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Decoding the Message of the Pulsars

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
February 5, 2007

Book Review

Decoding the Message of the Pulsars, Intelligent Communication From the Galaxy,
by Paul A. LaViolette, PH.D.

Publisher: Bear & Company, Rochester, Vermont

This book was a Christmas present from Joan. I finished reading it on January 27, a bit slow for me but it is dense with information. The key point LaViolette makes is that pulsars, radio frequency stars, are beacons located near nova or super nova remnants by extra terrestrial intelligences (ETI).

Over 1500 pulsars have been identified in our galaxy since their discovery in 1967. The theory that still holds sway in the astrophysics departments around the world is the "neutron star lighthouse beacon model": A twenty mile diameter neutron star remains after a super nova and spins rapidly with a strong magnetic field at ninety degrees to the spin axis. The theory has so many patches covering its deficiencies that it is nothing but patches. LaViolette goes into great detail on how the lighthouse model has fallen apart and how the only adequate explanation is that they are artificial beacons. He lists fourteen characteristics of the pulsar signals lending credence to the ETI model.

When talking with me about this book review with Ken Adachi, he suggested that I look into Dr. Richard Boylan's "Aviary" list of Majestic 12 scientists. Dr. Paul A. LaViolette is not cited in the old guard of the special study group but he does include information in this book that only a select few would know. Definitely he is one who favours public disclosure of knowledge about aliens -- as some of the members of the Aviary have advocated.

In order to construct an Earth-based beacon able to return a signal to the stars, LaViolette explores the possibility of scaling up existing Star Wars (SDI) technologies. I have suspected the existence of such powerful beams but have not read about them elsewhere. It was new to me. He also goes into microwave frequency repelling rays theoretically useful in protecting Earth from solar coronal mass ejections, supernova superwaves and galactic core superwaves. He quotes the actual US Patent proving that microwaves can exert a repelling force. He theorizes it is possible to create a microwave bubble around the solar system to protect life on Earth from cosmic rays, x-rays and other high energy particles of a nearby nova or
another galactic core superwave.

Paul LaViolette believes the pulsars are an ETI warning system for galactic core superwaves.

In his earlier book, "Earth Under Fire: Humanity's Survival of the Ice Age", Laviolette writes the sudden thaw could have been caused by a galactic superwave. The ice got warm rather quickly. The novae near the present pulsars locations burst as the galactic core superwave washed over them in sequence. The new superwave travelling at nearly the speed of light would be upon us soon after the pulsars and stars nearer the core winked out due to a veil of high velocity particles.

I slept many nights on this doomsday scenario.

I awoke each day with a bit more information. First of all, I saw the Earth is already girded with many layers of protection. Second, only 1500 out of a hundred billion stars went nova. That is 0.0000015% of the star population went nova in our galaxy. Third, those stars who went nova coordinated their starbursts with the galaxy and nearby stars. The nova is an act of a new creation, and new stars are being born. Fourth, all the planets with third dimensional life were protected or the beings were moved to other planets. Earth today is a Noah's Ark of Life for 3700 planets. Meaning, Earth is well protected indeed.

Paul LaViolette recognizes the Crab Nebula Nova as an artificial explosion. It is as if a huge nuclear shape charge blew it into a galaxy shape. There are other examples of artificial starbursts including the much photographed Hourglass Nebula.

It is important for remote viewers who travel to distant stars to recognize everything, stars, planets and moons as living beings. Native shamans get better information because they see life everywhere. Those who search the stars considering them as dead matter find dead matter and many conundrums.

Carl Sagan is mentioned in this book with respect to the plaque he helped designed for the Pioneer 10 spacecraft. Sagan uses pulsars to pin-point Earth's location. In all likelihood Sagan had realized pulsars as ETI beacons thirty years ago. In his book and movie "Contact", Sagan again recognizes there is a network of nodes for communications and travel between the stars in our galaxy.

Another galactic core superwave might be coming but I do not fear it.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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