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Arecibo Interstellar Communications Hub

[Editor's Note: ZS Livingstone has assembled a prolific index of insightful essays and remarkable revelations at this web site for nearly 12 years. This article is no exception. I feel fortunate and blessed that he honors this web site with his extraordinary gifts of perception. There are few in the world who could match his record. How much less would our understanding be without his patient tutelage over these many years. We greatly appreciate his help...Ken ]

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
January 20, 2014

Arecibo Interstellar Communications Hub by ZS Livingstone (Jan. 20, 2014)

Puerto Rico Aricibo quake map Jan 20 2014Ken,

This first long address is to the USGS last 24 hours earthquakes around Puerto Rico for January 20 2014. It is a map of earthquakes over 2.5 Magnitude. All of them are under 4.0M.

This second long address is the text list of the earthquakes. The small earthquakes surrounding Puerto Rico have been happening for years. Many are at 100 km depth. Almost all are beneath the crust in the first part of the mantle.

I now realize these earthquakes are the by-product of interstellar broadcasts from Arecibo.

Arecibo has faster-than-light speed communications with the ships of the Secret Space Program.


Updated: 2014-01-20 19:17:33 UTC-08:00
Showing event times using Local System Time (UTC-08:00) Earthquakes over 2.5 M near Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic on Jan. 20, 2014

2.8 68km SSW of Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico 2014-01-20 09:56:27 UTC-08:00 32.0 km
2.9 90km N of Hatillo, Puerto Rico 2014-01-20 08:52:08 UTC-08:00 53.0 km
2.7 44km N of Arecibo, Puerto Rico 2014-01-20 04:39:52 UTC-08:00 73.0 km
2.9 59km N of Carrizales, Puerto Rico 2014-01-20 04:09:24 UTC-08:00 67.0 km
2.7 2km E of Corozal, Puerto Rico 2014-01-20 04:04:48 UTC-08:00 71.0 km
3.0 71km N of Hatillo, Puerto Rico 2014-01-20 03:58:56 UTC-08:00 51.0 km
2.9 67km N of Hatillo, Puerto Rico 2014-01-20 02:25:30 UTC-08:00 47.0 km
2.8 80km NNW of Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands 2014-01-20 00:21:51 UTC-08:00 38.0 km
2.6 59km NNE of Isabela, Puerto Rico 2014-01-19 23:50:53 UTC-08:00 44.0 km
2.8 15km SSW of La Parguera, Puerto Rico 2014-01-19 23:39:26 UTC-08:00 135.0 km
3.4 67km SSE of Boca de Yuma, Dominican Republic 2014-01-19 21:37:52 UTC-08:00 99.0 km
2.9 72km N of Hatillo, Puerto Rico 2014-01-19 20:36:34 UTC-08:00 49.0 km
3.1 78km N of Hatillo, Puerto Rico 2014-01-19 20:18:15 UTC-08:00 28.0 km

This is technology beyond anything Tesla developed, but Radiant Energy must be one of the intermediary steps as huge aetheric circuits are initiated with each broadcast pulling aether out of the atmosphere and Van Allen Belts. The sustained aether flux down through the Arecibo radio dish must be huge, far greater than what Wardencliff would have developed when fully operational.

With each directed broadcast to the stars, there is an earthquake created around Puerto Rico. With an ephemeris, a 3D google map, and the exact time of the earthquakes, it may be possible to determine where the spaceships are deployed.

As this might be the first interstellar broadcast facility, then the technology is crude. With refinements, they will probably find a way of lessening the concussive blows to the earth along the aetheric circuits. More likely they will move the facility to one of the moons of Jupiter or Saturn where the aetheric flows are higher.

As the operation is military, then Arecibo may be made into a weapon larger than what Tesla had imagined.

Forty years ago, I was taught the speed of light is determined by the interface of physical matter and aether. Physical matter photons can go only as fast as the interface allows; where aether is denser in the atmosphere or a diamond light travels slower. If the geometries of physical matter can be configured to hold an aetheric photon emitter, then those photons travel at the interface speed of aether and the next finer substance. This speed of light would make instantaneous communication to nearby stars possible. The interstellar spaceship would need to be large, to hold its own broadcast apparatus based in physical matter.

Remote Viewers proved it was possible to go to distant stars instantaneously. Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute was able to wiggle out of his physical body and then spin out of his astral body and travel in his perfected body to very distant stars and times. He did not need to create aetheric concussions under Puerto Rico to communicate with the stars. The military is handcuffed to physical matter. Robert Monroe accepted funding from the military and the Monroe Institute is now run by the military, but he did not violate spiritual law and he was able to leave the Earth in 1995, ascended.

In many ways. The Monroe Institute is teaching the Pentagon the spiritual nature of all things. There are problems with some extraterrestrials, but the vast majority are souls connected to Source and working with Love. The Secret Space Program astronauts, in meeting advanced races, are advancing themselves. These astronauts are not warriors as the Pentagon had originally sent them out, but are more like native warriors who are connected to Source and do what Source needs. They truly have "The Right Stuff."

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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