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Cloudships in the Shuswap

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
July 8, 2006

Lake Shuswap, July 28, 2006 At 9:30 the evening of June 28 2006 cloudships returned to Lake Shuswap [B.C., Canada]. The air was still and a dozen lenticular clouds dotted the sky in all directions. The best defined cloud was about eight to ten thousand feet over Sunnybrae between Bastion and Tappen Mountains. It was about four miles in diameter and showed ridges on its sides similar to finger marks on wet clay in the process of being molded into a bowl on a potter's wheel. There was no rotational motion on the cloud and the cloud remained the same shape and in same position for over an hour. There were no chemtrails. (full screen view)

My wife photographed the cloudship and phoned many others to do the same. There are photos from many different vantage points including one in the local newspaper calling the Sunnybrae cloud an Unidentified Floating Object. I climbed onto the roof of our house and counted twelve clouds. I phoned CH twenty miles south and she counted sixteen. Another in Vernon fifty miles south of Salmon Arm saw cloudships too.

I tried tuning into the cloudships. Angelic presences were in the clouds. Again, like three years ago, I was not getting any specific message other than, "We are here to help clean up the planet." I was easily feeling abundant gratitude from the sylphs who were not generating their own vapour signatures. Almost directly overhead there was a faint and fuzzy oval shaped cloud about five miles in diameter and it was generating a love pulsation greater than the sylphs. The fuzzy cloud also felt angelic but a different sort of angel than the cloudships.

There were other things happening in the sky. My wife's four meg digital picture showed pucker-like marks in the blue sky in the top right hand corner of the photo at 1600% magnification. They appeared to be squares with spheres in the middle. They were portals of some nature. I slept on the phenomena three nights and could not determine the nature of the cloudships and the other angelic identities. My outer mind was not allowing the understanding to come forward.

On July 1 2006 a group of us came together for a mediation. During the two hours I was able to ground and maintain conscious awareness within the body. About ninety minutes into the meditation I knew I was getting information but the physical brain refused to understand the psychic imagery. It was too alien. I stomped my feet and demanded understanding. Finally understanding trickled in. I fretted about writing what I saw for a week and now, while pouring two hundred orgonite muffin tray Tower Busters, I feel I can write.

Sperm Whales!

Humpbacks too?... No...Sperm Whales!

I saw a dozen or more sperm whales, heads down, tails up, in a stonehenge like circle...singing.

Hundreds of tons of blubber levitated, merkaba fashion, in the sky. Whales deep in an ocean came together and hooted, whistled and screeched powerful intonations, ripping a hole in time and space and projected themselves through the hole. They are not from Earth! Their consciousness is angelic. Their understanding of the universe is angelic. Their singing is angelic. Hosannah! Hosannah! Hosannah!

Creatures of the deep have charted the stars since the formation of watery planets. Space is natural to them. Their huge brains that can accoustically map the oceans, can just as easily map the stars in the aether.

In the watery element, aether is dense and without hands whales are able to fashion spaceships and stargates at whim. Sperm whales are legendary for the depths to which they can dive. 10,000 feet? 20,000 feet? How high can they jump? 10,000 light-years? 20,000 light-years?

How many planets have our whales visited? 100? 200? Will they leave and not return?

The Navy has been blasting 230 decibel sonar into the ears of whales for a decade. They say they are looking for stealthy subs or are they trying to kill whales?

One of the strange images I received was of an attack-sub chasing after some "biologicals" and passing through a wormhole to a watery planet hundreds of light-years distant. The crew were perplexed for many days as to the lack of noisy tankers and total electro-magnetic silence. Lots of "biologicals" surrounded the sub. Surfacing, they could not pick up any satellites. The air pressure was wrong. The stars were wrong. They are now mapping the planet, but have little left in the reactors. They will have to go native.

Another image was calving on Earth and eating on other planets. For some reason there is an advantage to being born on Earth.

Another image was the transfering of millions of tons of fish to Earth's oceans to help feed mankind.

Another image was the teleporting of huge quantities of seawater to other planets to protect the coastal cities. Some planets are entirely covered by water and more water does not cause problems there.

The oceanic "biologicals" have been helping humanity for millennia.

At this time we have hundreds of planets working with the whales and dolphins. But are they Earth's whales? Maybe whale watching is "first contact"? Maybe "seeing" whales singing in the sky is not so weird as it seems?

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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