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Bully Bombings

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
April 20, 2013

Bully Bombings by ZS Livingstone (April 20, 2013)


The vast majority of the bombs exploded in Lebanon, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan over the past decade were planted by counter-insurgency forces in order to terrorize the citizens. They were not false flag bombings as you have pointed out. General Petraeus planned counter-insurgency attacks on Iraqi villages with his forces at night and then came in with the same men in uniform stopping the attacks in the following weeks.

Many Iraqis saw Petraeus as their saviour. Afghani President Karzai last month said the latest bombings in Kabul were done by military contractors in order to press Karzai into keeping western forces in Afghanistan for a longer period of time. Many of these bombings were called false flag attacks, but were not technically false flag attacks. For centuries, the British Navy would shell coastal towns and then land demanding the local leaders to surrender, even though they did not start the war. It was called "Gun Boat Diplomacy". Bully Diplomacy.

Bully Bombings might be a better term for the Boston Bombings. In a lot of situations where bullies threaten anonymously, the fear instilled is greater. Having nobody claim responsibility for the bombings increases the fears in Boston and the rest of the USA. Then placing Boston under "lockdown" (prison term) while police forces search everywhere increases the fear. It is amazing one of the two brothers is still alive. They are patsies. It is very likely the real bombers knew where their patsies were at all times. Lee Harvey Oswald had tails on him going into the theatre after leaving the cafeteria on the second floor of the Book Repository Building. There might have been a long list of potential patsies and the choice of two Chechens came about twelve hours after the bombings because the American public would not believe "loyal American preppers" as bombers. Most Americans do not know how Putin blamed Chechens after a Moscow apartment block exploded during an election. He then shelled Grozny to rubble and won the election. Chechens have been used as patsies many times.

Bullies are cowards. Anonymous bullies are even more cowardly.


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