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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
January 27, 2008

A phenomenon has been sweeping Russia since 1996. With the translation of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series of nine books by Vladimir Megre into English the phenomenon is spreading to America. The phenomenon is HOPE. Hope for a better future. The eighth book has now been translated and the contents are aimed at restoring American faith in the promise of America.

There is a woman in Siberia named Anastasia who has caused a stir in Russia. Some claim she is an invention of Vladimir Megre. Some claim Megre has created a cult but whatever Anastasia is or whoever she is, a wave has been stirred and thought has changed. A tsunami of love has lifted the tortured soul of Russia.

In Book One "Anastasia" we are introduced to the Siberian recluse. She lives in a glade in the taiga near the Ob River. Her roots to the land go back many generations even before the Tsars. This is the same area of Siberia where Rasputin was born. Anastasia's ability to survive in the wild is remarkable. Her clarity of thought is a miracle. She has full access to the akasha as an adept, and many ways she is functioning beyond adept levels.

In the first book, Vladimir Megre learns how to write. He tells a story so improbable for fiction that it most certainly is based on actual events. A 550 year old Siberian Cedar is ringing and two grandfathers travel the Ob to find men to fell the tree. The qualities of the Siberian Cedar, its wood, its nuts and its oil are researched by Megre the entrepreneur and he returns the next year to the same shore of the Ob to find a woman waiting for him. She knew he was coming. Over the next days Vladimir's view of himself and the world is changed. Ancient truths are brought forward.

Vladimir is part of Anastasia's plan to change the gloom and doom scenario that may arise if those who claim to control the world succeed in their plans. She is battling those I have written about in "Four Crows Remain". She is winning. She is the reason why just four crows remain.

We learn of her beloved "dachniks". In 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed, the whole banking system and state controlled apparatus was in disarray. Tens of millions were out of work and there was no money to buy food. Millions of Russians applied for land and were loaned 300 square meters of farmland in which they could grow vegetables. These gardeners called "dachniks" fed 186 million and created a love that rekindled the spirit of "Rodina" or "Mother Russia". Anastasia tells that the Russians reconnected to "Mother Earth" and the strength of the "Sacred Grove" was rediscovered.

In Salmon Arm we have witnessed the miracle of Anastasia in an 85 year old woman named Pat. She was bedridden and grumpy. Reading the seven books available, her attitude changed. She is walking. She is not grumpy. She is planning a garden and in spring she will warm seeds in her mouth before planting.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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