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Ancient DOR Conditions On The Planet

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
February 5, 2005

Wilhelm Reich was able to see and later break up deadly orgone (DOR) conditions in people and places. I believe that he would have developed better techniques to detect DOR if he had been able to continue his work. In his day, he was able to see there were ancient static magnetic conditions on all the continents. Battlefields and graveyards are the habitats static aetheric fields created through both imposed and self-willed regression. He might have determined slain children and innocents subjected to black magic can get trapped in dark confinements. Definitely he saw fire and brimstone preachers causing many of their followers to sink into shame, guilt and denial at death. If he were still alive he would be using orgonite, especially Earthpipes, to break through these dark overcoats of negation and release trapped souls. These soul sparks of life are eternal and could be imprisoned in such states for a long time. Earthpipes are not "saving souls", they are breaking souls out of jail.

In shamanic and indigenous traditions, the rescuing of trapped souls has been an ongoing project for eons. There are sparks of life trapped in the crust of the Earth since the formation of the planet. There are many who have been compressed by shame, guilt and self-judgment for billions of years. There are some that date to the beginning of Creation itself. In the eight books of the Right Use Of Will series by Ceanne DeRohan, these trapped sparks are called "Lost Will".

In Ultimate Journey by Robert A. Monroe these lost sparks are called "Loosh". Monroe, an expert at traveling out of the body, was also able to travel outside his astral body in the perfected body through all time and space. Searching for the purpose of life on Earth, he found that people were attracting and releasing "Loosh". This releasing of trapped sparks of life is a great service to the planet and all life on the planet. Releasing the imprisoned lifts the weight of the regressed state of consciousness; this is the condition which attracted the negative alien races.

In the Right Use Of Will series the explanation of how conditions on Earth were created is given in detail. The moribund Lost Will is extremely difficult to locate. It is also extremely difficult to retrieve. It is also extremely difficult to release. The compressed vortex of denial can squeeze the sparks into small spaces, so cramped that they are not moving. It is by their motion they are located. All manner of energies and frequencies have been used to find them. What has been found to work best are physical beings, plant, animals and humans. The spiritual realms cannot rescue these sparks directly, but working through physical bodies, they can.

People who have acted as facilitators for the retrieval of Lost Will experience strong emotions and pain and with the release of the Lost Will great love. In the "Right Use Of Will" people who experience this catharsis are instructed to not act on the anger felt but to release the emotions and feelings to God as quickly as possible. Higher powers are in place to take the Lost Will.

This is included in Jesus' Parable of The Prodigal Son. It is also part of the meaning of the Parable of The Good Shepherd. Biblically, this process is called the Resurrection of The Dead.

In Power Versus Force by David R. Hawkins, kinesiological tests show that clearing conditions and emotions is best done above the 250 point threshold out of 1000. The higher the better. This work of "Cleaning up the Planet" is being done by people at all levels of consciousness as well as trees and animals. Sylphs and elementals, especially earth elementals "gnomes", have been locating Lost Will.

The planet itself with earthquakes, volcanism and plate tectonics is constantly in motion bringing the old conditions to the surface. The planet needs to release this old condition in order to progress to the next level. God, needs to find the prodigal sons and daughters of Creation in order to create all things anew.

Earth is full of life. Life attracts Life. Like attracts Like. The plan to stir the sparks of Lost Will entails the placement of tens of billions of people on the planet. This is the plan which the Illuminati does not want to happen as it ends their hegemony.

With all the life signals, at all frequencies, there is a saturation point at which even the most asleep sparks will move. The process is not unlike sweeping for electronic bugs. Sweeping requires radio waves of all frequencies to be projected into walls and furniture until all the bugs reflect back their particular frequency and are located. Hulda Regehr Clark and others use the same technique in locating and removing pathogens in the body. Even the viruses, bacteria and parasites cover whole spectrums of the low AM frequency bands. Every frequency is filled. There are few gaps even at the microscopic level of life and it is microscopic life which lives in the rocks next to the lost sparks.

The frequencies which are most important in activating Lost Will are the orgone frequencies. Scalar waves are the same thing. People generate these aetheric waves at all frequencies and intensities. A baby or toddler can generate a scalar beam which can cause his/her parents to beam across the room. This love beam comes from the heart. This is the same beam which is so needed in facilitating the rescue of Lost Will. If everyone on the planet were to open up their hearts at the same time, the Lost Will condition would be ended in a heartbeat. As it is, only a fraction of humanity knows this type of love. That is why tens of billions are needed.

This planet is bountiful. Life abounds everywhere. The frequency is rising and more life is coming to the planet. Earth will always be a mother principle. The mother can feed all her children regardless of how many sit at her table. The mother cries for the children yet to be born. The mother cries for the release of those children who have hidden themselves deep in the planet in shame, guilt and judgment. They will be made free.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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