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Al Gray's Agnihotra

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
February 10, 2006   

Al Gray's box of Agnihotra arrived in Salmon Arm on January 20 2006. Walking the hundred yards from the mail box I could feel fire elementals circling the box and tickling my ribs. Opening the box I got a whiff of "chocolate" and my crown chakra opened wider and additional vortices were spinning horizontally as well as the primary vertical vortex. This stuff has kick.
The reason Al sent the ash balls to Canada was to help prevent gun violence in Vancouver. There had been a rash of senseless shootings just after the Canadian Federal Election had been called in December. Immediately after posting my essay "Canadian Election" on January 3 2006 the gun violence slowed. It was as if a switch had been thrown. 
My plan is to ask permission of the fire elementals to balance the energy around guns to prevent injury or death. Fire elementals participate in gun activities. When a marksman hits the bull's eye he/she gets an hug from an agni-deva. The excitement in the sport is from a natural source. It is possible to ask the deva to protect people from gunfire and I believe such has happened to many.
I have distributed about half of the ash balls in the Okanagan and saved some for a later trip to Vancouver. In about a week a group of us are going to clear some dark energy on a piece of land. Agnihotra will be part of the package. I first read about Agnihotra in Alanna Moore's book, "Stoneage Farming". . In the book, thin soils became fertile when farmers/dowsers set up the intent to allow the devas to reclaim the land. Such is the effect that fertilizer burnt and pesticide poisoned soils became the best organic soils in Australia, much quicker than the usual ten years. This is a different sort of farming where the farmer asks his/her land and deva what it would like to grow instead of forcing an unwanted crop on the environment. Organic farming is exploding worldwide and often the crops the deva want to grow are what the consumer truly needs. The organic produce has a healthy vitality not seen in industrial farming. The Agnihotra likewise can be used as a pest deterrent and has been effective in situations where previously the harshest of poisons were used. Those poisons are sometimes based on heavy metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic and are the same chemicals contributing to escalating cancer rates. Agnihotra or deva farming makes good sense.  
There has been a discussion regarding which is more effective? Agnihotra or Orgonite. From what I have seen they are different tools. Agnihotra leans towards the fire and earth elementals, Orgonite towards air and water. In some situations Agnihotra is the better tool. It is good to have many tools in the medicine bag.
I have not written much about Sylphs lately, I was told not to do so. They have taken a "lickin' but are still tickin'." Mary Kay Croft has seen something new coming. I have known for a while that Solar Angels are coming to earth. They are higher dimensional beings and not intradimensional as the Sylphs and all the deva. Solar Angels are ten to twenty miles in diameter and can clear chemtrails. These angels live in the corona of the sun and high temperature is their normal environment. They will shrug off the e-m and scalar weapons causing the Sylphs so many problems. They have some talents in defusing nuclear wars. They can remove Aetheric Coronal Elements from the magma pockets beneath volcanoes effectively stopping eruptions. They can determine the best level of solar radiation for the earth and make it so.   
Isn't it interesting that solar angels are arriving at the time when Iran is threatened? Did Zarathustra call them in?
Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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