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Sylphs Say The Atmosphere Is Expanding

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
July 5, 2004

In a clear package of spiritual imagery from the sylphs I saw the outer edge of the atmosphere expanding. The main aspects are extradimensional heating and loss of the magnetosphere. The atmosphere on Mars has doubled. More oxygen has been seen in the upper atmosphere of Venus. The moon has an increased sodium ion atmosphere according to a Russian scientist. Changes have been seen in Jupiter and Saturn. The Cassini probe has arrived at Saturn and little in the way of information is being released to the media. Why?

Earth's atmosphere is likewise changing.

The interdimensional transfer of energy has increased. This is the "food" of the sylphs. This is the power they use to create weather systems. It is the same energy many developers of "Free Energy" machines have discovered repeatedly. There has always been abundant Free Energy, now there is more coming into the solar system and into Earth.

With the decrease of the magnetic field the ionized gases at the edge of space are not being swept back to Earth at the poles. When the reversal of the poles happens there will be a time when the weak atmospheric pressures of 80 miles above the surface of Earth will be felt at 300 miles. The loss of the Van Allen Belts will release many particles and ions into lower Earth orbit. The net result would be the loss of all satellites in low orbits. This includes the The Hubble Space Telescope, International Space Station, Global Positioning Satellites, Satellite Telephone, and most of the spy satellites.

Geo-synchronous communications and television satellites at 22,500 miles will not be affected.

The Hubble Telescope and the International Space Station should be boosted to higher orbits. Heavy and nuclear powered satellites likewise should be parked in higher orbits before the tenuous braking effect of the upper atmosphere causes them to fall to earth and hurt people. The amount of space "junk" in orbit is huge. A man-made meteor shower of tens of thousands of pieces of metal, ceramics and plastic could last for more than a year.

George W. Bush's announcement that the Hubble's work will not be continued, may indicate that atmospheric scientists are already aware of the expanding edge of the atmosphere and NASA simply does not have the ability to rescue the Hubble. Hopefully their efforts will go into the space station, as it weighs hundreds of tons.

The loss of spy satellites is a destabilizing influence. All the agencies world-wide which depend on their eyes in the sky, will be blind. There is great peril and uncertainty when these means of intelligence disappear. Machiavellian types use such times to press their agendas.

The fireballs of June could be just the start of a long string of such events. Fifty years of space debris will be coming down. It is going to be interesting.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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