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Sylphs Do Battle Against Chemtrails over Costa Mesa-May 13, 2005

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
May 23, 2005

Re: Sylphs Battle Chemtrail Spew Planes Over Orange County, California, May 13, 2005

USAF officers and Navy brass believe they are doing battle against "Principalities and Powers Of The Air" cited in the New Testament. The neo-con politicians over them foster this belief. I heard a colonel in the army national guard quote chapter and verse on the subject without going into details on the actual battle plan. Such men and women think that they are doing "God's Work". Of course they are bright enough to hide the battle in the heavens behind a wall of secrecy lest the public think they are stark raving bonkers.

Many in the Pentagon actually believe sylphs are the minions of the devil and they have God's permission to strike them from the sky by whatever means. Even if the removal of the deva of the air would mean the destruction of all life on earth.

When I decided to back Don Croft's cloud-busting efforts June 2002 it was with the intent of revealing air elementals to those who were working with them...the orgonite makers. They were and are working towards healing the planet, the same goal as the sylphs.

Ages ago sylphs were used by black magicians as familiars and agents. Those days are over. The only powers of the air and principalities of the sky posing a threat to earth are in the lower aetheric, the first four levels of the astral realms. This region of space is now limited to the zone above the ionosphere and below the Van Allen Belts and this redoubt is shrinking. That is where great battles are now raging. The battle in the air is but a facsimile of what is happening in the unseen in low earth orbit. Every spew trail transmuted is another battle in heaven won.

The astral entities controlling the NWO are fighting on two fronts, on the ground and towards the Van Allen Belts and the higher astral realms. They are losing, losing badly. Their channelled lies are getting more strident as they lose battle after battle. Their lines of communication are dropping one by one as the oracles can no longer maintain contact. The human ouija boards are finding it difficult to operate at the frequencies now permeating the solar system.

The heavens will be rolled up like a scroll. The lower astral realms are being rolled now.

The ones who try to hide under the mountains will be revealed and removed. There is no place on the earth or below the earth for the sons/daughters of denial to hide. The earth will be cleared.

John D. Rockefeller will soon leave this plane of existence. He will not be able to transfer to another body. Nor will he be able to set up shop in the lower astral. All his efforts were in vain.

The Battle over Costa Mesa and the Los Angeles Basin has been an attempt to re-establish a beach-head back into the important communications nexus of southern California. An aetheric "Battle of the Bulge".

As Don Croft has pointed out so many times the poisoning of the air is part of a mind control program. As there is poisoning of the air and the poisoning of the mind control electro-magnetic spectrum, there is also poisoning of the orgone. Orgonite helps clear the Deadly Orgone. The "Crows" need Hollywood but their grip is loosening. Have you noticed the high number of horror movies. Have you noticed people do not go to them as they did in the past. Have you noticed there has not been suitable replacements of the "action heroes" who populated our screens for decades. Their fascist ideology is wearing thin. Episode III of Star Wars is anti-fascist.

Will Hollywood continue to make pictures following the advice of astrologers who sacrifice children to idols of Moloch? Their days are ending.

Friday May 13 2005 was a battle for the control of all levels of media through the Hollywood nexus. The sylphs won. There will be future battles but the war is going badly for the slayers of children.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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