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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
August 13, 2003

A selection of original manuscripts translated and edited by Geza Vermes, published by, The Folio Society, London, 2000.

For fifty years the chosen scholars withheld their translations of the scrolls found in 1947 in Qumran, in the northwestern part of the Dead Sea basin. Conspiracy theories on the motives behind the reluctance of the translators to release their findings abound. Most New Agers believe that the Essenes had established a "school to train prophets in the desolate lands below Jericho."

After reading the scroll called "The Community Rules" I realized how impossibly tough the school actually was. In fact, it would have been impossible for even a dedicated student of spirituality to attain God Conscious Awareness in the environment of Qumran. Qumran is the lowest point on the planet. Most of the successful Mystery Schools were on mountain tops or in places conducive to spiritual awakening. Qumran was a school which produced only one Righteous Teacher and when he denounced Qumran he was labeled "The Liar".

The Galilee or Gilead are far better places to set up "Upper Room" schools.

For two hundred years Qumran endured and it created conflicted men who spread their fight within Palestine and later against Rome. Qumran created the folly of Masada. Qumran was not intended to lead men (and very few women) to God. Its Rules as listed in the scrolls would have made it extremely difficult to "Know The Father Within". Qumran created zealots not holy men. They would have been tortured souls not liberated spirits. That is exactly what the political and temple leaders wanted.

The first glaring difficulty was that leaders of the community were rabbis who attained their ranks by birth into priestly families. All the members of the community obeyed the rabbis and were judged on their behaviour or piety by those who did not follow the same rules of righteousness as based on Moses' teachings. The rabbis had the best food and choice places to sit at the communal table. They were able to say things which the novices could not say without being censured by the same rabbis. The teachers themselves had not achieved righteousness in a school which supposedly taught righteousness.

The rabbis were like dogs in a manger, they do not eat the straw nor by their barking allow the cattle to eat that which was provided.

The rabbis did not want the prophesized "Annointed One" to come and reveal that they were spiritual frauds. The political leaders did not want the "King of the Jews" to replace them in a popular uprising. The reptilians who were manipulating the rabbis and leaders did not want their three thousand year struggle for control of the world up-ended by a powerful soul who happened to have created life on Earth. The reptilians had many cunning plans to thwart the spiritual awakening of the Hebrews and all the people of the world. The spiritual awakening of the Jews is one of the key components in the invoking power through the planetary grid. That is why the reptilians have abused them for over five thousand years.

The school by the Dead Sea was a trap, a spiritual dead-end. It could not have worked but a man who spent forty days in the desert and achieved righteousness fulfilled the words of the prophets.

Jesus was never crucified. The reptilians rewrote the gospels. The killing of the righteous teacher was their plan from the start. They could not lay a finger or claw on him.

After Jesus left the Earth they inserted deadly intent in symbolic language and made the whole world believe that they killed him. Then they made people externalize their own spiritual power by seeking salvation through relying on the "blood" of Jesus. This is cunning black magic which re-directs energy from a millions of people into illusionary thought-forms.

Each person is responsible for their own spirituality or lack of spirituality. The spirit within is God and has always been eternal. There is only one spirit. The salvationist message regarding the perishability of the soul is a big lie created by the reptilians in order to instill fear...thus confusion and control on humanity.

Even the spirits in the reptilians are immortal, but their personalities are not. In due time all the lies will be revealed and righteousness will be known by all.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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