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Commanding and Demanding

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
March 21, 2004

Dear Donna,

The work that all gifters are doing is clearing the channels through the body and all are becoming more powerful. Carol is a powerful psychic and Don is a powerhouse of orgone energy. They are able to move mountains because they command and demand through their consciousnesses that right law and order prevail. Everyone has the same powers but due to religious training and the disenfranchising system we live under most do not believe that they have the power.

A simple visualization will bring back the basics. Imagine that you are a little girl. It is the day before Christmas. How do you feel? Energized! Yes! Your imagination is working on a grand scale. You are full of joy and excitement. The tingly feeling moving through your body is spiritual power. It is magic. Imagination is creative visualization and that is your internal powerwand. The same buzz which you feel when you pour new orgonite is moving through your whole body. You see yourself as being able to do all things.

A dark soul will selfishly use that power to manifest personal wants and in turn creates fear, hate, envy, lust greed and superstition.

A wiser more spiritual person will use the power to serve others, the greatest good for the greatest number. On the forums the key intent is to heal the planet. The selfless path eliminates fear, hate, envy, lust, greed and superstition. By its nature the path of service goes against everything the NWO stands for.

It takes practise and strength to wield the internal powerwand. A basic exercise is to project "healing intent" into a nearby lake. As water has enormous capacity for orgone, it will not reflect back at you. Expect miracles! Expect healings! Practise by putting both hands out, palms down. Feel the buzz move off the hands. There will be gratitude from the earth returning back to you.

Laying a healing on the waters and the natural kingdoms will set up protection for you. It will make it difficult for the negative to UFO to stay in your area. People will be miraculously healed, even years later. Make the healing as universal as possible and you will witness surprises. Water is a battery which keeps its charge for a long time.

Which gem-room is the center for pHARMa bio plagues? The largest one for plagues was over south China, but that one is gone. That is why there have not been too many new plagues. My intuition says Iceland but then Cape Verde Islands, and other islands along the mid-ocean ridges spring to mind. There are three etheric zones over the Sahara. Ahaggar Mountains in southern Algeria, the Tibesti Mountains in northern Chad and the mountains of western Sudan are ancient Hot Spots. These areas have been misused. Increased desertification of sub-Saharan plus the use of pHARMa bio-plagues throughout central Africa points towards these three zones as problematic, as their arcs of influence take in most of infected Africa.

It took me 22 years of training before I was strong enough to successfully attack into the lower astral realms in 1992. In 1987 I attempted but was repulsed. That led to voodoo-like attacks for a long time.

I would recommend your working with healing intent first individually or in small groups. Practise with the powerwand on water and without the powerwand. Go at your own speed following inner guidance. With the healing intent that you have already established you will soon break the connection to the UFO that has been bothering you.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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