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Dear Concerned Ionospheric Physicist

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Sept. 7, 2003

Re: Did a Secret Military Experiment Cause the 2003 Blackout?

Dear Concerned Ionospheric Physicist,

Thank you for the research you did regarding HAARP. There are reasons for concern. The use of phased-array broadcasts as ionospheric heaters against people and property is a crime and your letter shows how incensed you are. I do not know if a billion watts at 5 megahertz will induce an electromagnetic pulse in electrical transmission lines. I have a difficult time believing that HAARP could generate a 800 megawatt current reversal as that would mean 80% efficency of conversion of EM pulse into A/C electricity...a technical miracle of the highest order. I suspect 5 mHz would heat metals including the transformers and power lines increasing electrical resistance and decreasing current loads. In such situations circuit breakers would trip in a well understood way. This type of shutdown was not reported.

There are indications that anomalous events happened at many locations of the New York/Ohio/Ontario electrical grid. This means that HAARP had to be re-targeted many times in a period of a few minutes in order to shut down the transmission system and the generators. Phased-array radars are very flexible systems as proven by the Aegis Class of Missile Destroyers which use such solid state systems. Is phased-array HAARP just as flexible? The fly in the ointment on this argument is the ionosphere itself. You wrote that a weaker acquisition signal was broadcast minutes before the outage to test the "firmness" of the ionosphere. Once it was determined that the signal was going where it was intended then someone hit the "maximum-fry-switch". The complexity of sending a high energy signal from Alaska to Ohio and targeting a nexus of powerlines is mind boggling. The signal would bounce from the ground to the ionosphere three to six times depending on the initial angle of broadcast. The ionosphere is not a perfect mirror, neither is the ground. It would be amazing if one/one hundredth of the signal reached Ohio. HAARP has proven that it can heat clouds because pilots can accurately lay chemtrails but a laser-like targeting of a small part of Ohio less than a square mile in area would be another technical miracle. It would be easier to aim masers at the powerlines from a mile away.

As you have written, HAARP has proven itself, especially this year in preventing tornados. There have been few tornados in the places that normally get them.

There are three components to the creation of a tornado: A cold wet low pressure cyclonic system; a hot high pressure front; and the jet stream. When all three come together a tornado results. HAARP has been steering the jet stream remarkably well. Chemtrail spraying of 5 micron aluminum particles at 15 to 20,000 feet below a jet stream (33,000 feet) and then zapping the cloud with HAARP causes an updraft which can push the jet stream in desired directions. Also by steering the jet stream, weather fronts can be moved. The computer programs regarding HAARP and tornados must be accurate and detailed. As an ionospheric physicist you must be proud of this achievement...but at what cost?

Virtually unreported during this success over tornados, the west coast of Canada has seen no rain since May. 2002 was a horrible year for forest fires in Montana. 2003 has been the worst year for forest fires in British Columbia. British Columbia is where the effort to steer the jet streams starts. BC has had over 2000 fires this year. At this moment there are over 700 still burning. The town of Louis Creek has been totally destroyed. The nearby town of Barriere lost 80 homes. 15,000 were evacuated for two weeks. At the end of August Kelowna a town of 100,000 had one/third of its citizens evacuated. Over 250 homes were destroyed. These fires are not measured in acres but in square kilometers. The Kelowna fire is over 200 square kilometers and still burning. Cranbrook faced a major fire. Chase, Kamloops, Williams Lake, Oliver, and many more towns are threatened and are still threatened. I am not blaming HAARP for the lack of rain as weather is a complex subject but someone high up in the command structure of HAARP thinks that BC's problems are caused by HAARP! How do I determined this?


It has been reported in Europe and Asia but not in America. Odd? Pecular? Fodder for conspiracy theories? YES! Some people who are bouncing billions of watts of power off the ionosphere do not want Americans to know about a problem north of the border.

If a chunk of Antarctic ice the size of Rhode Island or Delaware has set sail for Argentina and the whole world knows. Sections of BC forest covering an area about the size of Los Angeles Basin have burnt and it is not reported? Very Strange!

You may believe that stopping tornados is a marvelous achievement, I do not think it is. Especially when there are hundred foot walls of flame destroying houses. HAARP may have prevented $100 million of tornado damage in the midwest this year but the damage to BC is over $2 billion and counting. HAARP is an abomination.

Continue this messing with the weather and you may lose Oregon or Washington to one massive forest fire. The loss of Seattle could be counted in the tens of trillions of dollars.

What do you know about the mind control aspect of HAARP? What about chemtrails? Chemtrails are a big part of HAARP weather control.

You wrote that the ionosphere is an unsteady mirror for HAARP radiation...what is the radiation doing to the ionosphere? Are we going to suffer more holes in the ozone because of certain frequencies and their harmonic overtones?

New Yorkers should sue HAARP, they had a miserable summer.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone.

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