issue, I am still holding to the premise that “Good will prevail over evil”… I was always concerned about Trump and Israel, once again the Zionists appear to have our President in their hip pocket.. I’m sure Karma will rectify this situation eventually… Thanks Guys and God Bless!!!


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