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The Day The Earth Stood Still

[Editor's Note: The Illuminati believes (or want us to believe) that 2012 is a "drop dead" date in which certain things MUST be accomplished if they and their 'inside' mucky muck cohorts are going to survive and thrive during the "rebuilding" period following the devastation that is suppose to occur topside in 2012 as a result of the passage of Planet X. It certainly correlates with what we observe externally: the building of hundreds of underground bases/cities worldwide for which lying NWO sell-outs like Janet Napolitano and Dr Richard Besser of the CDC already have their "tickets", the desire to kick off World War III with an attack against Iran orchestrated by the psychopathic Zionists and their latest wind-up doll, Netanyahu, the building of hundreds of FEMA concentration camps to handle the dwindling population of un-lobotomized American 'dissidents', the ramping up of chemtrail sprayings to get the bulk of the world's population immune-crippled, and the nearly desperate "need" to kick off some kind of world wide "pandemic", which apparently is becoming a Herculean task. Maybe other forces are at work, throwing a spanner wrench into all of these Grand Plans? You never know. Or as Don Ameche noted in his last movie: "things change" ..Ken Adachi]

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
May 3 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still by ZS Livingstone (May 3, 2009)

Subject: Universal Planet Movers Revisited

The day the earth stood still was written in Joshua Chapter 10 Verses 12 to 15 in the Bible and revisited by Immanuel Velikovsky in 1949 in "World's in Collision". He theorized Venus in an irregular orbit flew near to the Earth and caused the Earth to stop for a day. The way he writes about the day circa 1400 to 1700 BC he sees some sort of temporary tidal lock and then the Earth starts rotating again. If such a close encounter did happen the crust of the Earth would have been severely displaced twice and we would still be in caves 3400 to 3700 years later.

Something has altered the planetary orbits. The orbits have been "tamed" many times. The orbits are too circular as Jupiter should have pulled all the inner planets into more elliptical or life endangering orbits billions of years ago. Every ten thousand years or so something or someone comes along and corrects the orbits. In this situation the whole earth is levitated, without inertia, keeping the crust from shifting and placed in a safer orbit. The whole Earth becomes a giant UFO and flies from an elliptical orbit to a more circular orbit. The moon is at the precise position that it neatly occludes the sun during most solar eclipses. It is a cosmic "Kilroy was here" to mankind.

Carl Sagan the Cornel Astrophysicist on his PBS show marvelled at the orderliness of the Cosmos. He was the man who was supposed to have discredited Velikovsky. Sagan did the math and found the orbits to be too orderly. The only possible answer was the planets changed orbits and that Velikovsky was correct. An agency or intelligence was doing the moving.

The timetable for moving planets appears to be in the ten thousand year range but could be in the five thousand year Mayan Calendar period. The events in Joshua may have been a Venusian correction with some changes made to the Earth's orbit.

If the Mayan Calendar starts at 3115 BC and ends on 2011 AD could it mark two planned corrections of Earth orbit?

Should the Earth stop rotating when it is levitated and placed into an inertia-less state for about a day..... for a day time will have stopped.

Also in Joshua 10:12, "Sun, stand still over Gibeon; Moon, stop over Aijalon Valley." The moon was likewise levitated and held harmless so it would not collide with the Earth. Whoever is moving the planets wishes no harm to mankind and is going to extraordinary measures to prevent harm in both the short term and the long term.

Was the "End of Time" a Judgment Day? Joshua and his people were alive before, during and after the day the earth stood still. Mostly the judgment was wielded by human hand. Those with God like power to move planets were not judging humanity, they were making life on Earth better by preventing a planetary collision and placing the Earth in the "just right" temperature zone around the sun.

The Greek word 'apocalypse' originally meant 'revelation' the uncovering or revealing. Over the centuries the belief that the time of the revealing was the violent end of the world came into the religious texts. The earlier Mayan Calendar starting date of 3115 BC date was the end of the Old Kingdom of Egypt and for a century Egypt and the world was in chaos. Humanity survived. Human institutions did not. Could the time of the revealing uncover the lies of the past? Crisis tends to cut to the core and when the sun stands still in the sky or the night does not end, belief structures are questioned. When some agency picks up a planet and places it in a different orbit, kings loose their kingdoms.

Maybe Carl Sagan argued with his Illuminati handlers the danger was not the movement of the planets and stars but the movement of people against the existing social and religious structures. Maybe Carl wanted to reveal the truth in order to prevent people from panicking? The Illuminati did not want the truth revealed and opted to use the panic to facilitate depopulation of the planet and to create a draconian political system which would control the survivors.

Carl Sagan died of a rare cancer likely due to radioactive isotope poisoning. He died because he wanted people not to panic and the Illuminati were concerned the message would eventually be made public so he was poisoned the cruel way he was to make other scientists afraid of making the same revelation. Carl Sagan...Truthseeker.

At this time the Bird/Swine Flu concoctions, both chimera virals and anti-virals shots are attempting to add weight to an artificial media generated panic. This and all the other manmade disaster scenarios are only going so far then blocked by unseen energies. At no time have the Black Nobility or Illuminati ever controlled Earth or humanity.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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