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Aetheric Coronal Elements, Part 3
Hidden in Plain Sight

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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
November 15, 2005

Such are the blinders placed on the scientific community that higher dimensional inputs are not recognized for what they are. Every day a million mile diameter sphere rises above the horizon heating and lighting the earth and few ask from whence the energy is really coming. Recent discoveries regarding a lack of solar neutrinos discredits the fusion theory which has been the "approved" explanation for nearly seventy years. Not enough fusion energy is being produced inside the sun to heat Mercury to life supporting levels. Earth would be a ball of ice if it relied on hydrogen becoming helium.

The multidimensional Creation was written into the Vedas over five thousand years ago. Genesis in the Bible does not specifically describe multidimensional Creation but it does define Creation by Fiat which is part and parcel of how everything was put into motion. Jewish mystical books go into the angelic hierarchies and implicit to the understanding of the listings of angelic names, is acceptance of a living aetheric structure supporting physical life.

Few have made the leap into the higher body to travel beyond the planet and see the intermeshing of the microcosms with the macrocosms. Rudolf Steiner made the leap a hundred years ago. More recently Robert A. Monroe in "Journeys out of the Body" was able to park his astral body beside his sleeping physical body and travel through time and space in his fifth dimensional body. Others have knocked on the door to knowledge/understanding and have entered.

Many have been trained in remote viewing and are receiving glimpses of the higher realms as well as looking for answers regarding earthly questions. In following the path to higher intelligence, higher energy is rediscovered. Energy pathways are the inputs that support life itself. They are the pathways that fill the heart with love.

Much has been written on "Zero Point Energy" and "Free Energy".

In Zero Point Energy there is an assumption that the source of orgone energy is subatomic, even smaller than ten to the minus thirty-third centimeters. Such research has gone nowhere for decades and will continue to go nowhere in any future research. The source of the power of the universe is in an atom that is the size of a solar system five dimensions higher than our own. Each higher dimension is larger than the preceding. The atoms of each higher dimension are larger than the preceding. The atom supplying power to this universe is a ghost of a ghost of a ghost of a ghost of a ghost. There is power in the microcosms because there is great power in the macrocosms. Look up, not down, for the source of power.

Free Energy is not free. Energy is freely given to all of Creation. But it is not free. In order to work with higher dimensional energy responsibility must be accepted. Those in rebellion to source have cut off their supply of energy. They have a mere thread of energy remaining. Without that small input they would be no more. Such souls are parasitic on others. If they stopped rebelling and accepted responsibility for their life they would quickly realize the folly of their ways.

Freedom is not free, it takes responsibility to be free.

Energy is not free, it takes responsibility to work with energy.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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