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Biotic Generation Of Oil

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
March 20, 2004


I was told about the planet's ability to generate oil by David Livingstone in 1971. He said that there was no lack of oil as the planet is constantly creating more. This was at the time when one gallon of gas cost less than 50 cents. During the oil embargo of 1973 after the Arab-Israeli War, David said that there was no shortage of oil or gas in western nations at anytime. The tanks were full at refineries and super-tankers were waiting to unload off the coast. David was able to check what was happening during travels in the etheric. He said that the price hike was a scam.

As I wrote to you before, I had a hard time accepting Biological Transmutations. Now I can see how bacteria is able to "eat" silicates and generate petroleum. It is a simple transmutation converting silicon into carbon releasing oxygen and hydrogen. Both petroleum and water are generated at the same time and that is how it is found. Petroleum is often discovered floating atop briny water.

David was not concerned about the burning of hydrocarbons. He was more concerned about other pollutions creating holes in the ozone and nuclear poisons. Much of the extra carbon dioxide has been taken up by trees and plants. It has helped in meeting the need to feed more people. The forests are now far thicker than 100 years ago. He talked about the development of "Free Energy" and using oil for other valuable needs. He forsaw that the planet would never run out of oil.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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Hi Z,

I would like to post this. OK with you?

Found out from someone who had an alien encounter that oil can be produced by a certain species of bacteria that can make it from granite rock. It lives at a certain pressure and heat zone and not on the surface. Reich had discovered this I was told. Same souce said that Hitler was produing this using pressure chambers, but the allies kept blowing up his production facilities.


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The title should be "Biotic Generation Of Oil", as abiotic means without life. Anaerobic would also be correct as it is a process that does not need free oxygen. Please add your editorial comment, as David Livingstone told us that science was already aware of processes used to generate petroleum.


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