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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
December 5, 2004

Few Americans, save Alaskans, know of the series of H-Bomb tests conducted on this Aleutian island in the early 1970s.

The Nevada 1960s underground tests were conducted about a hundred miles north of Las Vegas and at times the hotels in Vegas were badly shaken. Although the bombs tested were supposedly under one megaton, there were some which were larger. Howard Hughes in his top floor rooms had enough engineering experience to know that his hotel was damaged. This was reported in the biography, "Citizen Hughes" by Michael Drosnin. All the taller casinos and hotels of that era have now been demolished and replaced. Hughes and others in Nevada and the Department of Energy knew that another location was needed to test bombs over a megaton.

Above ground bomb tests were no longer allowed by the test ban treaty of 1963. All tests had to be done underground and there are few suitable places in the world.

The designers of weapons wanted to test five megaton and larger payloads that were to be placed on ICBMs. After much deliberation the Aleutian Islands were selected. These bombs cause five and six Richter scale earthquakes when exploded. At a half mile to one mile depth they leave a crater on the surface. One of these craters is now called Amchitka Lake.

In Vancouver British Columbia the newly formed ecology group, Greenpeace, took up the cause of protesting these explosions. They did a lot of media work and a few of their members landed on the shore of Amchitka in zodiacs. They were arrested.

The theory of continental drift had just become mainstream. Plate Tectonics dates from 1915 but not until the 1968 geophysical convention in Washington D.C. did the idea gain acceptance. Amchitka is directly over one of the more seismically active zones of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Blasting a hole under Amchitka was the near equivalent setting off a bomb on the San Andreas fault in California.

Many in Vancouver were frightened. Petitions were signed and sent to the White House, DOE and Pentagon. Canada and Alaska knew of the threat. Hawaii and Japan were concerned about tsunamis. Some people on the USA west coast protested but there was little mention of the tests in the American media. Vietnam was the big issue. The testing of H-Bombs did not merit attention.

DOE and USGS scientists were reported as not being concerned about triggering sympathetic earthquakes. They were mostly the older geophysicists who fought against Plate Tectonics, even when the weight of evidence was overwhelming. The young Turks of continental drift said punching holes in the Aleutian Islands was risky. Nobody could quantify what was going to happen but the Pentagon needed its bombs and regardless of the debates the tests were going ahead.

In Vancouver amid of all this, a plan was coming together to set up a power group. In November 1970 I attended a noon lecture at UBC. I was wearing my red engineering sweater. The energy coming from the lecturer was hotter than the colour I was wearing. Many of these introductory lectures were set up. Posters were hung everywhere. Thousands were contacted. By March 1971 there were about a hundred who decided to commit themselves to the power group. By the summer of 1971 seventy of us were in an apartment above a shoe repair shop at Kingsway and Knight Road in Vancouver. The auric field of the seventy extended out a quarter mile. Invocations were made setting up a protective energy grid for the Pacific Ring of Fire. Catalytic conditions created by the tests were nullified. The energy fields of the planet were strengthened.

Most of the men and women present were 17 to 22. Some had previous spiritual training. The group was youthful and strong, not darkened by the ways of the world. Those on drugs were told to quit. The rigors of the training were not of mind alone but of the heart too. There were teachings brought forward which none had seen before. Those could not hold the energy were asked to leave. Those who would not let go of their old beliefs were asked to leave. Newagers and metaphysical "bums" were shown the door. Those who "played with fire" left.

The love field was so intense that miracles were happening hourly. During this time I saw my first sylph over Mount Hollyburn.

The establishment of a seventy power group is rare. Seventy Rods of Gold. The torque on the teacher was tremendous. He taught spiritual law with vortexian energy which spun off bolts of energy which penetrated every chakra and beyond.

When a power group is established, all feel it. A power group blows gaping holes in mind control and the lies of the powers that be. The black magicians felt it and attacked us. We were a threat to their plans. We felt the negative psychic attacks of the lower astral and those they controlled. We were taught never give up...hold your power...hold to your principles.

It is now going on 34 years since energy was used to help the planet during the Amchitka blasts. California still exists. Japan is still there. Many predictions regarding the destruction of both lands have been made, but the intent and energy of many power groups have changed the timelines. There are small groups of people all over the world who are putting their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects together and burning through the physical and astral crud on and around this planet.

There are many Love and Light groups saying that they are making changes...but are they? If they are not putting energy into motion through their hearts, minds, souls and bodies they are contributing to the problem. As the teacher said many times, "You have not generated enough heat to warm your casket handles!"

Lukewarm does not cut it. Being on the fence does not work. The way people stop nukes is by putting fire into motion through the body. It takes people with both feet flat on the ground to actualize the work of Christ. "The proof is in the puttin'!" It takes lots of people taking responsibility to change a planet. Your spirit is immortal. Use the Golden Coin that you have been given to induct and discharge the powers of Heaven through you, to the Earth.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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