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Aetheric Coronal Elements, Part 5
Hollow Earth, Hollow Nibiru

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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
December 7, 2005

Since the publication of Zecharia Sitchin's "The Earth Chronicles", there has been much speculation regarding how the people living on Nibiru kept from freezing in the cold of interstellar space. The answer is Aetheric Coronal Elements, ACE. The complete answer is that like Earth, Nibiru is hollow and had a small sun at its very core. I have written in the past tense regarding the sun in Nibiru because I believe that sun has gone dark. The dimming of the core sun is the reason the Annunaki built rocketships 400,000 years ago and traveled the solar system in the search for gold. Gold is the critical element needed in all ACE powered, lighting, heating and tool systems. They needed to capture as much ACE as they could before their ecology collapsed.

In Sumerian writings, Marduk/Nibiru is described as the "Pure Mound", "The World of a Million Years" and "The World Of Perpetual Light." The only way that a planet on a highly elliptical 3600 year orbit could be in perpetual light was if it carried its sun with(in) it.

I was introduced to both the Hollow Earth and Maldek in 1970. Maldek is the correct pronunciation for Marduk (Nibiru). I was taught that all planets are living beings and carry life. Few carry life in the third dimension. Maldek carried physical life. Mars carried physical life. The living being who is Maldek decided to remove all its ACE and start a new life plan millions of years in the future. The reason for such a move was to rid itself of a rebellious race of long lived humans who had stopped progressing spiritually. The internal sun of Maldek darkened about 3000 years ago. At the same time ACE was removed from all of the Nefilim weapons on Earth. Annunaki access to ACE was denied. The "Golden Fleece" became a rare commodity on Earth. The collapse of the worldwide pantheon of the gods on Earth was soon to follow as their power source was gone. With one rebellious race gone other rebellious extraterrestrial races came to fill the vacuum but they too cannot access ACE as a power supply.

The source of ACE inside the earth was cut off and poles were covered.

The 600 mile diameter sun inside the hollow earth is mostly ACE. It is held in a special vortex, that is needed to hold it center inside the 800 mile thick shell which is the "gravity shell" to the internal vortex. In order to start to understand the physics behind electro-gravity read Walter Russell (1871-1963) "A New Concept Of The Universe (1953)."

Thank you Ronald Ross for sending, "Messages From The Hollow Earth," by Dianne Robbins.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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