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DNA Activation Part 2

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
November 9, 2007

DNA Activation Part 2 by ZS Livingstone (Nov. 10, 2007)

Many people wrote asking how does one activate DNA? Activation is best achieved through alignment to the Higher Self and visualization of the cubes and spheres of inside the nucleus of the cell. Activation happens naturally as the individual works in love and service to others. Activation is accelerated in unity consciousness with others.

The greatest difficulty is duality consciousness or the belief the individual is separate from Source. Duality mindedness has been humanity's problem for millennia. The physical density appears to be composed of billions who have little connection to one another. The truth is that all is one and indivisible. There is only one spark of life and everyone shares this selfsame spark. Separateness is an illusion. The third dimension and the lower levels of the fourth dimension are caught in the illusion of duality. The thoughts of mankind are a sea of carnality. We all think the same broken concepts by thinking in our worldly ways. Few are connected to their higher self and thinking the thoughts of the divine. Few recognize the divine in others.

The path to high self has always been the same. The whole mind is a chalice of thought and is capable of transmuting carnal thought of fear, hate, greed, lust envy and superstition into pure thought of love. A vortex of power descends from the fifth dimension and activates the pituitary/pineal. The energy level of the consciousness increases and infuses all the chakras with light. Toxic thought and toxic matter within the mind and body is changed or expelled.

Deadly orgone is transmuted into Healthy orgone within the whole beingness.

Unity thinking is power. Straight thinking in the abstract is needed in order to transmute carnal thought. Negating or denying carnal thought does not work, as such practises do not bring acceptance of responsibility and the acceptance of the original purity of all thought. Carnal thought is damaged pure thought, damaged by those who misused spiritual power long ago. Hold the one pure thought of divine source and the dark thoughts of humanity dissolve like fog under a hot sun. Carnal thought is "dumbed-down mind-limited thought". Divine thought is pristine high intelligence totally free of the dark forces of mind control and its hypnotic hold on humanity.

There have been many schools established teaching unity consciousness with high self. One of the current schools is named "A Course In Miracles" taking fourteen months to complete. It takes great discipline to master unity thinking and break the age old habits of duality thinking. "ACIM" is not perfect and the number of people who have successfully ignited the flaming sceptre of truth within their consciousnesses are few. One of the courses problems is the use of double negatives in the text making reading difficult. Bravos to those who successfully complete the course.

It is difficult to achieve higher energy levels and sustain them. The parasitic entities of the lower astral realms prey upon humanity and humans carrying power are deliberately targeted. There are many tricks used by the parasites and for the most part energy is externalized in interpersonal conflicts and unbalanced relationships. It takes years to understand their thieving ploys. For a better understanding of the nature of the lower astral read Robert A. Monroe's three books: "Journeys Out Of The Body", "Far Journeys" and "Ultimate Journey".

One of the greatest stumbling blocks to unity consciousness is getting accustomed to the increase in spiritual power. Millions are now experiencing an acceleration of consciousness and do not have a clue what is happening to them. People are being activated by their higher selves as was agreed upon before birth but they have not received the understanding of high energy biology. Some have intuitively grasped what is happening to them. Most do not have a clue. The metaphysical books I have read skip over the subject regarding what the body feels like when activated. It is as if there are no words to describe the buzzing of the skin or the hot flow of the kundalini. Heart-felt warmth is one of the few terms people do understand.

When I visualize the activation of the DNA my body feels like a dynamo with spiralling electrical and magnetic fields. The perfection of the design of the human body is not just on the physical plane but on many planes simultaneously. It is thrilling.

God's Creation is Perfect. Activate your DNA and feel the perfection.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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