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DNA Activation Part 3, Renewal

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
March 23, 2008

DNA Activation Part 3, Renewal by ZS Livingstone (March 23, 2008)

The End Times are also the Beginning Times. Even Stephen Jay Gould in his theory of "Punctuated Equilibrium" an addendum on Darwin's Theory of Evolution recognized that new species arose after times of great changes. There is ample evidence in the geologic record of new plants and animals appearing seemingly by magic even when there appears to be little or nothing to give birth to the new species.

With the increasing energy and accelerating frequencies permeating the Earth the old blueprints in DNA are being reviewed in preparation for new DNA blueprints to be activated and new animals and plants will be appearing on Earth. The new children arriving are demonstrating extraordinary gifts.

Life in the Third Dimension is fragile and there are many radiological and chemical threats to the integrity of DNA. In the formation of the crust of the Earth uranium was seeded billions of years ago in order to breakdown rocks into arable topsoil. If Earth did not have uranium this would be a very rocky planet with just a fraction of the life potential it is now carrying. With the uranium comes the heavy metals, the breakdown isotopes such as lead and many others that are mutogenic, altering DNA. In the plan for seeding life to Earth there are "dispensational" times where windows open to the "Workshops of Creation" and the old broken-down DNA is repaired or replaced. More is given to Earth. New plans are created. New foods are given.

In deep meditation two weeks ago I asked source about potential food shortages caused by the failure of Monsanto's Terminator Seeds and other GMO crops. I was told not to worry about it, there is a plan in place. During the next few days I caught glimpses of the new grains and vegetables. I saw bananas with higher tryptophan content. I was shown new species of dwarf rice. I saw enough food to feed a planet in the tens of billions, abundance galore. There are new species growing now in anticipation of any potential difficulty.

Then I was given a single word, "Chimera". In the dictionary: Greek Mythology, a fire-breathing female monster with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail; Biology, an organism containing genetically different tissues, formed by grafting, mutation or gene splicing. I saw an image of all chimera plants and animals unable to make the frequency transition, their DNA unravelled and died. GMO Corn, GMO Soybeans, GMO Canola, etc. will fail in sequence over the next few years making it possible for heritage seeds and new species to fill the potential gaps.

There were actual chimera in ancient times. One I saw in a book of Babylonian statuary and bas-relief showing a bearded king carrying a lemur like animal with human hands in place of its four paws. The quality of the bas-relief was excellent indicating that the sculptor was in the presence of the actual animal. Someone knew how to gene splice 3000 to 4000 years ago. In that such an animal would be invaluable for orchardists if it was domesticated, it would be with us today. In that it is not with us today, it failed to reproduce or it failed to make the transition 2000 years ago at the time of Christ.

Not included in New Age literature is the Aries/Pisces DNA Activation 2000 years ago. Life on Earth did not collapse. There was a smooth switch-over from the problems of the death of the Annunaki during the Age of the Ram, Aries, to the Age of the Fish, Pisces. New species were introduced and Human DNA was upgraded. Human life expectancy had been dropping but now is increasing. Homo Sapiens were an Extra-terrestrial/Neanderthal hybrid and with the inner work of Christ all DNA was made new. The Star-Seeded Nations around the world made the transition because the Source Code in the DNA was perfect. Life on Earth does not need to collapse in order for a New Creation to commence. Humanity is connected to Source not the Annunaki or any other extra-terrestrials who attempt to over-write the Source Code. Humanity is whole, sound and perfect.

Stephan Jay Gould if he were writing this piece would attempt to include Darwinism in the last paragraph and theorize how Survival of the Species and the Law of the Jungle selected the lifeforms which now exist. I cannot think of any possible way Darwinism can account for the vast diversity of life on Earth. I see an infinitely intelligent Creator manifesting infinitely varied life on a very beautiful planet.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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