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Bigger Nukes Being Detonated At Greater Depths

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
December 15, 2009

Bigger Nukes Being Detonated At Greater Depths by ZS Livingstone (Dec. 15, 2009)

Watching the IRIS Seismic Monitor over the months, especially since the Wilber II seismograms are again linked to some of the earthquakes being triggered by one megaton and greater nukes, now have replaced the 20,000 to 60,000 kiloton bombs previously employed. And now explosions are being generated at depths up to 600 kilometers. The Richter scale readings have gone from an average of 4.7 to over 5.7 with many in the 7.0 range.

They are averaging about two detonations per day, and some days more than six detonations affecting many parts of the world.

Even with this increase of magnitude, only one killer tsunami produced hit Samoa with intended effect, In the days following the tsunami, the ocean floor was riddled with earthquakes, many appearing to be nuclear in nature. There was a concerted effort to create a big shift on the ocean floor fault but the earth continued to hold her own.

Many suspicious quakes in the 4.7 Richter range at 10 kilometers depth have happened in Sichuan, China and neighbouring states. These quakes appear to be nukes delivered down drill holes with the intent of developing sizable petroleum and natural gas reserves away from the coasts where China's largest reserves are currently being developed.

Nukes for opening new oil fields appear to have been used in Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Tanzania, Aden, Iraq, Algeria, the Canadian Arctic, the Coast of Oregon, Australia and Northern Norway. The sheer volume of oil and natural gas now oozing upwards from the earth's mantle may be the equivalent of hundreds of billions of crude oil.

During this time of the Copenhagen Conference in Denmark to supposedly lessen carbon dioxide emissions, oil companies and many nations are pushing production to extraordinary levels. Are the oil companies and these nations planning to cap and trade these wells? The value of these deep wells could create a derivative bubble beyond any stock bubble ever seen before. Over seventy Third World countries are pulling out of Copenhagen recognizing that they do not have the capital to handle carbon credits. The poor would become poorer.

The big question keeps arising: How are nukes being placed 600 kilometers deep? Stargate technology? The deepest quakes are in pockets under Fiji, Indonesia and Bolivia. On the seismograms, these explosions are like the thud of a boxer's mitt hitting hard on a heavy bag. There is not much movement and hardly any aftershocks. With all the deep explosions, the seismic mapping of the inner world must be complete and detailed.

I have slept on this question over many nights. I have asked psychics to look into the matter. One reported that she saw a nuke in a cave and no other machinery anywhere to be seen. I keep waking up with images of Stargates.

I remember in the 1950s and 60s, every physic's basement in the Western world had a huge Tesla Coil. Then in the 1970s, reports of research into high voltages stopped. Tom Bearden started writing about the breakthroughs by the Soviets in Scalar Technology after the 1976 "Woodpecker" beat was heard. Bearden does not report the breakthroughs in America in the 1920s and 30s leading scientists to believe they could make a naval ship disappear in 1943 in Philadelphia's harbour. The ability of Stargates to place nukes deep underground points to a highly sophisticated technology. It is possible the nukes are being deposited from a different time and planet. Michael Relfe reports that there is a Stargate to Mars located in Michigan.

The feeling from these blasts is "Anti-Life". The people doing this are psychopaths. They are trying to kill as many people as they can without destroying the planet. They plant bigger nukes at deeper depths in a multi-staged plan. They have no clue as to the tipping point where all life on the planet could be destroyed. A pack of Dr. Strangeloves.

Yet I am not worried. I awake each morning knowing that their plans will not work. Everything is being tracked and neutralized. Mother Earth is holding her own.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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