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Aetheric Coronal Elements, Part 1
The Solar Furnace

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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
November 9, 2005

I have been spelling aether with an "a" because of an acronym I have been using for two decades, ACE, for Aetheric Coronal Elements. I was taught about cosmic fire and dimensional energy transfer thirty-four years ago, but recognition of the energy principles took time to sink through the blinders university education placed on the spiritual senses and intelligence.

In 1986 I was lent many rare books and given exercises which stretched my awareness. One of the exercises was to study the sun. Another was to study Halley's Comet. Another was to work out the energy grid of Earth. Though physically I was in Paradise Valley Arizona, spiritually the classrooms were in the higher dimensions.

The solar corona is the source of the light and heat we need but how the energy is generated is a mystery. The surface of the sun is 8000 degrees Fahrenheit. 100,000 miles above the surface of the sun the corona is two million degrees. Supposedly the heat of the corona is a product of the sun but the thermodynamics are wrong. Astrophysicists have known this conundrum for decades and many theories have been proposed on how the corona derives power from the sun. Definitely radiative processes cannot account for the cooler surface of the sun heating up the much higher temperature plasma and gases in near vacuum. Conduction is not possible. Convection might bypass the surface of the sun through powerful magnetic storms ejecting prominences and flares from sunspots and heating the corona. But the corona remains hot when there are no magnetic storms. Also the storms cover just a small part of the circumference of the sun, yet the whole corona remains hot. Magnetic convection has to be ruled out.

Why is the surface of the sun just 8000 degrees when it is surrounded by two million degree plasma? Should not the surface of the sun be far hotter than it is? Another conundrum! Why is the heat directed away from the sun as it is apparent that most of the sunlight and heat received by earth is from the center of the photosphere nearest us? We do not receive as much light and heat from the photosphere ten degrees away from the line connecting the center of the sun to the center of the earth, ten degrees as measured from the center of the sun to the connecting line. There are a lot of so called "laws" being violated by the sun.

In esoteric lore the sun derives its power from the sun behind the sun which in turn draws power from the center of the galaxy and the galaxy draws power from the heart of our local universe. The source of all power is also in the higher dimensions. Power is transferred through a dimensional network into the physical universe. All the relays are living beings who have taken on the responsibility of providing the power to Creation from the Greater Made Form. Everything dovetails together. The sun shines because God provides the power. The galaxy is like a huge tree and each leaf grows as sap is provided by the roots to the trunk, branches, twigs, leaves and seeds.

What I saw in the summer of 1986 was that there were aetheric elements in the fourth dimension relaying power of the fifth dimension into the third dimension. It is similar to another dimensional transfer through the ferromagnetic elements of iron, cobalt and nickel. In the case if iron, a physical element, a steady flow of magnetic energy is always available. The magnetic power is fourth dimensional magnetics and it balances third dimensional electrical potential. Iron in a dynamo is tapping into fourth dimensional power sources in order to generate electromotive force. Power equations only show third dimensional results as the fourth dimension is accepted as a given. There are orgone elements in the corona transferring power into the third dimension. The corona is a spherical energy portal, from and to, the fifth dimension. There are nuclear fires in the sun but they are an effect of dimensional energy transfers. Nuclear fusion is not the cause of sunlight.

Over the years I have looked at this insight repeatedly. It was overwhelming. It was too much to carry in the physical consciousness so I shelved it for later analysis. Over the years I recognized it as the Fire of Prometheus. In legend Prometheus was punished by Zeus for teaching mankind about fire. Allegory is the currency of Greek myth. The fire was not the fire of the hearth but something higher. In mystic traditions the fire was of arcane knowledge. The myth indicated a taboo by the gods against teaching humanity about spiritual things...but could there be more to this myth?

In the early 1990s I started reading Zecharia Sitchin's "Twelfth Planet" series about the gods of Nibiru/Marduk. I saw the Annanaki technology was based on ACE. They were able to travel to earth because they had utilized ACE power in their rocketships. The gold and precious metals of earth were needed on metal poor Nibiru to harness the power of ACE. The strange machines depicted in Sumerian, Egyptian and Mayan writings and diagrams were powered by higher dimensional sources.

Prometheus had revealed the power of the gods to the half-breed slaves and for that reason Zeus was angry.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

Addendum to Reader


I will be writing more about ACE there will be four or more postings on the subject.

In 1986 when I had the cosmic insight I saw the third dimension as the frothy white cap on top of a wave in a vast ocean. The third dimension is a tiny part of the whole of Creation. Big Bang SuperString theorists try to explain every aspect of the cosmos as an artefact physical matter. Their theories fall apart. The Electric Universe has not included higher dimensional energy and substance (nor intelligence) and is still attempting to explain everything from an electric/plasma cause. The gaps in the Electric Universe Theory will show where there are inputs from the higher dimensions.

The fourth dimension/astral creation is at least ten times greater than the third dimension creation. The astral realms surrounding the earth are vast. The astral realms around the sun are expansive. There are fourth and fifth dimensional creations surrounding the galaxy. These form the invisible gravity donut astronomers have found accelerating the rotation of the stars in galaxies.

Astronomers mapping the galaxies have found structure in their positioning. There are clusters rotating around invisible "attractors". There is a "Great Wall" of galaxies adjacent to a huge void yet there is something in the void. I tuned into that void and sensed sixth dimensional creation and higher. The vastness is beyond imagining. Physical creation is tiny compared to these creations yet it important in the whole plan.

The third dimension is like a "monkey paw knot" at the furthest extent of a long rope. The long rope is the multidimensional plan for creation. The knot is important in keeping the rope from unravelling. It is this monkey paw knot that the diabolical conspiracy is attempting to exploit or undo. Their plans will not work.


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