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Bubbles Upon Bubbles Upon Bubbles

By "Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
January 1, 2012/

Bubbles Upon Bubbles Upon Bubbles by ZS Livingstone (Jan.1, 2013)

There is an artificial pricing bubble on petroleum. Corporations and governments are colluding to keep the price of oil high. Corporations want the profits and governments want the royalties and taxes. With all the drilling and fracking happening worldwide supplies are growing rapidly. Either the commodity markets are fudging their figures or the oil companies are under reporting all their reserves. Since the ownership of oil is a near monopoly who is going complain or file suit?

Canada has two hundred and fifty years worth of natural gas capped. Drilling in the Peace River region stopped five years ago. Bakken Field in the Dakotas and Southern Saskatchewan is deep oil and some of its oil is now moving to the refineries. Bakken will make the USA self-sufficient in oil within five years. Bakken is four hundred years of oil for the USA at current consumption. There is no shortage and other nations are busily drilling for huge quantities of deep oil too. There will soon be a glut.

Calgary's "day of the cardboard boxes" was the last Friday in June in 1981. Houston's was a bit earlier. That was the time when the price of crude oil dropped to ten dollars per barrel after reaching eighty dollars per barrel in the 1970s after the 1973 Arab oil embargo. Pink slips went out to three quarters of the employees in the office towers of Calgary and they left carrying their personal belongings in cardboard boxes. Alberta and Texas had ten hard years.

The money not going to pay for gasoline went back into the consumer's pockets and fuelled an inflationary boom. The bankers hiked up interest rates and pocketed the money again. What they had been making through their oil companies they were subsequently making in interest rates and foreclosures. An economic oil bubble became an interest rate bubble. Wealth was consolidated into the hands of the One Percenters even more firmly.

Will the corporations and governments pop the oil price bubble in the next few months? Will the One Percenters take a fiscal hit in order to create economic turmoil...a desperate throw of the dice...all or nothing? Their net worth is based on one bubble built upon another bubble upon another bubble going back the Tulip Bulb Bubble of 1630 in Holland. The Napoleonic Wars were a bubble. The Two World Wars were bubbles. The 1929 Depression was a popped bubble as the stock market was a Ponzi Scheme and still is. The bankers could loose everything as all the current stock market bubbles collapse one after another.

We still have the DotCom bubble. Supposedly it crashed after the Y2K software technology dilemma. We have a lot of computer companies whose stock value are many times their earnings and assets. False values adds up to a false economy.

The One Percenters will lose everything. With their popping the oil bubble and all the other bubbles the world economy will go to Free Energy. If they do not take that plunge the world will still go to Free Energy. They cannot imprison everyone.

With Free Energy everyone is a billionaire. Actually there is no dollar figure which can be attached to infinite energy and infinite wherewithal. Everyone will be autonomous and equal. There will be no need for kings and presidents. There will be no need for taxes. There will be no need for banks. All the parasitic entities will be gone. Free Energy comes from Source and has always been abundant. Earth will become an advanced planet with a real economy based on truth...the same truth miraculously written into the US Constitution.

Replacing the bubbles upon bubbles upon bubbles will be worlds upon worlds upon worlds to explore.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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