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Aetheric Coronal Elements, Part 2
Coronal Mass Ejections

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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
November 12, 2005

Although there has been much sun spot and solar flare activity over the past decade it is unlikely that a Coronal Mass Ejection will damage the earth. CMEs which created the Columbia Lava Fields in the western USA were localized to under a million square miles but devastated most of the continent. The initial impact burned all the vegetation and animals and lingered long enough to melt the top soil and top layers of bedrock in situ and create a carpet of basalt which is still evident. In some places the basalt is hundreds of feet thick. In most of the region the basalt is ten feet thick.

The glowing fourth dimensional elements were hot. The same orgone which is two million degrees in the corona of the sun would have still been generating much heat inside the atmosphere of earth. The melting of the rocks indicates thousands of degrees maybe tens of thousands of degrees.

ACE has an affinity to both metals and water. Gold veins would have been conduits pulling the hot orgone away from the surface and deep underground. Likewise underground streams would have attracted ACE and then boiled. Surface streams and lakes would have boiled dry. Only the oceans would have been large enough to absorb and dilute the ACE. Even at that the temperature of the ocean would have risen possibly killing many species of fish and aquatic life.

It is likely that the Cascade Range Volcanoes were created by deep pockets of ACE. Some of the CME still remains under the Cascades. The majority of the underground ACE would have migrated towards the Rocky Mountains and followed the fractures deep under Yellowstone which is an entry point to the mantle beneath the crust.

The heat creating pools of magma miles beneath the earth is a mystery. In the most cases the surrounding rocks are not molten yet they are basically the same silicates and metals. Water does lower the melting point of rock and it is water which causes explosive volcanic events such as the May 18 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. Even though water is the propellant the abnormal localized heat it not understood. There is an assumption that the molten material rises from the mantle but the magma pocket appears to be localized a few miles underground not deeper.

The huge explosions that have happened at Yellowstone in the past appear to be where ACE hit a deep pocket of water and blasted thousands of cubic miles of rock into the sky. Much of the ACE generating the heat was blasted high into the atmosphere and possibly back into space. There does not appear to be as much ACE under Wyoming now.

Aetheric Coronal Elements smelt and concentrate ore bodies on the surface and underground. There are lead-zinc mines were the metals are highly concentrated. There are whole mountain ranges where iron ores are over half iron. In these cases the lighter atoms were driven off by intense heat.

Geodes are created by small pieces of ACE. Temperatures remained in the thousands of degrees within the geode long enough to melt the silicates. Then some of the ACE escaped and the temperatures cooled allowing crystal formation. The smallest crystals are in the outer shell and the largest are towards the middle. As ACE is highly magnetic, a magnetic fourth dimensional plasma, it is subject to variations in the planetary magnetic field and this contributes to the vagabond like movements of the "hot ghost" underground.

In the air pieces of ACE have been called "ball lightning" and "swamp gas". ACE is sometimes seen in the mouth of a volcano at the time of an eruption. There are photos and paintings of volcanoes with luminous gas clouds above their craters. As the ACE energy is intense enough to ionize pyroclastic bombs exploding out of the volcano, electro-gravity levitation does arise and the lava flies off without being pulled back to earth by gravity. Eventually the lava cools and losses its charge falling back to earth as tektites and moqui stones.

Many UFOs use ACE for propulsion. It is handy in creating the ionized field needed for levitation as well as powering all the secondary systems. A few ounces of ACE replaces tons of fuel. Actually no fuel tanks are needed.

In balancing the heat of the earth internally and on the surface the deva kingdoms are masters at handling ACE. It is possible to end an ice age in less than a decade with proper application of ACE. If the planet is running too hot it is possible to return ACE to the corona of the sun. There are higher agencies who can perform this service. If the sun cools slightly it is possible for it to provide ACE to all the planets and their elementals to keep things warm when the sun is cool.

The oceans could be ice free during a cooling spell and this is the classic explanation for an ice age.

Fire elementals thrive in ACE. Earth elementals can use ACE as a tool to fashion beautiful crystals. Water elementals use ACE to kick start ocean currents and redistribute warm waters into the polar regions. Air elementals can use ACE to create any weather they want. With enough ACE they can expertly balance all eco-systems and eliminate all extreme weather. At this time there is little ACE on the earth as those in power would misuse it. The elementals are working with alternate energy inputs.

ACE would have been weaponized in a heart beat if it were commonly available. The Annunaki weaponized it. Other aliens have fashioned fiercesome devices in their past. At this time little ACE is available and the pieces freed by volcanism are taken off planet, mostly back to the sun.

There are large spacecraft between the earth and the sun intercepting all the ACE thrown off the corona. The sun has sent out many flares and CMEs but few hit the earth and those that do hit do not have much ACE. The sun is not sending us any Golden Apples for us to misuse. Jason and the Argonauts could sail all the oceans and seas and not find the Golden Fleece. The curse of Prometheus is not upon our heads, hearts and livers. Apollo is a healer, not a warrior in a high flying chariot.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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