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Sylphs Say The Atmosphere Is Expanding, Part Two

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
July 17, 2004

A friend in Ottawa has sent me articles regarding two fireballs photographed over Finland. Maybe the Russians are bringing down their big "Birds" over "Rodina" where they can collect the pieces and where they are less likely to be sued if a piece falls through the roof of someone's Buick. The spy satellites are unlikely to carry re-entry shielding.

Some of the Cosmos series of satellites were nuclear powered. One of them fell on northern Canada a couple of decades ago. Traces of radioactive material were found in a lake by the US Air Force specialists. Most of the fissionable material was assumed to have burned and dispersed in the atmosphere. The bill for the clean up was sent to the Canadian government and then delivered to the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa. I do not know if the bill has been paid.

If the Russian Space Agency is bringing down its poisoned satellites to burn up over Russia the radiation will become part of the Chernobyl legacy of contaminated soil and ground water.

Particle beams deployed near Pine Gap central Australia may have been used to destroy a large satellite this last week. The Australian government said that there was going to be a "meteor shower" over Oz. Usually meteor showers are global events not just one region.

Particle beams have been deployed in Washington State and most likely in other states to destroy the larger threats if they were falling towards an urban area. A particle beam takes out a satellite in the same way birdshot from a shotgun takes down a duck. In this case the duck is flying at 17,000 mph. A particle beam looks like a blue or red lightning bolt going up into the stratosphere. There is accompanying thunder which can be heard fifty or more miles away. As these blunderbusses are nuclear powered, there is radiation scattered everywhere in the form of fine dust. The radiation would have a signature similar to depleted uranium.

The use of DU in Afghanistan and Iraq is a "cover" for other radiation sources as well.

It is likely that the bunker-busting Tomahawk missiles used in Baghdad were tactical nukes. A lot of treaties have been violated in the use of such weapons. The particle beams violate treaties too.

The sylphs are aware of all the ecological damage being inflicted and they have a plan to transmute the poisons. They need help on the ground. As I wrote before 10,000 Croft Cloud-Busters [Chembusters] are needed world-wide to transmute deadly orgone and the heavier physical elements. Fifteen hundred CBs are needed in Russia. A thousand are needed in India. A thousand are needed in China. A hundred are needed in Iraq. Twenty are needed in Israel. These are difficult places toassemble CBs. What can be done?

Assemble as many as you can in your area, distribute them as far as you can, and visualize your CBs pointing into the sky and grounded into the core of the earth in Baghdad, Moscow, Beijing, Tel Aviv, New Delhi and all the troubled places in the world. If you love New York, London, Rio, Paris, place your virtual CBs there too.

The first CB is the spinal cord. A CB is simply the externalized representation of the kundalini energy. All power-wands are likewise representations of inner principles. Build a CB, learn what it feels like inside you. Work with that feeling and power.

In Arthurian Legend, Arthur pulls Excalibur from a stone and England becomes a land at war. Excalibur in the stone is Peace. Excalibur is spiritual power and sheathed in the bone and flesh, Peace reigns in the land. When the bond of spirit to flesh is broken the land is at war. The more spiritual power that you induct and discharge the greater your Peace. Take Excalibur and sheath it in copper and orgonite. Take Excalibur and sheath it in your backbone.

The atmosphere is expanding. The air pressure at sea level may go from 14.7 psi to over 15 psi as the near vacuum gases increase and expand into the Van Allen Belts. With a thicker atmosphere there is greater heat at ground level. Pollution as well as the chemtrails needs to be transmuted so that a crystal clear atmosphere can radiate excess heat into space at night. Eastern Asia has a huge pollution problem which needs to be rectified or else global warming climate changes will be felt there worse than in other parts of the world. Build CBs.

The large sylphs can stop destructive weather if they have the ground based tools to help them. The monsoons are sylph generated weather systems which provide moisture to areas which would be deserts, areas like India. The destructive aspects can be overcome if enough people help in transmuting the deadly orgone over the land. India could have gentler, more spread out monsoons. Why should Bangladesh be inundated yearly? Why shouldn't Saudi Arabia be forested coast to coast?

The NWO plan is environmental destruction and depopulation through pulling Excalibur from the flesh, releasing unending war.

The sylph plan is environmental balance and the greatest life potential for the planet by putting Excalibur back in the living sheath, the Earth itself. Real Peace.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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